11 Best & Popular Refrigerator Brands 2016 for your Kitchen

A refrigerator is the fundamental kitchen appliance that runs 24 hours to secure the perishable sustenance things. The requirement for a fridge may vary from individual to individual and discovering the perfect model that addresses those issues is very troublesome since there are numerous brands that are included in the production of a refrigerator.

A few individuals will search for top cooling refrigerator as they need top of the line model with stacked elements. Some other will search for one next to the other model which offers two segments independently to keep your wide assortment of nourishments new.

Additionally, people likewise try to figure out numerous components other than these, like multitasking cooling system, Anti-bacterial inside coatings, size, LED lighting, spill evidence, storage room and that’s just the beginning.

For the individuals who face a lot of confusion while purchasing a fridge about “what is the best refrigerator brand?”

Here you can read the rundown of

List of Top Selling Refrigerator brands 2015:

#11 Kelvinator


The makers of Kelvinator were among the first to acquaint electric refrigeration with the United States. In 1914, engineer Nathaniel Wales presented his thought for a down to earth electric refrigeration unit for the home to Edmund Copeland and Arnold Goss. After two years, they changed their organization name to Kelvinator to pay tribute to the splendid British physicist, Lord Kelvin. Since that time, Kelvinator has been credited with presenting numerous “firsts” and has encountered various changes also.

Kelvinator is one of the main refrigerator brands. The immediate cooling is the greatest income it offers to the business sector having solid reverberation to clients. Extending from direct cooling to Frost free fridges is offered by Kelvinator.

It comprises another scope of Power Cool Refrigerators in both Direct Cool and Frost Free portion; Kelvinator takes cooling innovation to give you Fresh and Healthy nourishment. It offers complete bundle brand for your Home Appliances.

#10 Electrolux


The Electrolux is one of the main makers of refrigerators on the planet and the fundamental key component for their popularity is purchaser research views keeping in mind the end goal to outline and add to the items that address buyer issues.

It offers full line of kitchen and clothing appliances like compactors, cook-tops, microwave, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air cleaner, water radiator, and so forth.

Also, you can get the greater part of the components that you need from a refrigerator.

#9 Bosch


The Bosch is one of the best evaluated refrigerator brands and third biggest machine producer on the planet. Since 1991, they are putting forth top notch products with coordinated configuration and proficiency.

You can get diverse models of fridges like unattached counter profundity fridge, streamlined inbuilt fridge, French entryway, and so on to look over.

They are outlined with vita new innovation to keep the sustenance things new.

#8 Haier


The Haier is a Chinese customer gadgets and home appliances brand which was established in the year 1984. Other than fridges it additionally outline, create and offer different items like cell telephones, PCs, TV, washing machines, aeration and cooling systems, microwave and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This can be the best French entryway refrigerator company that has the biggest piece of the pie in white products on earth.

It has gotten numerous recompenses like Red dot design honour, IF grant, most trusted brand, item separation perfection, and so forth.

#7 Kenmore


The Kenmore is possessed by KCP IP and controlled via Sears property. Their products are sold in numerous nations on the planet and they utilize new innovations in their items to address the issues of buyer.

The main products of Kenmore was washing machines for clothes which was created in the year 1927 from that point forward they are putting forth different family unit products and embellishments.

#6 Samsung


The Samsung is a South Korean multinational organization that includes various sister companies and associated organizations.

The new advancement from Samsung is the Food Showcase refrigerators which are outlined like a refrigerator inside of an ice chest that you can keep all the utilized sustenance as a part of in front entryway of the ice chest for simple access.

This is one of the best French refrigerator brands on the planet in 2015.

Samsung offers predominant cooling strategy for capacity of sustenance which is pleasantly tuned for satisfying your appetite. Inserted with a remarkable configuration will make it more delightful. The pivots are smooth secured straightforward, clean looking; trustworthy configuration is very much improved for giving enduring magnificence.

It’s immediate cooling innovation will work in higher vacillation voltage as low as 135V and as high as 290V. It is profoundly vitality proficient. Other than these it’s immediate cool new unit assimilates terrible scent in icebox in this way keeping ice box smell free and nourishment items new and solid.

#5 Viking


The Viking is famously known as Viking extent which was established in the year 1980. The organization offers three complete lines of premium appliances for their client, for example, ventilation, kitchen clean up and cooking.

#4 General Electric

General Electric

The General Electric is one of the best appraised refrigerator brands on the planet which is an American multinational company that has its central station in Connecticut. This organization works in different sections like Capital fund, Energy, Technology Infrastructure, Industrial and purchaser merchandise.

The most up to date model of General Electric’s refrigerator is the Hands-Free auto fill which will consequently measure the containers utilizing various sensors and turns itself off once it is loaded with water.

#3 LG



The Lucky Goldstar which is famously known just like a South Korean Company that is putting forth quality items for their clients since 1947. It is headquartered in Seoul and makes chemicals, telecom, and electronic items. They are having auxiliaries in more than 80 nations and you can get one next to the other, top refrigerators and base refrigerator models of fridge from LG which are outfitted with a lot of elements.

LG furnishes you fridge with most recent innovative strategies with fundamental wellbeing outlook. It is presently touching base with it’s new LG sided by side fridge with Wonder entryway having four stage cleaning system, LG’s two fold entryway cooler composed with most advantageous innovation.

LG has the world’s first green eons entryway cooling innovation safeguarding freshness upto 2.5 times longer. Single stockpiling cooler having stylish, healthier upgrades, star elements like ice making Vitamin Plus, Works without stabilizer, New Blossom Patterns, Freeze and Cook Box and Beauty and Care Box.

#2 Whirlpool


WhirlpoolWhirlpool is another well known organization everywhere throughout the world which has been in the business sector for a long time. The principle purpose for the achievement of this organization is the sixth sense innovation that will oversee and control the temperature when force goes out or during variances.

You can get different models like French entryway, base fridge, top refrigerator, one next to the other, fridge producers, and so on which are highlighted with adaptable stockpiling and simple cleanup that is neglected to accomplish by different ones accessible in the business sector. All in all it is one of the best fridge brands in India for 2015.

Whirlpool refrigerators have a novel sixth sense icing control technology. It has e-light means when force goes off regardless it works. It has wellbeing gatekeeper entryway. The veg new crisper innovation will keep 10 time more dampness limit consequently upgrading vegetables and organic products much fresher for more time.

#1 KitchenAid


Kitchen Aid is an American home apparatus assembling organization which began in the year 1919 by Hobart Corporation and is currently claimed by Whirlpool Corporation.

The Stand blender was the first product created by this organization and now they are putting forth extensive variety of value items for their client. This is one of the best French entryway fridge brands as it is outfitted with a lot of components.

The organization makes its venture after purchaser research keeping in mind the end goal to think about their taste and inclination furthermore to add to the items that address their issues.


Purchasing a home appliance from the business becomes a little overwhelming at times because of the vast series of brands and products available. Contingent on wide scopes of decisions size, components, all other imperative variables must be considered. During a brief time of interim another refrigerator model with new included outlines touches base in the business sector.

Keeping the importance and specifications of all these above given brands, you can simply choose the one that suits your lifestyle and the kind of product you would like to have in your home.

Also, the brand must be the best one to make sure that you are getting the product that stays with you for a long time to come. Choose one from the above and live stress free!

[Main Image Source: Jason Rogers]