3 Best Outdoor Projectors Under 500

Projectors aren’t just for displaying trip slideshows or boring sales projections anymore. Now projectors can handle everything from high-definition movies to fast-paced gaming action with displays three times the size of the largest television sets, the only real limitation is how large of a flat surface you have available. This article will help make sense of three current models of high-definition outdoor projectors under $500 so that you can focus on creating your own literal home theater. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best outdoor projector under 500!

Epson Home Cinema 640, HDMI, 3200 Lumens Color and White Brightness Home Theater 3LCD Projector

the best outdoor projector under 500

This home theater projector by Epson will allow you to project onto a variety of screen sizes: 76-inches from 8-feet, or 113-inches from 12-feet, allowing you to customize the exact viewing range to whatever you would like (as long as you have a surface to project to) without sacrificing image quality. Media is presented in a 10,000-to-1 contrast ratio in vivid and exciting color thanks to the 3200 lumens color brightness, and 3200 lumens white brightness will ensure that your picture stays solid even in the best-lit of areas. And keystone correction will ensure that your images stay flat and rectangular to the projection surface instead of being skewed.

The Epson Home Cinema 640 is designed to be lightweight and fully portable, and setting it up is a breeze with ridiculously simple image adjustments and control. It even comes with all the connection ports required for quickly hooking up all of your high-definition devices, from cable boxes to high-end gaming consoles.

This projector even has a built-in speaker for quality sound. Click here to view this projector on Amazon


EUG 3600 Lumens Digital Hd Multimedia Portable LCD Video Projector

The best outdoor projector under $500

Capable of projecting images and video in 50- to 200-inches (dependent on projection distance) with a 3500-to-1 contrast ratio, the EUG 3600 Lumens Digital HD Multimedia projector is an excellent portable outdoor projector that is compatible with 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. It can project from a table top or ceiling without a problem, and includes a 25 level digital zoom and adjustable focus.

The EUG 3600 is compatible with a variety of devices through connection ports on the back of the unit, and can run media directly through a USB stick (provided the media is in a supported format), and features fast setup and quick shut down to save you time.

This unit is encased in a flame retardant ABS housing, two built-in 5W speakers, and has an efficient cooling system to prolong the life of your project, though they can emit a bit of noise. Click here to view this projector on Amazon


CAIWEI LCD Projector LED Full HD Projector Home Theater 3600 (The Best Outdoor Projector Under 500)

When it comes to outdoor projectors, this is probably the best

This 3600 lumens high-definition projector by Caiwei offers screen sizes up to 200-inches (dependant on distance from projection surface) in a 3500-to-1 contrast ratio that supports 1080p video, provided by an LED lamp that can provide up to 50,000 hours of performance without the need for replacement. Image integrity is preserved through a keystone that allows you to resolve distortion, a rotating lens to adjust focus, and a ‘Flip Picture’ function will allow you to adjust the image orientation so that you can have the projector setup on your desk or ceiling. It is even capable of supporting red and blue 3D.

This unit can easily connect to any of your multimedia devices, and it can project videos or images directly from a USB stick without having to be run through a computer. It is even Wi-Fi compatible so that you can connect you laptop, computer, or Android phone wirelessly and stream media that way.

The Caiwei projector also has two built-in speakers, a detachable dust screen, and an easily adjustable stand to keep things level. It definitely earns its spot as the best outdoor projector under 500. Click here to view this projector on Amazon

The Epson Home Cinema 640 offers a great picture and is easy to set up and transport, though it is a little sparse on connectivity and overall picture size. The EUG 3600 Lumens Digital HD projector has the same great picture quality as the Epson model, but it has a slightly larger picture size and incorporates more features, like the ability to display images or video directly from a USB stick.

As great as those two models are, without a doubt, the best outdoor projector under $500 is the Caiwei LCD Projector. It has great picture size and quality, an LED lamp that can last up to 50,000 hours, two integrated speakers, can play directly from a USB stick, and it even has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to sync your computer or Android smartphone directly. That kind of performance ensures that you will never regret your investment and that you have your projector for a long, long time.

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