11 Best LED TV Brands in 2016 For Any Room

Are you looking forward to get the amazing picture qualities at home and wish to know about the best LED TV accessible in the industry? Ensure that you are very much aware of each part of LED TV so you can get the quality for your cash.

There are a lot of TV brands available nowadays. While buying any TV set, search for cutting edge innovation in a model.

As of late, LED TV has obtained gigantic prevalence in light of the fact that individuals are considering LED TV for its larger than life quality.

In this article, you can see the best LED TV brands list that you can consider purchasing.

#11 Sharp

sharpSharp Electronics is one of the numerous MNCs situated in Japan. The home office of the firm is Abeno-Ku, Osaka in Japan. The organization began in September 2012 as Sharp Corporation and in a brief time-frame, it turned into the fifth biggest TV assembling brand on the planet. Sharp makes numerous items, for example, TV projectors, sound hardware, varying media entertainment gear, and so forth.

In any case, when we are simply examining about assembling Televisions, Sharp offers all the TV sets named as AQUOS. This speaks to TVs with a major level screen alongside elements, for example, brighter hues, higher difference, UV2A innovation, productive LED backdrop illumination, Blu-beam print recorders, Quattro 3D, and so on.

#10 Vizio


vizioVizio Inc. is an organization began by William Wang in October of 2002 in United States of America. Be that as it may, the organization is extending and has developed into an electronic monster past the limits of America. It has substantiated itself by dispatching diverse TVs back and once more. In 2009, it dispatched EcoHD, M, E, and XVT scopes of Televisions.

Later in 2010, the brand declared propelling of eleven classifications separated from TVs which are: HD home theater, HD Blu Ray DVD players, web switches (remote), stimulation sets where utilizing Internet Apps is permitted.

#9 Philips



The complete name of Philips is Koninklijke Philips N.V. also called Royal Philips. This organization was started in 1891 by Gerard and Fredrick Philips as a little electronic organization which is presently a major Multi-National Corporation with representative quality of more than 122,000 individuals and focuses on above 60 nations in the world.

The organization has headquartered office building situated at Amsterdam. Philips has confidence in power saving technologies and thus showed AmbiLight highlights in TVs which can be utilized as swap for the routine LEDs. Further, Philips dispatched a totally new scope of Smart TVs having twin focus processors. Numerous other novel things that the organization did were making and assembling of remote controls with QWERTY keypads.

#8 Toshiba


The first name of Toshiba was Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K. and it was established in 1939. In any case, after 1978, the organization was named Toshiba Corporation. This is a major Multi National organization of Shibaura Seisaku-sho and Tokyo Denki. This is a Japan based organization with the home office situated in Tokyo. In December 2010, Toshiba propelled a LED illuminated LCD 3D TV after its declaration at CEATEC ’10. This TV permits support for 3D perfect perspective without utilizing 3D glasses.

The representative quality of the organization is more than 206,087 workers. Toshiba Corporation has differing qualities in the sorts of the TV sets and offers the accompanying assortment: LCD, LCD full HD, LED, LED full HD, 3D TV, Smart 3D LED, Smart TV, 4K2K LED TV, all the more going from different sizes to different resolutions.

#7 Mitsubishi

MitsubishiMitsubishi is an organization that offers electric and hardware gear all around the world. Mitsubishi is a Japanese organization and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is the center of the Mitsubishi group. The expression “Mitsubishi” in writing signifies ‘three jewels’. This firm was propelled by Yataro Iwasaki as a transportation firm in the year 1870.

It is the world’s first organization to deliver projection TV. In United States, the first High Definition Television was presented by this organization. The 3D DLP by Mitsubishi is the Home Cinema which is an inside and out distinctive experience and creates extreme quality pictures for a wide range of viewers.

#6 RCA

RCARCA is another organization that produces TV and is built up in United States of America. RCA remains for Radio Corporation of America. The organization is given finished credit to plan the first Television design for the nation.

It is the most seasoned TV Company of the States and the first real business TV transmission was done in July 1941. This brand produces TVs as well as vacuum tubes which are a vital piece of the TV sets.

The research centers of RCA are situated in New Jersey and are exceptionally cutting-edge as they incorporate every single creative improvement.

#5 Onida

OnidaTaking into account the prevalence of the brand, Onida has managed to gain a position in this list because of the wide popularity since years. The brand offers propelled innovation LED TV at a moderate rate.

Onida offers better solid and picture quality in its LED fragment. As of late Onida dispatched its most recent set of LED TVs named as Cristal and Rave.

#4 Samsung

samsungSamsung fabricates the biggest number of TV sets and LCD screens across the globe, since 2006. Samsung is a South Korea based organization with its central command at Suwon in South Korea. Since the year 2012, Samsung is the main organization deserting the various companies that depend on innovation. Samsung gadgets were likewise the first ones to dispatch 3D LED HDTV which was put in plain view at CES 2010, Las Vegas.

In a time of only 6 months, the organization sold more than a million sets of TV when the general and aggregate overall deal was 1.23 million. This demonstrates more than 80% of the TVs in the overall deals were of Samsung.

#3 LG

LGThe term LG is an abbreviation of ‘Life’s Good’. LG Electronics is a multinational organization which fabricates and offers the items, for example, cellular telephones, home machines like refrigerator, microwave, and so on. Be that as it may, above all, it is among the main makers of Home Entertainment Appliances. It is the second driving maker of TV after Samsung.

It produces assortments of TV sets, for example, plasma TVs, LED TV, LCD TV, LCD illuminated LED, HDTV, 3D TV, and so on. This is the world’s first organization to deliver a web TV in the year 2007 which is known as ‘LG Smart TV’.

The name was such as a result of the savvy functionalities of the TV, for example, remote controlling done by Gestures acknowledgment and voice acknowledgment.

The strategies of the organization are extremely confident and organization is all in all framed by more than 82 thousand expert workers in 114 neighbourhood contributories around the world.

#2 Sony

SONYSony Corporation is an MNC situated in Japan and positions third in the rundown of the best producers of TV. In spite of the fact that Sony is the organization that creates and fabricates numerous sorts of electronic items, for example, home apparatuses, mobiles and home amusement gadgets, for example, tablet, TV sets, and so on. Sony likewise delivers each kind of Television from simple to the LCDs and top notch framework. Sony has never traded off with quality alongside creating them in amount.

The sets of Analog TVs created by Sony are named as “Trinitron” and a radical new LCD extent was propelled after those. Further, the BRAVIA arrangement of Sony is one with the most recent advancements and top notch visual impacts.

#1 Panasonic

panasonicPanasonic Electronics is a Multi-National Corporation of Japan and was established in the year 1918. The organization’s headquarter is arranged at Osaka, Japan. More than 330,000 labourers are occupied with Panasonic as the organization has been stretched out worldwide to more than 580 backup organizations. At first the organization delivered just simple TVs however in January 2006 the organization began fabricating computerized TVs moreover. This stride prompted destroying of organization’s 30% deals.

It then acquired Pioneer’s HD TVs and began the generation of Plasma Televisions with totally new components. Moreover, it made a settlement with MySpace which prompted the assembling of MySpace TV. This TV is uncommon in light of the fact that it permits a client to have the office of internet talking amid they watch their TV programs.


This list of the best LED TV brands must have helped you a lot in knowing that which TV Brand is better and what you should go for in near future.

Make sure that whichever brand you choose, don’t forget to compare the qualities of different TV sets that may offer the same specifications but different rates for different brands.

So, don’t stick to a brand because you have various options available and keep in mind this list when you choose your television to make everything easy and your purchase worthy.


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