3 Best Monitor Mounts For Your Workstation

The recent uprising in High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) has revolutionized the way we view our media; a single cord can be used to connect to a computer to a much more streamlined high-definition monitor or television screen. These smaller devices take up significantly less space than the old cathode ray tube monitors and allow for a little more freedom in customizing our desks, even to incorporate multiple monitors for a panoramic viewing experience. But in order to maximize space and optimize your viewing experience, you are going to likely need to rely on the best monitor mount you can find. This article will take a look at a series of innovative monitor mounts for your consideration. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best monitor mount!

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount

A Vivo dual monitor mount, commonly regarded as one of the best monitor mounts money can buy

Whether you play first-person shooters and enjoy a full range of vision or have too many spreadsheets for one screen to contain, why limit yourself to one monitor when you can have two in front of you? VIVO works to meet your need for two monitors by introducing this mounting system that can support screens up to 27” and 22lbs each by fixing them to a pair of VESA mounts with 75×75 (3”x3”) and 100×100 (4”x4”) mounting holes. The mounts allow for the monitors to be turned 360-degrees to change from portrait to landscape orientation, and can be tilted between -15 to +15 degrees. Each arm features integrated plastic cable clamps to help keep your wires in order and are connected to a single sturdy base that can attach to the edge of a table or desk with an ultra-heavy duty clamp. Click here to view this mount on Amazon


VideoSecu Articulating TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount

Simply the best monitor mount money can buy

If you’re not looking to use a desk or table (or you happen to have one near a wall) then this LCD monitor wall mount by VideoSecu. It uses the same mounting hole patterns as the VIVO (75×75 or 100×100), but instead of incorporating two monitor mounts, this system is designed for strength, resorting to a high-grade steel material to allow for much heavier loads of up to 44lbs, enough to easily support as much as a 27” monitor. This unit can be extended smoothly out from your wall up to 14” or retracted to 2.4”, and the neck can adjust 20-degrees forward or 5-degrees back. It also includes all the common hardware needed for installation. Click here to view this mount on Amazon


SIIG Single Monitor Desk Mount Blue (The Best Monitor Mount)

one of the best monitor mounts

This sleek monitor mount by SIIG only allows for one screen, sized between 15” and 27”, up to 17.6lbs to be mounted. It relies on the VESA 3”x3” or 4”x4” mounting holes like the other items in this list, and similar to the VIVO it can connect to a table or desk (between 0.8” and 3” thick) with a powerful C-clamp. The difference that makes his mounting system stand out is the fact that it offers a full range of movement for your screen on completely adjustable gas springs, ensuring that you can move your monitor smoothly and effortlessly without sacrificing any stability. How full a range of movement does this monitor mount offer? With it you can lift, lower, tilt, rotate, swivel, swing or extend your monitor. It even has cable management clips along the arms to keep everything neat and tidy. This product definitely earns its spot as the best monitor mount! Click here to view this mount on Amazon

The VideoSecu Articulating TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount is exactly the kind of mount you would want for a television, but mounting anything under a 32” to your wall just seems kind of needless. The VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount is an amazing way to incorporate two monitors in your game or workspace, it has a great range of motion, and the cable management is a nice touch. Unfortunately, its main selling point is also a drawback; this mount is pointless unless you have two monitors. The best monitor mount falls to the SIIG Single Monitor Desk Mount, yes it only allows you to use a single monitor (though you could always pick up two of them), but it gives you the ultimate freedom for monitor placement, and on gas spring assisted arms that allow for fluid motion without sacrificing stability.

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