3 Best Tablet Mounts For Hands Free Usage

Tablets have bridged technology between laptops and cellular phones; they make it easy for us to read e-books and to access our social media or video applications on the go, with screens that are considerably larger than our cell phones. But tablets also require one or both hands to use when viewing or operating them, which makes them a little cumbersome if you are trying to prepare dinner, trying to work out, or working on a paper for class. But this issue is easily remedied if you are willing to consider using a mount to provide you with a little bit of freedom. The following three products are mounting options available for your tablet, each with their own particular benefits when promoting a hands-free alternative to your device. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best tablet mount!

Accmor Tablet Tripod Adapter

Simply the best tablet mount

This tablet mount by Accmor is designed to accommodate most best-selling models of tablets (held on their sides in ‘landscape’ orientation) and even large cell phones that are at least 7cm in width. It achieves this by incorporating an adjustable arm that is controlled by a simple lock on the back. The unit itself measures 7cm wide by 12.5cm tall and can be adjusted to 20cm. Once the selected device is secured a standard ¼” threaded adapter at the bottom can be secured to a tripod to help keep it upright on a flat surface or a selfie-stick in order to meet all your self-portrait needs at home and abroad. And if a tripod is too bulky for you, Accmor also sells a monopod that can be used with this mount. Click here to view this mount on Amazon


High Grade Adjustable Seat Bolt Car Mount

A mount for you car that many consider to be the best tablet mount

If you ever have the urge to use your tablet for navigation or want to keep your passengers entertained then this mount is for you. This high-grade car mount for tablets will accommodate a variety of makes and models (even appropriately sized phones), holding them between powerful clips supporting them on a vibration free and fully adjustable 18-inch long arm that can hold the device over your center console for easy referencing. The arm even has a swivel ball at its end so that you can view your device in portrait or landscape orientation. This mount can be installed directly to the seat bolts on the driver or passenger side of your vehicle. Click here to view this mount on Amazon


Aduro U-Grip Adjustable Universal Fridge / Wall Mount for Tablets (The Best Tablet Mount)

A white aduro tablet mount

Are you a fan of using your tablet to find and read recipes while you are in the kitchen, or do you enjoy being able to watch movies and television while you run on the treadmill? This universal fridge/wall mount by Aduro will help you in either of those scenarios and much more. Hang it on any smooth, vertical metal surface using the powerful magnets built into the corners of this mount or to any other non-magnetic surface using screws or double sided tape. This mount has clips that will quickly and easily expand to accommodate any size of tablet, and a unique curved shelf at the bottom will allow you to hold pens or glasses along with your device. This product definitely earns its spot as the best tablet mount! Click here to view this mount on Amazon

The Accmor Tablet Tripod Adapter offers a little variety for your device, but I can’t picture a lot of people wanting to use a heavy tablet with a selfie-stick. And the tripod is a great, portable way of keeping your tablet upright for viewing; but it is also a fairly bulky piece of equipment to be hauling around. The High Grade Adjustable Seat Bolt Car Mount is great if you plan to be using your device in your vehicle, but there is an obvious risk in using a tablet while you drive, and relying on a dashboard GPS might be the safer option altogether. The best tablet mount presented here would have to be the Aduro U-Grip. It allows you to set up your tablet on any vertical surface in the home, whether you are relying on the built-in magnets or willing to fall back on two-sided tape. And it accommodates almost every size of device currently available. This device is simple to use and can be incorporated throughout the home or office, what more could you want out of a tablet mount?

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