9 Best Camera Tripods Under 200 Dollars in 2016

Tripod is an essential commodity for photographers and videographers. A perfect shoot is not possible just with good camera and lens but, for getting the desired results one also needs perfect accessories. Though, people generally invest a lot on their lenses and cameras but, they normally forget about the importance of a good tripod for dslr or other cameras.

However, you must understand that tripods are not just any other accessory rather, it is that one item which can be the difference between amateur and professional results. Along with balancing the weight tripods are of utmost importance for steady and smooth shoots.

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In many different conditions like low light or if you’re shooting with low shutter speed it is impossible to get a perfect shot without a proper tripod. There are lots of tripods that are available in the market, from cheap to moderate to expensive ones, but to find the best item can be really tough task.

So, to ease your burden and to make tripod selection an easy process for you, our team of experts has come up with a list of 9 best tripods under 200. The prices of the product are taken from Amazon.com and it may vary from several other websites.

#9. Davis & Sanford PROVISTA18 Tripod: Price: $163.00

Davis & Sanford PROVISTA18 Tripod

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The first item on our list is David and Sanford Provista tripod with FM18 head. It is suited for all types of large photo setups and also with several types of camcorders ranging from compact cameras to large professional HD models. Provista18 is designed mainly for videographers who require heavy duty support for various fields like studios, outdoor shooting and many more. Further, the geared centre post has no drift self locking feature which gives smooth results while panning and tilting the camera.

The FM18 head has load capacity of 18 pounds and the 2 way fluid head along with quick release plates gives flexibility to quickly mount or remove the camera as per the requirement. This is one of the cheapest and yet reliable product which is ideally suited for videographers.

#8. Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH Aluminum Travel Tripod: Price: $185.99

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Arguably the most famous tripod brand, Manfrotto’s MKBFRA4-BH is an innovative tripod which is ideal for travel shoots. The new patented leg angle selection allows user to select between two angles thus, offering you variety of camera positions. Also, the premium Italian design and beauty of the product is simply amazing.

It is very compact and therefore, allows user to shoot even in the difficult situations. Made with high quality aluminum, it can easily handle cameras that weight up to 8.8 lbs also, it extends up to a length of 56.7 inches and when folded it is just 11.8 inches long. Another benefit that you will get is that Manfrotto offers 10 years warrantee on this product.

#7. Ravelli AVTP: Price: $159.69

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Ravelli is one of the most famous brands of tripod which are known to produce high quality tripods at cheapest prices. The Ravelli AVTP is a complete Professional 75mm video tripod which comes with fluid drag head. The legs have 3 segment interlocking design and the mid-level spreader is meant to provide high stability for cameras and can balance 27 pounds of weight.

Also the lock adjustments are very easy to use and the rubber feet offers further stability at rough terrains. The dual adjustment pan handle and the drag fluid head along with providing 360 degree pan angle and 180 degree tilt angle makes camera movements extremely smooth while panning and tilting. In addition to all of these features, it also has a universal 75mm mount bowl so that you can make necessary changes according to your needs.

#6. Dolica LX650B502 D/S 65″ Aluminum Alloy Tripod: Price: $179.00

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With a maximum extended height of 65 inches and minimum operating height of 21 inches Dolica’s LX650B502 is one of the most durable tripod. It has a counter weight hook in the center column which ensures extra stability while shooting in any condition. Further, the leg has two types of feet and you can choose between rubber and spikes according to your needs.

It offers maximum payload of 25 lbs and the reversible center column gives you extra flexibility while shooting at low angle. It is easy to use and further many features that is provided by this tripod assures of giving you high value for your money.

#5. MeFOTO A1350Q1B Roadtrip Travel Tripod Kit: Price: $199.00

MeFOTO A1350Q1B Roadtrip Travel Tripod

Buy at amazonMeFOTO A1350QB Aluminum Roadtrip travel tripod kid offers exceptional combination of materials and features along with variety of colors to choose from. It is suitable for point and shoot, DSLR camera with larger lenses and can be converted into a monopod within few seconds. Though it is only 15.4 inches long when folded still it can rise up to 61.6 inches when extended and can support up to 17.6 lb of weight.

Further, the two leg angle positions give extra flexibility while shooting on irregular surfaces or in cramped quarters. The twist lock legs come with anti-rotation system and are paired with rubberized grip which allows fast set up and is dust and weather resistant. This product is meant to work even in the difficult conditions and it comes with 5 year warrantee.

#4. Vanguard VEO 265AB Travel Tripod with Ball Head: Price: $179.99

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VEO 265 AB travel tripod comes with a ball head and as the name suggests it is suitable for travel shoots. It is extremely light and weighs only 3.7 lb and yet it is highly durable, it has sturdy ball head and is made up of high quality aluminum. This tripod can be extended up to a length of 59 inches while it folds down to just 15.38 inches.

It features new leg lock design which gives further stability and quick adjustments while shooting. The legs can be adjusted to three different angles and it includes adaptor which enables low angle and macro photography. Stylish and sleek design with soft rubber handles makes handling the camera a delight for the photographer.

#3. Manfrotto Compact Aluminum Travel Tripod: Price: $199.88Buy at amazon

Manfrotto’s Be free series is dedicated to those who love to travel, along with compact and light design it offers style in terms of looks. Its unique folding mechanism along with quick release plate gives user extra flexibility for quick setup. The high quality aluminum is designed to give maximum payload of 8.8 lbs and guarantees good quality shots even in the most adverse situations.

It offers two angle inclinations for positioning the camera and the compact legs could be extended up to a maximum height of 56.69 inches. It is best suitable for photographers who love to travel and explore and need highly durable tripods.

#2. Oben AC-1461 4-Section Portable Aluminum Tripod: Price: $189.95

AC-1461 4-Section Aluminum TripodBuy at amazon

Oben is known for making high end camera accessories and normally these are well above the budget of an amateur or even some professionals. However, Oben’s AC-1461, 4 section tripod uniquely falls under $200 mark. It is compatible with almost all types of DSLRs, point-and-shoot cameras or video cameras which weigh up to 17.6 lb. This tripod has four section legs and is made with high tensile strength aluminum and it can rise up to a height of 69 inches and can be folded down to a mere 23.8 inches.

Further, the flip locks are designed for quick setup and break down and the leg offers three different angles which can be adjusted by using the adjustment knobs. The built-in bubble level is really helpful for creating perfect composition and the spring loaded counterbalance hook in the center column provides extra stability while shooting.

#1. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit: Price: $199.00

 ALTA PRO 263AB 100 Tripod

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The best tripod that you can buy under $200 is Vanguard’s Alta Pro 263AB 100. In cheap tripods the quality of ball head is somewhat compromised but, this product is unique and distinct because it has the best tripod head. It offers unmatchable flexibility and stability further, the high quality aluminum legs offer three angles which gives user much more needed variety for composing a shot.

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It also has a smooth fluid like ball head which can be rotated to full 360 degree angle and the Hexagonal central plate moves from 0 to 180 degree. The advantages associated with this product are unbelievable and for any photographer or videographer it is the ultimate value for money item.


These are the best tripods under $200 and any of these items will surely help you to excel in your field but, the most important thing that you should consider before buying a tripod is your compatibility with it. You don’t always have to go for a tripod which offers maximum payload delivery or height rather, you should feel comfortable while using the product.

If any tripod can be extended up to a height of 6 feet and you’re also 6 feet long then you should consider a shorter product as, the main motive of the height is to bring camera to eye level.

So, before purchasing any tripod you must feel it and if you think it matches perfectly with your style then only you should opt for it.


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