7 Best iPhone and iPad Racing Games 2016 to Pump Up

Since Mario Kart, the world has been hooked on racing games. Whether it is the thrill of coming in first place, the adrenaline rush that comes with over taking your opponents or the random add-on components of the game that bring additional value to the overall story or game, one can’t deny that racing games are classics; whether high definition and ultra-real or 8-bit and super adorable.

However, not all games are suited to every platform made, which is why each one of them have their bests in their fields.

We’ve taken a look at the top racing games of Xbox and PS, and now, it’s time to cater to the new age gamers and take a look at the top racing games for your iPhone or iPad.


The list of best ipad racing games 2016 starts with


#7. Racing Rivals, Developed by CIE games

Racing Rivals has been one of the most popular iOS racing games for a while now. With its most recent update being on the 9th of April, 2015, this game is action packed with real time racing and great graphics at its disposal. One of the biggest highlights of this game is that is allows multi player gaming, letting you and your friends revel in beating each other to the finish line.

With a highly simple mechanism, this game has three main components to it: a gas pedal, which is, as you’ve guessed correctly, used to rev up that virtual engine and get you speeding ahead, a launch button, which basically makes your car move and starts the game and the shift up button.

The shift up button functions as your gear and you’ll be prompted every time it needs to be changed by the game itself.

This can be downloaded at: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id604186826?mt=8

#6. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experienced, Developed by Gameloft

This game was originally released in 2010 and was immediately commended for providing the kind of racing experience on the mobile devices that other games lacked at the time. Some of the main highlights of this game include the expert controls that make it extremely easy to maneuver every aspect of the game as well as the precision with which the cars are controlled during every moment of gaming.

To add to that, the car models look incredibly real and nothing short of fantastic and this is a huge plus for car lovers across the globe. The only aspect about this game that most people find fault with is the fact that there isn’t a real time multiplayer mode which means that when you are playing with your friends or opponents, you can only beat their last score as opposed to actually racing against them.

Download this game here: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id589113075?mt=8

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#5. Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Developed by Electronic Arts

Anyone’s who’s every played a game ever in their life is definitely going to be familiar with the phrase Need for speed or NFS. As one of the oldest games on the block, this game is a fantastic one to play.

With the option to steer over 35 muscle machines, it hardly gets redundant because one still has to learn to maneuver different cars. When it comes to an extremely fun racing game, it doesn’t get better than this.

You can download this game at: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id540925500?mt=8

#4. 2K Drive, Developed by 2K

2K is certainly one of those games that certainly deserves a bit of credit when it comes to listing out racing games for iOS.

To create this, the team at 2K teamed up with the team at Lucid Games, creating something that is as exciting as the prospect of these two leading gaming companies teaming up sounds. This is one of the few racing games that come with additional mini games within the overall plot, adding far more value to your experience itself.

Apart from actually racing the car, you can also play a round of soccer with it and enjoy participating with hot laps with armed helicopters at your tail, waiting to shoot you down. When it comes to excitement, this game is one that has a full dose of it.

You can download this game easily at: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/id568869205?mt=8

#3. SBK 14, Developed by Digital Tales

This game is the official game of the Superbike World Championship and is known for its lightning fast speed that’s sure to make you want to buckle up. With extremely superior graphics and controls such as tilt movements, virtual joysticks and nine control modes that can let you set up the game in any way that you want, this is an extremely amazing game to play.

It offers full control over every aspect of the game, which makes it more fun to play because it allows you to create certain parameters in any way that you like, further personalizing the game and its settings.

Other fun aspects of the game include that players can choose from various options such as playing in different championships, playing in very quick races just to kill the time when you can’t really devote your day to a championship and also playing in the ghosts of the laps run by your friends and beating their best scores. When it comes to offering a ton of diversity, this game certainly has it all.

This game can be downloaded at: http://downloads.tomsguide.com/SBK14-Official-Mobile-Game,0301-58869.html

#2. Real Racing 3, Published by Electronic Arts

RR3_iPhone5Even though this game originally had received a bit of flak for its controversial move to free play, it is now widely accepted as one of the best racing games for Iphones and iPads out there. One of the things that really affected the way it is viewed by gamers is the fact that it has gorgeous graphics that take the players to a whole new world with the aesthetics.

For people looking to find an exciting virtual world to spend time in, this is certainly one game that really contributes to that. Furthermore, the driving experience of this game is absolutely fantastic, which also really attributes to the overall reception of this game in the market. Here’s what really sets this game apart: it allows all the players to choose between real world cars and experience their beauty and engineering on tracks that are a pleasure to race in. it also offers a whole bunch of options for players to choose from.

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With modes including time trails, the unique time shift multi player modes and a vast range of game modes as well, this is certainly a game that encompasses the very meaning of versatility and pure racing pleasure. Moreover, the game also has regular updates, much to the delight of its avid players. New cars, games, racing events and pit crews and their stations are added on a regular basis, keeping this game fresh and new no matter how many times you’ve played this.

And finally, grabbing the gold at the first position is:


#1. Asphalt 8 Airborne, Developed by Gameloft

This is certainly one of the leading games in the market when it comes to top notch racing games for iOS platforms. With graphics that are absolutely stunning and a fast paced racing scene, this is one game that lives up to its hype, no matter how large the hype itself actually is.

It really is hard to find faults with this funky game. Along with various exciting game play elements, this game also includes a host of dangerous ramps for you to take all the death defying leaps that you want (hence, the name’s Airborne). Making aerial stunts on this game is quite the treat. This also includes a host of game scenarios for both, single player mode as well as multi player mode.

So, there you have it. These are the leading games when it comes to racing games that are ideal for the iOS platforms.

While some are free, others are surely worth their coin as they provide and unmatched experience for both, single players and multi players.



However, we also know that different gamers have different perspectives on which elements constitute a great game and which ones make it totally terrible and we’re always open to a fun and enlightening discussion with our readers about our favorite games, consoles and devices.

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