15 Cool WhatsApp Tips And Tricks 2016 You’ve Never Heard

WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we message and stay in touch with people we are close to. No other app has made such an impact on the world as this small green and white call circle did. Getting an SMS recharge for the cell phone seems like ancient history and the new generation won’t even be able to imagine a world without WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and as of April 2015, it allows more than 800 million people to stay in touch with their loved ones. The simplistic design, user friendly interface, and availability on all major smart phone platforms are the major reasons of its popularity amongst kids, teenagers, adults and elderly folks alike.

So now that we’ve established that how important WhatsApp is for the modern community, in this article we tell you about some really cool features embedded in the most popular messaging app of 21st century.


These tips and tricks will help you make the most out of the app and surprise/shock your friends.

So, let us begin:


How to install WhatsApp without a mobile number:

  • Make sure that your lifeline(phone) is connected to a Wi-Fi network and install WhatsApp on it.
  • Once the app is installed, you need to put your phone on ‘flight mode’
  • Now open the app and enter your mobile number. As the phone is in flight mode, WhatsApp won’t be able to send a message to its servers for verification
  • As an alternate method of verification, choose “check through SMS” and enter your E-Mail ID.
  • Click on send and immediately click cancel after that. By doing this, you’ll terminate the authorization process
  • Install Spoof Messages app in your mobile.
  • Now go to the outbox and copy the message details Spoofer Application and send it to spoofed verification i.e. false verification
  • Use given details in Spoofed Message: To: +447900347295 from +(country code) (mobile number) Message: Your Email Address
  • After this, a message will be sent to the spoofed number and then you will be able to use this number to connect with friends in whatsapp.

How to Hide mobile number in WhatsApp Groups:

Group chatting is one of the most fun features of WhatsApp. It allows us to chat with all our close friends, office colleagues or family members at the same time.

So, when you want to plan a Saturday night party with your closest friends, all you need to do is create a group, add the people you wish to and chat with them together. The catch is, when someone else adds you in their group and you don’t want to make your number public to the members of that group but still wish to chat with them.

At times like these, this trick will come really handy. What you’ll have to do is, uninstall WhatsApp and follow the procedure mentioned in the first trick. You’ll then have a new fake number which will get showcased in all the groups.


How to Share .zip, .pdf, .rar, .exe files on WhatsApp:

These files cannot be shared directly via WhatsApp, but don’t be disheartened. All you need is an app called ‘Cloud Send’ and with its help, you’ll be able to share files of all formats via WhatsApp.


How to Run multile WhatsApp accounts on the same device:

Did you know you can use as many WhatsApp clients as you want, on a single Android Device? Yes!! You can totally do that. Let me tell you how. There is an app for it called ‘Switch Me’ on Play Store.

  1. Download the app from Play Store
  2. After that, adding more accounts on WhatsApp is a piece of cake.
  3. The app is ideal for using multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device


How to Change your WhatsApp phone number:

How to Change your WhatsApp phone number

When you change your cell number but have the same phone, the number on your WhatsApp remains the same. In order to change whatsapp number to your new number on the messaging app,

All you need to do is go to Settings> Account> Change Number.

Now type your previous number and new number and you’ll receive a new verification code before you’ll be able to say ‘message.’

Also, your chat history and groups will be migrated to your new number.


Stop automatic media download in WhatsApp:

Turnoff Automatic Download of Videos in WhatsApp

This is the most simple trick. Go to Settings and set the media download settings to never.

You can also make the settings in such away that it downloads media only on Wi-Fi to conserve your mobile’s data pack.


How to Extend your WhatsApp trial period:

Extend Whatsapp Trial

It is a common knowledge that after availing an year’s worth of free service, WhatsApp goes right for your pockets. But worry not, you can extend your Trial Period of WhatsApp to another year by using these simple steps:

  1. Delete your WhatsApp Acoount
  2. Settings > Account > Delete My Account
  3. Create a new account using same name and details and VOILA!!    You have another year of free WhatsApp Service


How to Avoid / Hide Whatsapp ‘read reciepts’ (blue ticks)

All of us have that one person we wish to completely avoid on WhatsApp. But thanks to the new ‘Blue Ticks’ this can be a real pain. Well, let me tell you how to hide the blue ticks and get the “I didn’t see the text” excuse back into play.

  1. Download the latest WhatsApp APK from the official website
  2. Go to Phone Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources to enable installing apps from outside Google Play Store.
  3. Open the APK. This will install the latest version of the app on your device
  4. Once the app is installed, go to Settings > Account > Privacy
  5. Uncheck Read Reciepts


How to Hide Whatsapp last seen time stamp

Sometimes it is really important to hide the last seen time stamp in WhatsApp so that you don’t get into trouble with your parents or your girlfriend/boyfriend. The last thing you want is your mom asking you, “What the heck were you doing online at 3 in the morning?” So, in order to avoid such confrontations,

Go to settings> privacy settings> last seen> hide last seen. Simple and life saving.

But please note, if you hide your ‘last seen,’ you also won’t be able to see other people’s last seen as well.


 Create shortcuts for important contacts

There are some people in our life; we just can’t stay without talking to. A girlfriend/boyfriend, Mom, Boss etc. The thing is that it can be really irritating going to the App and scrolling through all the chats to find a specific person.

For avoiding this, you can simply create a shortcut of important chats on your Home Screen.

For doing this, just long press a contact and select ‘Add Contact Shortcut’ option from the drop down menu.


Hack the conversations of your friendsWhatsapp

Everyone of us has dreamed of hacking someone’s WhatsApp and find out all their dirty secrets. What if I tell you, that your dream can come true? Excited? Ok! First of all, you’ll need access to your friend’s phone whose WhatsApp you need to hack.

Go to his memory card in file manager and select WhatsApp.

Then navigate to Database and copy these two files, -msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt, & -msgstore.db.crypt.

Once you’ve copied these files to your phone, you can easily read all the chats of your friend 🙂


Lock your WhatsApp & Chats

Get an app called WhatsApp Lock from Play Store and set up a secure password or pattern. After this, no one will be able to access your WhatsApp other than you.


How to Hide the Whatsapp profile picture and Status

The latest version of Android allows you to hide your profile picture and status from some people. This is really useful when you don’t want to give a glimpse of your private life to unwanted parties.

For hiding your DP and Status, go to Settings > Account > Privacy. There you’ll see the options of hiding your picture and status.

Apply those to keep your private life private.

The feature also allows you to specifically hide the profile picture from the people whose numbers are not in your contact list.



Create a Fake conversation in Whatsapp

An app called WhatSaid can easily allow you to create fake conversations on WhatsApp. Imagine the shock on the face of your friends, when you’ll show them your chat with Angelina Jolie or George Clooney.


Whatsapp Backup in Android & iPhone OR Restore WhatsApp Chats

Go to Settings> Chat Settings> Backup Chats.    Piece of cake.



So now that you know all the things this superb app can do for you, go and try a few of these tricks on your friends and make them beg to show you how you managed that.

If you know about any other tricks which are hidden in this universal app, let us know in the comments.