6 Tips & Tricks for Clash Of Kings Which Will Help You Dominate

Clash of Kings is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy game which has become the talk of the town since it came out. Let me warn you in advance that the game is highly addictive. But, if you’re playing it, you probably already know that. For the ones who are planning to start playing it, my advice is that you should start it if you totally want to cut off from the world.

Clash Of Kings Android Game

In the Clash of Kings, you build your empire and make your way to control the lands of 7 kingdoms. You make allies and enemies with millions of players worldwide and battle them for the control of their lands and resources. In this PVP game you attack your enemies, build castles for defense, collect food for your armies and build research facilities for improving your attack power and defenses.

So in this article I’m going to give you some tips which will help beginners and experienced players alike to dominate this fantasy land. So if you want to be the greatest king who ever lived in this mythical world, read on.

Diversify Your Armies

Do not focus on just one type of soldiers or troops in this game. Each and every one of soldier class is strong and weak against other classes. So, it is beneficial for you to keep a right mix of soldiers which can take on any challenge and make you victorious in all kinds of battles.

Create a right mix of infantry, ranged fighters and cavalry. You should also train your troops as affordably as possible so that you don’t spend all your gold on just army.

Keep your workers busy

Do not leave your workers idle even for one day. Always have them building something or the other. It doesn’t always have to be an important structure but it is important to keep them busy because whatever they build, it will come in handy at some or the other time in the game.

Collect the quest rewards only when you need them

This point applies to all type of rewards. Be it wood or food or advanced stuff like Iron or mithril which is important for crafting weapons and armor. The thing is until you collect your rewards, other players won’t be able to steal it from you but once you have collected it, everyone would want to cash in on your hard work.

So it is better to collect the quest rewards when you need them and use them quickly for the purpose at hand.

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Attack Inactive Players

The Clash of Kings is a MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real time strategy) game which means it is not like your standard human v/s computer thingy. But, every player in the game won’t be active. It’s easy to attack and emerge victorious when you fight with inactive players and it is also fairly easy to spot them. If a player hasn’t leveled up in a while nor has any defenses, just go ahead and attack them. Get easy victory and lots of goodies in the process as well.

Hire temporary builders

Temporary builders are cheap. You can hire a temporary builder for only 250 gold. The speed of your construction will increase and you won’t have to spend much gold. But, remember that you get the services of temporary builders for just 2 days so you need to be quick.

Keep unlocking new tech and weapons

You’ll need to consistently keep on unlocking new tech and weapons if you want to advance in the game and be one step ahead of your enemies. Go to ‘college’ for researching new tech and go to ‘forge’ for unlocking new and powerful weapons that will crush your enemies.

So, that was all folks. If you follow these rules, you’ll become a formidable warrior in Clash of Kings. So go out there and win the world and rule the 7 Kingdoms like Aerys Targaryen. Okhay maybe not like him, but you get the point.

Good Luck!