Interesting Stats and Facts About Google that you probably never knew before

Google is one of the most famous companies in the world. What started as a simple search engine has now become one of the largest and most successful corporations on the planet. Apart from having a significant presence on the online sphere (Including a famous browser), Google has also a launched a variety of devices, including The Google Glass and Google smart phones.

As such, when it comes to talking about a company like Google, there are many stats and facts that you probably didn’t know about. In this article, I will be telling you about some of these statistics that truly make Google one of the best corporations in the world.

Google developed Android

Yep, you read that write! The famous Android operating system, that you can find running on most smart phones now days, was actually developed by Google. This probably also explains why the Play Store where you can find all Android Applications is owned by Google. As of July 2013, it was found that the Google Play store has had over one million Android apps published, with more than 50 billion downloads. A survey in 2013 also revealed that for more than 70% of mobile application developers, Android was the preferred choice.

Google was ranked as the best company to work at

Again, no surprises here, Google was ranked as the best company to work for. Apart from having one of the best atmospheres to work at, Google also has many other benefits that make it a lot of fun to work for them. Ranging from free lunches and no dress codes to an indoor Gym, Google truly is a dream organization to work for. So when you start sending out those resumes, remember that Google should be your top priority.

Google owns YouTube

Another fact that not many people know about is that Google actually owns YouTube. Google took over the video giant in November 2006 for a whooping 1.65 Billion dollars. According to Google’s figures, YouTube has 1 billion unique users each month who consume 6 billion hours of content!

There are more than 500 million Gmail accounts

We all know that Google is the proud owner of Gmail, but do any of us know about the total number of Gmail accounts running on the internet right now? There are more than 500 million active Gmail accounts right now. Statistics have also found that around 60% of mid-sized businesses and almost all startups (92%), use Gmail accounts.

Google generates the most web traffic on the internet

Another reason why Lord Google is considered the giant that it is. It generates the most web traffic of all the websites out there. A total 187 million unique users access Google every month. To put that in perspective, that number is thrice the entire population of the United Kingdom!

Google is actually a word in the Oxford dictionary.

Yes, that’s true. The word ‘Google’ can now be found in the Oxford dictionary. Since the word become synonymous with ‘searching’ it was added to the Oxford dictionary.