7 Best Web Design Software 2016 for Windows & Mac

With almost everything being available at the click of a finger, it is important to provide your best foot forward as a company when people look for you online.

On that context, web design software is a great way to build great websites which can help ensure visibility as well as in attracting new customers to a product.

Web designing is no longer a particularly difficult task and todo the best in terms of Web design,

Here is a list of the Top Web Designing software available today:


WebEasy Professional 10

WebEasy Professional 10A software that works for beginners, advanced users as well as all those in between, WebEasy Professional comes with plenty to offer. It has a seamless integration of capable yet simple features and it allows for new users to grow and learn as well.

The tools on WebEasy Professional allow for finding the right target audience as well as allows communication to them.

While the support for the software is available on another site, it is a comprehensive web designer which can help create websites exactly as per the needs of the customer.


If easy and quick website creation is what you are looking for, then Homestead is the way to go. It provides all the basic tools required and is also extremely user friendly which effectively allows even beginners to create websites that are sharp looking.

With the tools offered through Homestead, reaching the target audience as well as SEO management will be possible and with the massive selection of templates, you are bound to find one to your liking.

With easy navigation and a user friendly interface, this is one of the most appealing web design softwares.

Web Studio 5

Web Studio 5

Tools that are easy to understand and hard to master is what the best web designing software attempts to give to users and Web Studio provides just that. With a simple interface as well as strong features, this software is compelling, simple and professional to work with.

While a few templates do appear to be a bit dated, this is still one of the better web designing softwares to go for.


An assortment of both powerful features as well as a simple interface make WebAcapella inviting foe both inexperienced as well as experienced web designers. Be it about learning to make websites from scratch or just learning how to build sites, with its approachable design and intuitive interface, this software makes life so much easier.

While help and support are slightly lacking and with the publishing process being a bit cumbersome, a few improvements would certainly make this one of the more sought after web designing software.

WebPlus X7

Powerful tools and a rich feature set make WebPlus X7 an excellent choice for web designing. It comes with tons of templates that are highly customisable and professional as well.  The package itself is high quality and extremely professional and is particularly good for making websites from scratch.

While only 25 pre-installed templates are available, this is compensated by the fact that there are great tools and advanced features which can help overcome this and comes recommended for professional designers.

Xara Web Designer Premium 9

The parent company Magix has always had a reputation in terms of releasing solid multimedia and internet related products and the Xara Web designer is no exception. It comes with extremely versatile components which allow for changing colours, adding graphics and many other features which make it one of the fastest growing web design softwares.

The software though is fairly difficult to use and there is no telephonic technical support but nonetheless, this is a good option for those who are familiar with the entire web designing environment.

Yola Silver

With a broad functionality and good overall features, Yola Silver is ideal for beginners or those who are not particularly familiar with the complex web design software. It comes with a WYSIWYG interface as well as with intuitive functionality which is designed for beginners and the software is also particularly easy to use.

While QuickTime videos are not supported by it, Yola Silver is still a go to software for those who are new and inexperienced in terms of web designing.


A solid feature set allows the users of EZGenerator a lot of freedom that is seldom seen when it comes to web design software. However, this is useful only for experienced users as novices will find the clunky interface hard to get used to. That said, the rewards for those who can make use of it are manifold as it grants users a rarely seen freedom in terms of web design.

Web Creator Pro 6

Web Creator Pro 6Good web design software isn’t the easiest to come by and Web Creator Pro provides just that. It has a solid set of features and also comes in with a built in Flash compatibility which makes it great to work with.

While the user interface isn’t the best and the web design templates do appear to look very similar, this is still an excellent software for consideration.


A functional and basic web design software, SiteSpinner allows for good website building. While the process is difficult than it would be on a more intuitive and comprehensive web design software and the templates aren’t particularly great, SiteSpinner is still a useful tool and is favoured by many a design veteran as well.

Easy Web Editor

With more than 30 pre made site templates included, Easy Web Editor is a good choice for those looking at quick and easy web page creation. However, this software does come with plenty of setbacks as the layout is confusing and there are a number of graphics tools that are lacking.

This is a software which only more seasoned users would be comfortable with and not one meant for beginners.


What is the best web design software according to you?