3 Best Lawn Chairs For Any Purpose

With summer coming up right around the corner, people are looking for the right type of folding chair to meet all their outdoor needs. Amazon has some great choices to check out. Whether you’re looking for a low priced chair or a high priced chair with excellent quality, Amazon has them all. You’ll even be surprised to see that they have some great deals on some quality chairs. Here are some of our top picks. Without further adieu, let’s jump into our list of the best lawn chair!

Quik Chair Folding Quad Chair with Carrying Bag

One of the best lawn chairs on the market today

The Quik Chair has many reasons to consider it and we know that there are plenty of people out there that are not willing to break the bank in order to get the best chair. This is a great alternative. The price for this chair is incredibly affordable at $13.08 and even receives some favorable reviews on Amazon. Consumers give it a rating of 3.7 stars. While it’s affordable, it is also very basic. The Quik Chair comes in three colors: green, red, and blue. For the green chair you’ll be paying closer to $14.99. Each chair also comes with a bag to carry it in which is nice. From the picture you will also see that it has arm rests and comes with a cup holder. The biggest downside to it has to show in its weight limit of 225 lbs. This right here will show you that it is not as durable as many other chairs on the market, but nevertheless it is a good chair for the price you pay. Click here to buy this chair on Amazon

Coleman Camping Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler

By far the best lawn chair money can buy

The Coleman Camping Chair is an excellent choice for those looking to pay a little extra for quality. The price is bumped up to $21.79 which is still only a fraction more than the Quik Chair. For a little extra cash, it seems that this chair is definitely worth it. Consumers love this chair as it comes in with an overall rating of 4.4 stars. Furthermore, this chair comes in black, blue, and red (red is $26.39). It also has some pretty cool features on it such as the arm rests. On the arm rests you’ll see it has a small cooler attatchment which allows for you to hold multiple cans at once while having your opened can on top of the arm rests. It even has a small storage packet for magazines and more. Even cooler is the fact that the arm rests are adjustable and the overall durability seems good. Probably the best part about this chair is its 1 year warrant which shows the company has some faith in its durability. The weight limit is also 300 lbs which is very good. Click here to view this chair on Amazon


Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, Beige (The Best Lawn Chair)

Ergonomic design, this is the best lawn chair

Last but not least we have the Caravan Sports Chair. This chair is the cream of the crop as it comes in at #1 on Amazon for patio lounge chairs. There is so much to love about the design too. First off let’s start by listing the price of $45.72 and the overall rating from Amazon users of 4.5. While the price seems a little high, it is absolutely worth it for the quality and sweet design. On top of its unique design, it comes in many different colors and is built from a Textaline fabric which makes it more durable. Like the Coleman chair, it also has a weight limit of 300 lbs which is nice to know. Probably the coolest aspect of this chair is its ability to recline and its adjustable headrest. This feature alone will put it miles ahead of the other chairs on this list. The only thing it really lacks is a cup holder and a carrying bag. Otherwise, this chair can be best seen as a home run. It definitely earns its spot as the best lawn chair! Click here to view this product on Amazon

Once again, Amazon shows why it is one of the best places to buy just about any product imaginable and why websites are the way to go. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to this website. The easy interface of Amazon allows users to narrow down their choices based on pricing, reviews, and more. These three chairs each have a quality that a certain shopper may be looking for. Whether it is money saving, price to quality ratio, or the best chair out there, Amazon promises to give the goods. When it comes down it it, all three of these chairs really have an awesome price range from $13.08 to $45.72 and all three chairs could be valuable to the right shopper.

Thanks for reading our article on the best lawn chair!