3 Best Mouthguards For Sports

If you or a loved one is involved in any sort of physical sport then you will likely be forced to pick up some sort of protective gear like a helmet, padding, or gloves. These extra defenses will prevent the body from taking too much of a pounding and protect bones, joints and organs from damage. One piece of equipment that should never be overlooked is a quality mouth guard that will help to prevent or buffer the damage done to your mouth or teeth, which can be especially painful to experience and costly to repair. So in order to keep your pearly whites intact, you need to consider getting your hands on the best mouth guard for sports. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best mouthguard for sports!

Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouth Guard

Many consider this to be the best sports mouthguard

This mouth guard by Shock Doctor is suitable for youth and adults and is available in ten separate colors and is easy to both fit and use. Designed to respond to the hardest of hits, this mouth guard comes with multiple layers for superior protection of your teeth: a heavy rubber exoskeletal frame for shock and impact protection and a gel-fit liner for a snug custom molded feel. This product is intended to be worn on the upper teeth, and it can be attached to a helmet strap by using the integrated tether so that the guard doesn’t hit the ground or get lost if you are jarred on the field. Click here to view this mouthguard on Amazon


Shock Doctor Adult Pro Strapless Mouthguard (Smoke)

simply the best mouthguard for sports

Another top piece mouth guard by Shock Guard, this product is designed specifically for adults and will perform excellently whether you are using it to protect your teeth during mixed martial arts or to stop you from grinding your teeth at night. It is constructed out of a combination mid-density polyethylene and polypropylene, with a rubber-like EVA shock-absorbing bumper and internal frame. The frame will help absorb impact while the bumper absorbs and redirects the impact away from your front teeth. This product works great with braces, and in order to get a better fit out of this mouth guard, it is worth boiling it for a while and biting down on it. Click here to view this mouthguard on Amazon


Suddora Mouth Guards – Protective Sports Safety Gear w/ Vented Case (The Best Mouthguard For Sports)

the best mouthguard money can buy

This mouth guard by Suddora comes available in ten separate colors and is designed specifically for sports use, not night-time teeth grinding. Sized for adults, it has edges that can be cut to resize the guard in order to fit the mouth of a child. This particular guard is constructed of a safe, Polyolefin Elastomer (POE) material that provides great impact resistance and flexibility, and it features a series of grip rings on the bottom to help latch onto your teeth to provide a snugger fit. And this guard comes with its own ventured closure case to help it dry when it is not being used, which helps to prevent bacteria. And if you want to custom fit your mouth guard, you simply have to boil it and bite down on it. This mouthguard definitely earns it’s spot as the best mouthguard for sports! Click here to view this mouthguard on Amazon

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouth Guard is a great guard that comes in a variety of colors and is sized for both adults and children. The removable tether helps to ensure that it can be attached to a helmet strap to make it a little easier to keep track of. It is a little bulky in the front, which can make it difficult to speak while the guard is in your mouth. Shock Doctor’s Adult Pro Strapless Mouthguard is another durable piece that does a great job of mitigating impact to your teeth, but it is only available in an adult size. The Suddora Mouth Guards come in an adult side but can be cut to accommodate children. They feature grip rings on the bottom to help it grip your teeth better and the POE material they are manufactured from offer excellent impact resistance without sacrificing flexibility. Each guard even comes with its own vented protective case for transportation. All these features combined with the extra case definitely make the Suddora Mouth Guards the best mouthguards for sports. Thanks for reading our article on the best mouthguard for sports!