All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Perhaps, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Samsung’s claim to fame in the world of technology took place with the introduction of ‘galaxy’ models. Samsung faced stiff competition from other brands, but it made a mark of its own by providing gadget users with a mobile phone which was exquisite and sleek in its design. Not to mention, a phone which attracted users for the temptation of having a large HD quality display size.

The galaxy model has pioneered the trend of mobile phones with large screen size. The success of Samsung’s Galaxy brand has took over 50 different devices, including, smart phones, tablets, phablets and other variants released by the company so far.

It was in June 2009, when Samsung launched its first Samsung i7500, also known as Samsung Galaxy. It was the debut of Samsung in the world of Android’s smartphone. Back then, few would have thought that Samsung would be dominating the world of technology.

Now, at present, the company is successfully launching one product after the other. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – the latest muse of Samsung promises to cultivate some interesting features which can get a tough competition to the best of phones in the market, including the iPhone series.



  • Superb screen
  • S Pen has been vastly improved


  • Not much change from the Note 3
  • TouchWiz still not Great


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Galaxy Note 4 – An introduction

Samsung has started the trend of big screen phone movement and now the Korean company has come up with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with new features, improved specifications and advanced settings. The Note 4 phablet comes with a standard S-Pen, a quad HD screen size of 5.7 inches.

The phablet is priced at a premium rate of Rs 58,300. Here are some of the features and specifications of Samsung Note 4, which will be useful for techies to take a better decision.


At first glimpse, what catches your attention about the phablet is its shining surface that is built around the frame of Galaxy Note 4. The aluminum frame makes the model look sleek. It is quite easy to handle and fiddle around with the model. The design and interface is made to appear very user-friendly.

Its elegant metal touch makes you a pride owner of the phablet. The improved back feature comes with a faux leather to protect it from getting damaged.

The phablet comes with a display size of 5.7 inches with a fantastic screen size. The frame of the phone is slightly curved at the bottom surface. The top has surrounding 3.5mm audio pack. The shinning silver borders on the frame, gives it an exquisite look.



One of the most outstanding features to use is S Pen. For a beginner, there are two new pen options: highlighter and fountain. Of these, fountain is impressive to use as it really defines the usability of S-Pen. It is more of a magical experience.

Like doodling over a smooth glass surface and you get the desired result of the action. For those, who like to write emails, this can be the most useful feature on the phablet. Instead of ignoring messages and emails, you will take delight and responding to them by using the magical S-Pen feature.

The fountain pen is extra sensitive and works smoothly on the note frame. The signatures and handwriting look authentic. You can also turn your S-Pen like a mouse. Click the button on the side of S Pen and you have the access to smart select mode, where you can use it as a mouse to highlight a specific feature.

The S-Pen feature make you want to own the phablet because it so useful and a pleasurable experience to work on it.



With Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the camera quality has improved. The megapixel has gone up from 13 MP to 16 MP. The camera’s f1.9 feature which is upgraded makes it possible to have access to extra 60% light and better quality pictures.

A feature called “Snap Note” allows users to take pictures of a whiteboard or a piece of paper and change what’s there in the picture. It is a great feature to play around and experiment creatively with pictures. For selfie lovers, there is a selfie panorama mode.

The panorama mode, takes images from a pan of a scene, in a portrait mode by using the front-facing camera. This selfie feature is in the trend now and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of flaunting this beauty – Samsung Galaxy Note 4, by taking the panorama mode, selfie.




The galaxy phablet has worked upon improving its mic performance. The note is specifically designed to target business users. The handset features three mics – one on the top and two on the bottom.

They can be used well for recording voices. When it comes to the performance of the device, it is good to use it. Users can comfortably have access to multiple features on the handset. The phablet runs on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat with the TouchWiz UI overlay.

The Setting menu features background has been changed to a lighter one, instead of the dark background. It can be visually an overwhelming experience to arrange the settings on the handset. One interesting feature is the “Multi-Window” feature which allows users to open multiple windows at the same time. The popup multi-window, feature allows users to diagonally swipe across the application and use the multi-window feature. If you wish to close it, you can simply press on the top of the window and you will get an X button appear.

The notepad comes with a 2.7 GHz Snapdragon processor, Adreno 420 GPU and a 3 GB RAM. This is to suggest that Galaxy Note 4 is by no means, slow or sluggish and it is at present, Qualcomm’s latest chip technology.

The 805 processor is equipped with higher resolution display, quick and smooth functioning, improved camera performance and a better battery life than the previous models of phablets.



The usual Google and android applications exist in the Note 4 handset. One of the most useful apps is S Health. This is Samsung Health and fitness hub, where you can store all the useful information pertaining to the sector of health and fitness.

The coach data, allows users to record a comprehensive account of data on a day to day basis. You can measure your heart rate with the help of the sensor on the back of the phone. The S-note feature with the help of S-Pen allows you to smoothly note down your priorities. The existing template invariably organizes your “to-do” lists.


Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with a removable battery of 3200 mAh capacity. For battery savers, there is ultra power saving mode makes it possible to save battery when it is very low. The fast charging features makes it a treat to use it. Battery life is, one of the key strengths of this model. The phone on an average can last up to 15 hours. The fast charging capability makes it very convenient for users to use it for a long period of time.



The total memory size allotted in the device is about 32 GB of which 24 GB is free. It supports OTG and runs on Android’s 4.44 TouchWiz UI.




Supports WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth. Comes with Micro-SB USB card.



Final Verdict

If you wish to own a phablet which is efficient, equipped with all the latest features, it is best to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is especially good in doing your organizational and business activities. For the purpose of entertainment, too, it has a large screen size to play games, click pictures and watch videos.

The upgraded mic and video quality features help users to record videos and audios. The best of all is the S-Pen feature and its related applications like notepad and sketchbook is a treat for all those, who wish to note down the activities of their life in a gadget. Improved battery life which can last for 15 hours a day is a huge achievement for any gadget.

Also, the quick battery charging capacity of the phablet helps users deal with low battery issues, especially while travelling. On the whole, it is best to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as it diligently combines efficiency and leisurely pursuits of a man.

What People saying about Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

Brad Smith  writes that the Galaxy Note 4 is the best large phone available in the market. It is a device you will be proud to own in public, with great regard to its amazing display size and design. The robust built, impressive battery life beautiful screen and quality camera is what attracts you towards the device. Samsung has conquered the market with this model.

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”7″] Steve C  writes that the positive side to this phone is that it has got its upgrade and tweaks all around. I am very happy with what I can do with this phone. It’s simple and at the same time advanced with S-Pen features. I would rate it as 4/5 for its features and improved battery life.

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”7″] Charlie  writes that it’s my first ever phablet. It took some time to get accustomed to it’s functioning, but the experience, on the whole has been a fulfilling one! I am a huge gamer and video junkie, so the phablet helps me get entertained and listen to quality music. I love the audio quality of the phone. Not to mention, the camera is sexy!

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”7″] Tech J  writes “I would rather go for Nexus 6. The phone is alright. Instead, I would suggest to buy a phone with stock android.”

[mks_separator style=”double” height=”7″] Techieboy  writes “One of the best Samsung gadgets to have been launched so far. It’s amazing. The phone feels so good in my hand. S-Pen is amazing. I appreciate the improved battery performance of the model”

Price and Availability

After reading a brief specification of this model, users would be willing to own the Galaxy Note 4. According to the report, in India, the phablet is priced at Rs 52,040. Various e-commerce websites are going to sell it at the best available price.

Users can expect to buy the handset by the end of January 2015. Mobile price rate and official date of release is subject to change over a period of time.

For more information, visit the official website of Samsung.

Overall, Samsung has massively improved with the introduction of this phablet. A lot of Samsung users, complain about its limited battery life but the company has worked upon its limitations. The standard features of the phone cum tablet are not easily available in other brands.

Buy it, to use the best available gadget of today’s time!


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