9 Best Tripods Under $100 in 2016 For Any Photographer

Nowadays, photography and videography has become extremely popular. Taking good pictures or videos is an art, but at the same time the perfect photograph or video demands the best accessories.

Apart from cameras and lenses, tripods are one of those things which are essential for a professional and amateur both. Without a proper tripod, it becomes extremely difficult for a photographer to capture the perfect momnet. It is common that some people don’t focus on the quality of tripod because they are extremely busy worrying about their lens and camera.

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However, one must understand the importance of good tripod, as it could produce remarkable results and can help you to excel as a photographer. There are a lot of bad tripods on the market. When searching for the best tripod under 100, you need to make sure you don’t end up with a low quality tripod. We have tested out many, many tripods and have compiled this list!

We understand that some people might have a limited budget and can’t spend too much on tripods so, to help you out in choosing the best product for yourself, we present to you 9 best tripods under $100 which are available on amazon.com.

#9. Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

The first product on our list is by the renowned tripod brand, Manfrotto. One of the cheapest products on the list, this tripod is an excellent choice for beginners who want to learn and at the same time need cheap yet reliable product.

The user friendly joystick head with scroll-wheel locking mechanism is easy to use and the comfortable grip further allows user to capture beautiful images and record smooth movies with ease. Its circular quick release plate and the shape ensue that camera orientation will not be a problem for you anymore.

Though, the Compact Action tripod is perfect for entry level DSLRs which comes with standard kit lenses, but it is also compatible with devices that weigh up to 3.3 lbs. With panoramic rotation of 360 degree and several other features, it is safe to say that this is one of the best DSLR tripods under 100 dollars. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

#8. VANGUARD ESPOD CX 234AP tripod

Another big brand and another quality product, Vanguard is known for producing tripods which are suitable for all conditions and its Vanguard ESPOD CX 234AP is one of such remarkable product.

With an astonishing load capacity of 7.7 lbs, the Vanguard ESPOD CX 234AP also boasts of 4 sections legs which are secured with the help of flip locks. Further, an asymmetrical locking knob can be used for raising and lowering the central column. The tripod can be extended to 61 inches, while it folds down to just 20.6 inches, also the rubber feet gives more stability on slippery surfaces.

The dual panning control gives smooth and versatile camera movements also, the central column features anti-shock ring to make your work easier. The ESPOD CX 234AP is a delight for anybody who wants style, along with stability and value for money.

#7. AFAITH Professional SLR Camera Tripod Monopod & Ball Head

A Chinese manufacturer’s product, this tripod comes with wonderful design and two in one setup. Along with nice and user friendly tripod with ball head you also get a monopod in one package. It has a dual hydraulic levels and the pull-out button angling adjustment allows single handed adjustment of each leg. Further, the tripod is designed to hold up to 33 lbs of weight and it also offers damping effect which depends on the overall weight that is loaded.

The 5 section of the center column ensures high quality shooting even at ground level or low level shooting height. The only thing that can go against this tripod is that, it’s a new Chinese brand and it is not known widely and has not been tested often, but the good thing is, the value for money deal it gives is unmatchable.

#6. Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod in Gun Metal

Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod in Gun Metal, one of the best tripods under 100

SLIK Sprint Pro II is a compact tripod which is designed to travel, it has 4 legs sections which can be collapsed down to a height of 19 inches. It is an upgraded version of the popular SLIK Sprint Pro series and has padded leg wraps which makes it very comfortable to carry.

Further, the all metal compact ball head along with quick release plate makes it very convenient for faster and easier mounting of camera. It can be extended up to a height of 64 inches and the adjustable leg allows good shooting for both high and low angles.

#5. Davis and Sanford Tripod with BHQ8 Ball Head

Davis and Sanford Tripod

Davis & Sanford is one of the oldest and famous tripod brands which is based in America and it offers variety of high quality products at affordable prices. Davis and Sanford’s TRAVERSE B8 is best suitable for DSLR and point and shoot cameras.

The five section legs comes with freeze proof rubberized twist leg locks and setting up the equipment is quick and easy. The easy glide center post enables quick adjustments makes shooting an easy task for the user. The grip is foam cushioned and the insulated legs provides comfortable grip in all kind of situation. It can be extended up to a height of 57 inches and is designed to support 11 lb of weight.

The high quality and several features associated with this product, makes it irresistible for photographers and video makers.

#4. Amazon Basics 70-Inch Pistol Grip Tripod

Amazon Basics 70-Inch Pistol Grip Tripod

The cheapest product on this list is Amazon Basics 70 inch Pistol grip tripod. This product from Amazon gives independent tilt axis control along with the full 360 degree panning. It has fast, easy set-up screw and the quick release mounting plate offers more mobility while shooting. Also, the pistol grip design makes it easy for the user to move the camera to any position including the 90 degree angle.

Further, the three legs comes with three angle leg stops and are totally adjustable to almost every angle, to shoot at low angle, you just have to connect the pistol grip head just beneath the tripod and below the center column. It has load capacity of 11 lbs and it suitable for both outdoor and indoor shooting.

The tripod’s feet is double padded, the rubber hides the spikes, spikes are meant for outdoor shooting and for indoor shooting you can put on rubber to protect the floor. This tripod is a buyer’s dream, it gives you lots of benefits at minimal rate and that too without compromising the quality. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

#3. Ravelli APGL3

Ravelli APGL3

Ravelli is a brand which is known for producing quality products at a reasonable rate. Just like the other Ravelli products, the Ravelli APGL3 is a professional quality tripod which is also suitable for the amateurs. It is made up of pressure treated aluminum and it offers high stability ,it has a load capacity of 17 lbs and can be extended up to a maximum height of 61 inches, the three axis adjustable head provides easy stability and can be adjusted to any angle.

Further, the center elevator is gearless and it can be inverted for taking high quality low angle shots. Also, quick release camera plate along with quick release leg locks and rubber plus metal spikes gives greater control and smooth adjustments while working.

If you want to buy a tripod which gives you good value for your money then, you must consider Ravelli’s product as one of your options.

#2. Manfrotto Compact Tripod with 3-Way Head

Another Manfrotto’s product to feature in the list, MKCOMPACTADV-BK is one of the most popular and user friendly tripod available in the market that will cost you less than $100. The Compact Advanced 3-Way head works perfectly with the DSLR camera and also is compatible with any devices which weigh less than 6.6lb.

The three way head has two independent levers, one controls tilt and pan movement while second is for leveling. These two levers are essential for easy control and framing the subject to obtain high quality results.

It has a unique mechanism that allows levers to fold when the head is not in use thus, making it easy for user to carry the tripod.

#1. Dolica AX600B250 (The Best Tripod Under 100)

Dolica AX600B250

The top product in our list is Dolicia’s AX600 B250. If you need to buy a tripod within a budget then, this product is perfect for you. Along with DSLR, it is also compatible with other cameras which weigh below 8 lbs. This tripod definitely earns its spot as the best tripod under 100! I can’t recommend it enough. Click here to checkout this tripod on Amazon. It can be extended up to 60 inches and has all the features like quick release plate, rubber feet, adjustable legs and many more. It offers professional grade quality at an affordable price.

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Although, these products are really good and can help you to excel in your field but, the main thing that you should consider before buying any of these products are not the features, but your compatibility with the product.

Some tripods may have less features, but it can be best suitable for you and your camera.

So, before buying just feel it and opt for those product which makes you feel comfortable.

Thanks for reading out article on the best tripod under 100!


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