8 LG G4 Tips And Tricks That’ll Help You Make The Most Out Of It

LG G4 is a phone that is one of the best which money can buy. With the G4, LG makes a wild card entrance in the race to supremacy which has been going on between smart phone giants like Apple and Samsung. The phone offers some state of the art features which can put even the biggest brands to shame.

lg g4Equipped with the latest Android v5.1 Lollipop, 16 megapixel rear camera, 8 megapixel secondary camera, 5.5 inch full HD display, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory, the LG G4 is truly one of a kind smart phone.

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Apart from the latest Android interface, the phone offers a lot more to its users. In this article I’m going to tell you about some amazing tips and tricks which are hidden in your device and knowing them will help you make the most of your LG smart phone. So let us begin:

Change the default text app

Android Play Store offers a variety of messaging apps that provide better usability, features and texting experience than the carrier or LG G4 messaging app. With your LG G4, you can make any one of these apps, your default app for texting.

Just download the app you want as your primary text carrier and as soon as you’ll open it, the phone will ask you whether you want to use it as default app or not.

If it doesn’t, then go to Settings> Device> Default message app. Tap on the app from the list which opens after you do this and it will be set as your default messaging app.

Turn off the Notification LED

The notification LED light of the phone is a nice way of getting notified about missed calls, texts or any other function o0r app that might require your attention. But sometimes it can be bothering especially at night or during a meeting.

So, if you need to turn of the constant blinking LED light, go to Settings> Sound and notification and turn off the Notification LED

Run two apps simultaneously

LG and Samsung are the only two brands which offer a ‘Dual Window’ mode for increased productivity. Basically, dual window mode allows you to use two separate apps simultaneously on the screen.

There are three input buttons at the bottom of your LG G4. A back arrow, a circle for going to the Home screen and a square that shows you all your open apps. The square is the button that you need to press. Once you do that, you’ll see the option of dual window at the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you tap that option a pop up will open in the middle of the screen.

Choose an app from that menu and drag it to either the bottom or upper half of the screen and drag the other app to other side of the screen. Both the apps will run smoothly together.

Camera Quick Launch

The quick camera launch feature of LG G4 allows you to click a picture from your lock screen in less than a second. You don’t have to unlock your screen, search for the camera app and launch it.

All you need to do is double tap the volume down key and that will automatically launch the camera from the lock screen and you’ll be ready to take the perfect shot.

Hide the information you get on Lock screen

Whenever you miss a call, receive a text on WhatsApp or get any other notification, Android displays a small preview of that on the lock screen. Although, the feature is nice but sometimes you’d want to hide sensitive information so that it can’t be viewed by any unauthorized party.

You can simply shut the previews of the notifications that you get on your lock screen while setting up a Knockcode, pattern or PIN. While setting up any of these three, you’ll be prompted by the mobile phone to disable the information you see on your lock screen. You can disable some of it or all of it as per your discretion.

Smart Lock

With the Android v5.1 Lollipop update, Google introduced a new feature called Smart Lock. This feature enables your lock screen security only when you actually need it. When you’re in your home or in your car, you actually don’t need a security code.

Smart Lock feature of LG G4 detects the safe locations that you have set up when you connect your phone to your home Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices or car speakers and disable the lock screen for these locations.

This is extremely useful as you won’t have to type in your PIN again and again for unlocking the phone at your trusted locations. But once you leave the trusted zone, it will turn back the lock screen on again.

To activate this, go to Settings> Lock Screen> Smart Lock. Set up the trusted places or devices on this screen and you’re done.

Power Saver

Power saving is the most important feature of your LG G4. Once your phone goes below a certain battery percentage, the phone turns off a few functions in order to conserve battery and help it last longer.

Once your phone battery goes below 15-20%, the brightness of the phone will be set to minimal, the background data will shuts down and you won’t receive notifications of texts on WhatsApp and E-mails so that the phone will be able to conserve battery for emergencies.

To activate this, go to Settings> Battery and Power saving> turn on the battery saver

Quick Charging

Quick charge is a feature that is being incorporated by a lot of new phones. This feature turbo charges your battery from 0-50% and charges the remainder of it at a normal speed in order to preserve the battery life.


So now you know almost everything about your LG-G4. I hope these tips will help you out in the future so that you can make the most of your awesome smart phone.