Top 5 Creative Alarm Clocks in 2016

While there are some people who get up just with one alarm, there are many who struggle to move out of their bed even with multiple alarms. If you belong to the latter category, you are familiar with the pain of strained mornings that are an everyday affair in your life.

Leaving your love affair with bed is tough and what accompanies ahead is a series of laborious tasks. Get ready to bid goodbye to the hustle and bustle of life by getting an extra-ordinary alarm clocks.

The alarm clocks listed here are wicked cool and will ensure that you get up of your bed, no matter how lazy you might be feeling!


1) Clocky

Clocky aqua is also known as the runaway clock since it runs away and hides to get you out of your bed. The alarm clock won’t stop ringing until you get out of your bed and catch it. I bet you never thought that alarm clock could also ever cause terror! After indulging in so much of hard work to catch it, there will be rare chance of you wanting to go back to bed.

The alarm clock is enabled with flashing backlight indicator so that you can easily see it when it runs even in dark. This little beast is available on Snapdeal. Don’t miss on the fabulous Snapdeal coupons present on CashKaro to purchase it at a discounted price with the bonus of Cashback.

Dumbbell clock

Dumbbell clock

If the prime reason for you behind getting up early is indulging in workouts, then this alarm clock will work wonders for you.

When the alarm clock starts ringing, you will need to do 30 reps to make the alarm go away.

Unless and until you do that, it won’t stop beeping.

Flying alarm clock

Flying alarm clock

This one is another genius alarm clock. When the alarm goes off in morning, the only way to stop it from beeping is by catching it in air.

Wait, what? Oh yes! The alarm clock starts flying and you will need to move out of your cozy blankets to hold it and make it quiet.

This way you also get to exercise! Make use of eBay coupons to buy this brilliant alarm clock on a low price with the advantage of Cashback.


Puzzle Alarm clock

Puzzle alarm clock

Do you love puzzles? Good! Do you hate puzzles? Even better!

This puzzle alarm clock will leave you puzzled in the wee hours of morning and will motivate you to run your brain faster. Don’t let its looks deceive you.

This alarm clock first shoots off the blocks in random directions in your room and then requires you to put them in their respective places in the alarm clock. Only then the alarm will shut off. This just goes on to show how one should never judge a book by its cover.


Sonic boom Alarm clock

Sonic boom Alarm clock

If it’s not just you but your entire family who needs someone to rescue them out of their deep slumber in morning so that they can arrive to work at time, this is the one to check out! The Sonic Boom alarm clock is a turbo charged alarm clock and is equipped with a powerful 12-volt bed shaker which is bound to wake you up as well as your family.

The built-in red flashing alarm lights add to the drama. It also has a new green power technology which consumes 60% less energy.

So a double bonus for you if you like to take steps to conserve energy.