4 Top HTC Desire 510 Tips and Tricks for 2016

One of the coolest new phones that is currently available in the market is the Desire 510 by HTC. Having a five megapixel rear camera with geotagging, recoding 1080p videos, 4.7 inch capacitive touchscreen and running Android OS v4.4.2 (KitKat), Desire 510 is a phone that is loaded with amazing features. Not only this phone already becoming a rage in the market, but it is also comes at a price that is extremely reasonable.

Trust me, if you have this phone with you, you’ll be addicted to it.

HTC Desire 510In this article, I will be telling you about some tips and tricks for HTC Desire 510 which will make you fall in love with your phone all over again. Using these little tips, you can truly get the best out of your phone.

Customize your Home screen

On HTC Desire 510, you can customize your Home screen any way you want using HTC Blink Feed. You can put all the updates and information that matters most to you on your Home screen using this features. Whether you want to get news updates, social media updates or any other feeds, you can easily have them show on your home screen with this feature.

Another great thing? The content actually refreshes from time to time whenever you are going to be connected to the internet.

Create a Zoe in your Gallery

One of HTC desires most fascinating and unique features is its ability to create a Zoe. Basically, a Zoe is a collection of pictures and videos in your Gallery that can be clubbed together to make a short movie, with added background music and special effects. A Zoe is a great way of sharing a picture album with your friends and family. You can also change the content, music and theme of a Zoe whenever you like.

To create a Zoe from a group of pictures, all you need to do is to go on the Gallery’s main screen, swipe to the timeline or albums tab and open a group of photos or videos. The Zoe will start getting played automatically.

Take panoramic pictures

Another great tip to use your HTC desired 510 is to make sure that you do not forget about its ability to click panoramic pictures. Using this features, you can get a wider shot of any landscape in one single sweep.

To take beautiful panoramic pictures, all you need to do is to open your camera app, switch to camera mode, open camera options, and choose the panoramic mode.

Google Drive integration

Your HTC Desire 510 comes with an additional 50 GB of Google Drive storage that is free for up to 2 years. This is another feature of the phone that makes it so desirable to possess it.

To get this free storage, you can either click on the promotional Google Drive offer that will be available on your home screen or you can simply open the Google Drive application to get this free 50 GB storage.