9 Great Laptop Brands in 2016 that are Rocking the Markets

One of the areas that have seen the most massive advancements has been personal computers. From moving to desktops at home to notebooks and laptops, today PC’s have become accessible to each and every one and are a necessity and not a luxury anymore.

From work to gaming to watching films and media, laptops are the cornerstone for almost any individual and imagining a life, professional or personal without a laptop with you is practically impossible.

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Therefore a laptop is an extremely important investment and an extremely important object in the average person’s life and the decision to pick the correct one is a crucial one. Deciding from the plethora of brands that are available today is no mean job and while picking a great laptop it is more than just specifications or hardware, it is as much about the brand that you go for.

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Picking the right brand ensures quality as well as assurance that you have purchased a product that can last and performs well too.


Here are the Top 10 reliable laptop brands in the world for 2015


#9 Samsung – Jack of all trades


Samsung has fast become a global giant when it comes to anything electronic and you can rest assured that practically every household on the planet at some time or the other has used or owned a product from them. AC’s, TV’s, smartphones, you name the device and Samsung is one of the top manufacturers of it.

Among the top laptops that Samsung features are the Samsung Chromebook 2 and the ATIV series. The laptops are characterised by great design and great performance. Another major reason for Samsung’s success is the wide range that they have which ensures that there is an option for each and every body. They have a great set of selections from the most basic of features to high end ultra thin designs. This has made Samsung extremely popular across the board.

Therefore Samsung laptops are naturally one of the most sought after brands today as they come with great features, a fantastic set up and make the best of the software they run on. With great design and value, Samsung is definitely one of the top laptop makers out there today.


#8 Acer – Performance guaranteed

Acer logo

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When it comes to a brand that inspires great performance, it is undoubtedly Acer. They have grown tremendously and established themselves as a great player in the market as a result of their constant drive to do even better. Acer as a company ensures that specialisation is at the core of what it does and therefore does not try to do too many things and sticks to the basics.

Acer has successfully spread its wings globally and is one of the most promising manufacturers, particularly when it comes to innovations such as the Chromebook. Not only is Acer widely selling, its global network ensures accessibility and its products are undoubtedly among the best out there today.

Known for laptops that can perform amazingly well and for its commitment to delivering quality to customers, Acer is ranking in one of the top laptop brands available across the world today.


#7 Toshiba – Redefined engineering

Toshiba laptops

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Toshiba is a bit of a silent giant killer with the Japanese manufacturer slowly but steadily moving up ranks with its range of great products. As is typical of Japanese companies, Toshiba maintains the highest levels of quality and care while manufacturing and ensures that its products are a class above the rest.

Toshiba has always been well regarded for its excellent tech and gorgeous designs and has been a global pioneer in scientific breakthroughs as well. The laptops have great performance and are set apart by their longevity and delivery. Among the most popular models that Toshiba has presently are the Toshiba Qosmio X75, Toshiba Satellite P55t and the Toshiba Kirabook.

As a company that leads by example, Toshiba is one foremost innovators and among the best brands to go for those looking to get the most out of their laptops and have the finest of tech that is available today.

#6  Hewlett-Packard (HP) – Simply the best

hp laptopsAll Amazing Laptops from HP

Among the first to introduce laptops and desktops, to the world, HP has grown from strength to strength with its line up of products and devices. Not only computers, HP has diversified its interests in a range of new products such as smartphones and tablets as well and seems to be doing a great job through and through with all its offerings. In fact, its tabs too are regarded as among the best in the market today and clearly technology is one thing HP has taken complete mastery over.

The major reason for HP’s success is that they keep things simple. Their laptops are known for their design, performance and features which constitute an entire all round package.

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Among the best laptops that the brand has presently are the HP Spectre 13 X2, HP ZBook 15 and the HP Stream 14, which are all characterised by great style as well as performance. Another great thing about HP is that they seem to have something for everyone which makes things all the more better for those looking for a good deal.

HP as a brand delivers not just great performance but great service as well. Its network globally ensures customer happiness and fulfilment which sets it apart from all others. The laptops also deliver great value for money as not only are they great performers but last for a long time as well. To put it simply, HP is one of the best brands when it comes to laptops today and you can rest assured of a guarantee of happiness and satisfaction with an HP.

So do you agree with our list here or do you think we have missed some? Do let us know in the comment section.


Best Gaming Laptops Range for Gamers:


#5 MSI – Making fun and games a serious business

MSI laptop

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In the last few years one of the areas that computing has grown the most is undoubtedly gaming. More and more consoles have been released in the past few years but no one has managed to make even a small dent in the popularity that the PC still has when it comes to gaming and this is best laptop brands for gaming because of factors such as compatibility, great graphics and easy upgradation. Gaming in fact has become quite a serious business with more and more software giants investing a lot into it.

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Subsequently requirements from a gaming device are also quite high. Not only must they look great, they must deliver fantastic performance as well and ensure that things like overheating and burnouts are kept at bay. MSI is one such company that makes the best of gaming laptops and is popular across the globe for its quality products. The MSI G series is one that gamers swear by and is one that comes with amazing graphics, great performance and takes care of all that a gamer might require from their laptop.

MSI while may not be a very popular or common brand, among gamers it is regarded as an ultimate winner. Its features as well as design are made in accordance with the needs of the gamer and deliver according to requirements. One of the best performing laptops out there today.

#4 Lenovo – For the professionals

lenovo laptops

If there is one brand that has suddenly come into vogue recently, it is Lenovo. While they have always been a bit of a dark horse and have had some hits and misses, lately they seem to have been doing extremely well for themselves. Both in terms of laptops as well as mobile devices such as tabs and smartphones, Lenovo has really picked up on the market and is doing quite well for itself.

Lenovo notebooks have always been characterised by the fact that they are innovative and can deliver great performance. Design too is one of the top billing of this brands and it does not go for too many fancy things but gets that job done. This is one of the major reasons it is extremely popular among corporates and professionals.

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Some of the top laptops from the brand include Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad X240 and the Lenovo ThinkPad W540.

Lenovo has become one of the top brands in the market as a result of the fact that it guarantees quality products at an effective cost and comes with great performance.

#3 Asus – Fantastic all rounder

Asus Laptop Brand


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Almost unheard of till a few years back, Asus has suddenly grown into a global giant with its amazing line up of products as well as great technology and innovation. The Taiwanese company has quickly risen up ranks not only in terms of laptops but in terms of smartphones and tablets as well and has some of the best mobile devices out there today.

Laptops from Asus are characterised not only by a great design but also by amazing performance. They have a wide range of laptops be it simple netbooks or hardcore gaming beasts. The brand not only excels in range but in delivery as well in terms of how the laptops perform and how long they last. Among the best Asus laptops out there today are the Asus Zenbook, ASUS N550JV and the Asus Transformer Book TX300.

The main reason for the popularity of Asus is the fact that they offer tons of features and amazing hardware at a very competitive price. No brand offers more value for money than Asus and that has made it especially popular among youngsters who are looking to get a lot out of their laptops but may not always have all the resources to do so. Asus has become the brand it is on the basis of some impressive products and aggressive pricing. It has ensured that quality meets value for money and is therefore one of the top brands today.


#2 Apple – A class apart

Apple macbook

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When it comes to brands that know how to innovate and change the game, Apple stands foremost among them all. They have essentially revolutionised many an industry with their products. They changed how the world listened to music with the iPod. After that they changed how people communicated with the iPhone and brought in a new era of mobile devices with the iPad. Their laptops too, in the same vein are regarded as a class apart.

One of the most popular and best selling brands, Apple is defined by its ability to not just think differently but think outside the box as well. Their software too is cutting edge and since Apple is the only brand that produces laptops that run on the Mac OS, giving it exclusivity and also allowing it to design the hardware that works best with its software. Apple’s Macbooks are regarded as among the most beautifully designed and pack a massive punch when it comes to performance as well. Among the most popular laptops that the brand has today are the Apple MacBook Air MJVE2LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop, Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the MacBook Pro.

One of the reasons for Apple’s popularity is that it goes an extra mile and delivers what no one else does. Be it software or hardware, Apple does things its own way and once you become acquainted with their ecosystem there is no leaving the brand. Easily a top manufacturer and one of the be innovators out there, Apple has laptops that are the envy of one and all.


#1 Dell – Unbelievable performance and service

dell laptop logo

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One of the first companies that come to mind with the mere mention of computers is Dell. They have been one of those brands that have been instrumental in ensuring that the entire industry comes to closer to customers and has been one of the pioneers of modern computing globally. Based out of Texas, USA, this company has only grown by leaps and bounds and still is one of the most popular laptop brands globally.

Dell computers are known for their great performance and tons of features and its great laptop brand for college students specially. What also sets Dell apart from most other brands is their commitment to customers and they have one of the best customer support services worldwide to ensure that their buyers can always avail of their services in case of any needs. This has also made Dell very popular among corporates who rely on the smooth functioning of their systems in order to get work done. The best laptops that Dell has include the Dell Chromebook 11, Alienware 17 ANW17-6421SLV and the Dell Latitude 7440.

Dell has been one of the most important brands when it comes to laptops and though lately many competitors have tried to replace it, it has still held its own on the basis and support of its great products, excellent service and tireless innovation – a top brand for laptops any day.


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With the slew of laptop brands out there today, deciding what’s best for you is one of the hardest choices. There are a number of factors to take into account. Design, performance, software, features, after sales service, quality of hardware, so on and so forth.

Also one need to keep in mind the trust worthiness of the brand as being a necessity one really can’t do with a laptop that does not work as per one’s requirements. Therefore buying a correct laptop is an important decision and just as important is the brand you choose to go with.

The assurance that a good brand can provide really is beyond compare and you can use your laptop for years without a hitch. Some need laptops for work, some just to watch movies and TV shows while still others who are addicted to gaming and can’t do without their daily rush of adrenalin.

Whatever is your need, these brands have a laptop to suit them all and ensure that quality and great performance are all that you get when you purchase from them.

The brand makes the laptop what it is so pick out what works best for you and gout there and fulfil all your needs with the machine that you have been waiting for.