8 Best Laptops Under 700 dollars in 2016 (Above $650)

In the current tech savvy world we are surrounded by gadgets. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, internet, digital cameras.. It is hard to imagine life without them anymore. Technology has made our lives simpler than what it used to be before, in so many ways and that now we are completely dependent on it.

If you want to speak to a loved one who is far away, you have Skype, a diverse and huge collection of movies, music and games is just one click away, you have Microsoft Office for taking care of all your work related needs, for connecting to friends and family you have social media like Facebook twitter etc. and for accessing all this and many more features and services, all you need is just one device. A laptop.

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Computers as a gadget have also evolved considerably from earlier days. Only a couple of decades back what used to be a bulky machine sitting in your living room or bedroom has transformed into a portable gadget which is also quite affordable and accessible to all.

Every person needs this 15 inch screener device to get most of his/her work done and if you’re planning to buy one soon and need some help, you’re at the right place. If you have a budget of $700 for your new laptop then you’ll be quite pleased with the options you have in this budget.

All Other Ranges of Laptops:

The thing to remember is that you can’t just buy anything off the market because this is an investment that’ll go a long way and you need to be absolutely sure that you’ve made the right decision. You would also feel at ease when you’ll know that the brand from which you’re purchasing is a good one and will not abandon you in case you get into trouble with your new gadget.

In this article, I’m going to tell you about some of the best brand laptops under $700 (Between $650 to $700) that you can buy. So read on:


#8) Toshiba Satellite 14” E45T-B4106 2015 – Price: $639

Toshiba Satellite 14” E45T-B4106 2015

It makes sense to start the list with a brand that coined the term ‘laptop.’ The newest Toshiba Satellite notebook packs some serious punch and is one of the best gadgets you can buy in less than $700.

The 14 incher laptop runs on latest Windows 8.1 and has a LED backlit TFT High Definition touch screen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The touch screen interface combined with the OS is classy and extremely user friendly which makes putting it down quite difficult.

The laptop is equipped with a 2.2 GHz 5th Gen Intel CoreTM i5 processor with 3 MB cache and 8 GB DDR3L RAM which makes working on it extremely smooth and lightning fast. But just in case, you feel that you’re a huge multi tasker and need 40 apps and window opened at the same time, you can upgrade the RAM to 16 GB. That ought to do the trick.

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The laptop comes with a Hard Disk Drive of 1 Terabyte (TB) capacity and that is more disk space than you will ever use. So store all your apps, games, movies, work presentations at the same place and never worry about additional space.

The laptop also features Harman Kardon ® speakers which deliver brilliant sound quality and make your movie watching and music experience as epic as it can get. It also sports an Intel HD graphics card that means all your gaming requirements are taken care of.

The connectivity features of the laptop include USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, microphone, 3.5 mm audio jack and a web camera for video conferencing.

#7) Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572G-543S 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop – Price: $654

Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572G-543S

On number 5 we have Acer’s Aspire V which is nothing short of magnificent when it comes to functionality and looks. This laptop contains a 15.6 inch Full HD Widescreen CineCrystal TM LED Backlit display which has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Although the interface is not touch but it makes up for it with its huge display which gives a brilliant watching and working experience.

The laptop runs on latest Windows 8.1, 2.2 GHz Intel i5 core processor and 8 GB DDR3L RAM which is exactly the same specs as the previous laptop mentioned above. The Hard Disk is also the same and stands strong at 1 TB which means all your data can find its true home on your device itself.

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Apart from that, this beauty contains optimized Dolby audio enhancements along with two built in stereo speakers for a killer sound effect. The laptop also has a graphics card for gaming. Connectivity features include Bluetooth, USB ports, HDMI port, SD card reader, built in microphone, DVD drive, 3.5 mm audio jack and full HD web camera.

The battery backup of Acer Aspire V is extraordinary and stands strong at 7 hours. So you can take it to office and never worry about charging till the end of the day.

#6) ASUS Flip 2-in-1 Convertible TP500LA-AS53T 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop (Broadwell, Core i5) – Price: $679

Asus Flip 2 in 1 Convertible TP500LA-AS53T

Asus is a brand which has made quite a name for itself in the laptop market and its Flip convertible model of laptop proves why it is so good. The device offers the features of both a tab and a laptop in it. This models offers high durability as it is designed for toughness and has a brush-hairline aluminum finish that gives a premium and stylish look to this device.

This touch screen laptop contains a 15.6 inch display screen with Windows 8.1 and can do a 360 degree flip and become a tablet when you need one and don’t require the keyboard. This mode is great for presentations and watching a movie, which is an altogether unique experience on its full HD display. Also, keyboard and touchpad lock automatically when you switch modes to prevent accidental input.

Just like the previous two laptops mentioned in the list, this one is also a powerhouse of performance with an Intel i5 processor and 8 GB DDR3 RAM. The memory also is also of the same specifications as the previous two.

Connectivity features are also quite similar with Bluetooth, USB, HDMI etc all being present but a DVD drive is not a part of this device. As far as the sound is concerned ASUS offers unparalleled sound experience with its unique Sonic Master Technology.

Apart from everything else, the Asus Flip Convertible also offers one year accidental warranty, so if you drop it and it breaks, you need not fear and ASUS will replace your laptop for you.

#5) Lenovo Flex 2 15 15.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop – Price: $639

Lenovo Flex 2 15

Another flexible laptop in the list, which is made for ‘those who do.’ When it comes to making rough and tough laptops, Lenovo is the market leader. Unlike the ASUS Flip, this laptop is capable of doing a 300 degree flip and can stand on the keyboard.

The 15.6 incher laptop has a Full HD touch screen interface and runs on Windows 8.1. It is equipped with a powerful, 2.0 GHz Intel i7 4510 U processor and 8 GB DDR3 RAM and trust me, this combination can take on anything and will never falter. With these specs words like ‘lag’ or ‘hang’ will exit from your dictionary.

In the memory department, the device falls behind with 500 GB HDD but it makes up for that with an additional dedicated 8 GB SSHD.

The connectivity features are standard and similar to all other laptops mentioned previously. As far as the sound quality goes, the Lenovo Flex 2 is equipped with stereo speakers and Dolby Advance Audio which provides an immersive and state of the art audio experience.

One of the best features of this laptop, which I personally liked the most is that it sports a Legendary backlit AccuType keyboard which makes working in the dark extremely convenient and typing fun. Even with all these amazing features, Flex 2 does not compromise on battery and offers a solid 7 hour backup, which is quite great in context of laptops.

#4) Dell Inspiron i5547-7500sLV 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop – Price: $674

Dell Inspiron i5547-7500s LV Touch Screen

We’re talking about best laptops and not mentioning the brand which is considered to be the king of laptops, that won’t feel right. Would it? Dell is literally the king of laptops which offers exceptionally brilliant features and equally phenomenal customer service. With this brand it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever face a problem with your device but even if you do, Dell is a brand which will take proper care of you.

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Now let us talk about this particular model of its world famous and widely acclaimed Inspiron series. This model also features Windows 8.1 and a full HD touch screen display which I have praised again and again.

Just like Lenovo Flex 2, this model is also equipped with an Intel i7 core processor and 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM along with a 1 TB Hard Disk Drive, which makes it superior than the previous one.

Connectivity features are again similar to previously mentioned devices and this one also features a backlit keyboard which is by far the most important feature for any laptop.


#3) MSI CX61 2PC-499US – Price: $629

MSI CX61 2PC-499US

Although MSI is a relatively unheard of brand but that doesn’t diminishes its credibility. The MI CX61 has the specifications and features to give tough competition to most high end brands. Let us learn about it more.

The 15.6 incher laptop, like its peers, runs on Windows 8.1 and uses a 2.5-3.1 GHz 4th generation Intel i5 core processor along with a n 8 GB DDR3L SDRAM. The combination of these three as we have seen earlier provides exceptional performance standards and great interface.

The storage capacity of MSI is of 750 GB which is quite decent if not the best. The good news for gamers is that this machine is also equipped with a 2 GB NVIDIA Geforce GT820M graphics card which allows you to play heaviest of PC games at high settings effortlessly.

The connectivity features are quite standard and include Bluetooth, DVD optical drive, USB and HDMI ports, 3.5 mm audio jack and the likes.

With features like these, MSI enters the competition with a bang.

#2) Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E555 – Price: $649

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is for those who do. If your work is the most important thing for you, then this laptop is for you.

Edge E555 runs on Windows 7 professional version and is equipped with a 2.2-3.0 GHz AMD A6-7000 Dual core processor along with a RAM of 16 GB. These specs are nothing short of phenomenal and make this device a sophisticated work machine.

On the entertainment front, the laptop is also equipped with an AMD Radeon R4 HD Graphics card which allows the gamers to play their favorite games without lag. The storage space that comes with this laptop is of 250 GB which is understandably inferior to its peers in this list but the plus point is that it can be upgraded to whatever specs you desire.

The build of the laptop is tough and can easily handle minor shocks and scratches. The laptop is for rough and tough people who need to use the laptop on the go.

#1) ASUS Zenbook UX305A-ASM1 – Price: $699

ASUS Zenbook UX305FA 13.3 Inch Laptop

This is hands down one of the classiest laptops available in this price range. The new ASUS Zenbook is ultra slim and is made up of aluminum which gives it a very stylish look and feel. The zero figured laptop contains a 13.3 inch anti glare full HD display with matte finish that allows for easy readability in bright sunlight.

The all aluminum Zenbook is only 0.5 inch think and weighs 2.6 lbs, which makes it convienient to carry around anywhere you go.

The laptop is faster and more efficient than other laptops with its Intel M processor and 8 GB DDR3 RAM. The connectivity features are similar to other laptops mentioned in the article and the Zenbook also has a 1.2 MP HD webcam for seamless video calling.

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So, on this note we end our list of best laptops around $700. Now that you’re aware of the features you can get in this price, you can take an informed and calculated decision about what machine will suit your requirements best.

In case you feel I missed a worthy contender let me know in the comments.

Also, feel free to discuss any feature you’d like to see in this price range in the near future.


[Main Image Source: Wolfgang Lonien]