Top 10 Washing Machine Brands in India -2016 List

Washing machines have become one of the much sought after home appliances in millions of Indian households. From middle class families to bachelors living in metros rely on these time and labor saving devices for most of their laundry needs nowadays.

However, not all washing machines offer the same performance and efficacy and you need to pick a model from the top brand offerings. Given the plethora of washing machine models flooding Indian market, you should know about the top brands selling washing machines that fit your requirements better.

Below listed are the Top washing Machine Brands in India

#10 Haier

a relatively late entrant in Indian market, Haier is a Chinese MNC which makes various types of home appliances. It has a wide range of washing machine- covering all types. Haier semi-automatic models have 5 years warranty and some fully automatic models feature 20 years warranty on the motor-which is more than what most rival brands offer.

Some of its semi automatic models have rust free body and features bubble wash technology along with overload protection. The top loading models feature Near Zero Pressure technology which ensures the machines run even with low water pressure.

Its front loader models have foam detection and eco wash modes- two handy features for users.

#9 Videocon

There is no denying this was the company that introduced the washing machine in India more than a decade back. It offers a huge range of washing machines in semi and fully automatic categories. Videocon has washing machines that have a very high wash capacity- 10 kg in fully automatic and 9 kg in semi automatic segment. The semi automatic machines from its stable have useful features like air dry, buzzer and scooper/ Roller Coaster pulsator. The fully automatic models of Videocon are equipped with useful features like fuzzy logic wash, delay start, memory backup and Auto Error Detection.

#8 Electrolux

Electrolux is a Sweden based MNC which has started operations in Indian Home appliance segment. It sells both semi and fully automatic washing machines in India. However, Electrolux’s range in both types is not as wide as that of most rivals.

Another area where Electrolux models fall a tad short is wash capacity. Most rivals offer both semi and fully automatic models that have 8 kg and higher wash capacity nowadays. Electrolux semi automatic models with varying wash capacity have inbuilt pulsator and they also feature rust proof plastic body.

To ensure detergent residues do not stay in cloth, these models have spin shower facility. The fully automatic models have features like Euro Turbo Pulsator and Auto Error Detection that make washing clothes a hassle free experience for users.

#7 Onida

Onida which became a household name in India in the early 1990s owing to its Color TVs later expanded into home appliance segment in a massive way. It now makes and sells semi and fully automatic washing machines. However, it does not make front loading washing machines now. All Onida washing machines feature anti rust body and pulsator wash technology.

Onida is among the few brands that make semi automatic washer without spin dry feature. The Onida Lilliput is a washer that is ideal for bachelors or families living in small apartments- where space crunch is an issue.

The majority of Onida semi automatic models come with an inbuilt brush to give enhanced washing performance.

Its fully automatic models are equipped with handy features like Closed rat-proof base, Auto unbalancing detection and Auto-power off.

#6 Godrej

A Company that was known mostly for making top notch refrigerators and locks earlier, Godrej has now diversified into home appliance and many other segments. It has a wide range of semi and fully automatic washing machine models with some innovative feature sets. Godrej is possibly the first brand to introduce a semi automatic model with stainless steel wash tub.

Many of its semi automatic models also feature LED Illuminator Wash Tub and Toughened Glass Lids- two pretty useful features. Besides, the models are equipped with Tri-roto Scrub Pulsator which ensures good wash quality.

The fully automatic Godrej models also have useful features like Cascade Waterfall wash and Dry Tap Protection. They are available both in plastic and metal wash drums. These models also have automatic shutdown post washing which saves energy.

#5 Panasonic

Panasonic is one of the companies that have entered this segment a little late but has managed to win customers wowing to the blend of features and performance in its models. Its fully automatic top loading washing machine models feature Sazanami drum.

The company says this wash drum improves washing prowess compared to rival products as does its Aquabeat wash method. Even the entry level semi automatic models of Panasonic have unique features like Aqua Crystal filter and anti bacterial pulsator.

These features help prolong longevity of your clothes. It is possibly the only company to sell a top loading fully automatic model with a massive 14 kg wash capacity. Most Panasonic washing machine models feature cassette based lint filter which makes things easier for users to remove lint accumulated after prolonged usage. Moreover, Panasonic washing machine models are priced a little lower than those from other brands in India.

#4 Samsung

The South Korean electronics giant is also a leader in home appliance segment in India. The company offers a wide range of semi automatic, top and front loading fully automatic models in India. Most Samsung models, barring the front loading ones, are fitted with pulsators.

The top end front loading models have a 10 year warranty on the motors-which is quite unique in this segment. Some of the top end fully automatic models feature ‘wobble pulsator’, which as per the company claims, offers better wash results.

It also ensures your clothes get less tangled- a problem many wishing machine users face. The models feature either plastic or steel drums. While top loading fully automatic washing machines have various wash modes in built, Samsung models come with a special sari wash mode- meant for Indian washing needs. The semi automatic models of Samsung feature rust proof body, castors and wash tray for enhanced user friendliness.

#3 LG

LG is another South Korean MNC that is a big player in home appliances segment in the country. It has a broad range of washing machine models covering all categories. The Top loading models from its stable, both semi and fully automatic models feature inbuilt pulsator- while some models are equipped with Roller Jet pulsator. According to LG, this type of pulsator offers better wash experience.

The top end front loading machines from LG feature a unique 6 motion Directdrive technology for exceptionally clean clothes.

Android Smart phone users can also use LG’s smart diagnosis system for troubleshooting and fixing their washing machines easily. Some of the front loading models also feature child lock and a special baby cloth wash mode. Usual features like hot wash, silent wash and Auto balance system are also found in most of LG front loading models.

#2 Whirlpool

Whirlpool is one of the big players in washing machine segment in India. It offers semi automatic, front and top loading fully automatic washing machine models in varying capacity. The top loading models from its stable are usually fitted with an agitator which, the company claims offers a wash mechanism that simulates hand wash closely and offers the best wash performance.

However, it is now offering a few models fitted with pulsator wash mechanism as well. The top end top load fully automatic Whirlpool models feature a unique technology called- bloom wash- which the company says offers a 360 degree wash to your clothes.

These models also save energy and water during wash cycles. Whirlpool also offers a number of user friendly features like large castor wheels, inbuilt scrubber and Heater –albeit in selected models.

#1 IFB

IFB has been around in India for a long time and this is one company that does not have any semi automatic washing machine in its range. As it is, only recently IFB stepped into Top loading segment and earlier it only made front loading washing machine models. Both the top loading and front loading models from IFB’s stable are equipped with several unique technologies that help you get great wash and prolonged longevity of clothes.

The top loading models are equipped with Triadic Pulsator and 3D Wash System. The front loading IFB models have auto imbalance system and foam control system that ensures hassle free wash.

Nearly all models are equipped with IFB’s Crescent Moon Drum which ensures even during long wash cycles cloth fabric is not damaged. Most IFB models also come equipped with hot wash and some of them also offer temperature selection.

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