Best Gaming PC Headset Under 100

I remember playing games using the minimalist USB headset that came with the computer. It had a microphone, it channeled sound into my ears, and it worked. It was years later when I finally money enough to invest in a decent headset that I quickly learned what I was missing. My new headset didn’t just channel the sound, it presented me with the full spectrum; suddenly I was able to hear the footsteps of other players and finer details I hadn’t noticed before. And the microphone didn’t just work; it projected my voice to other players with almost crystal clarity, preventing any miscommunication because I wasn’t understood. Clearly, if you are a serious gamer, having a decent gaming headset can heavily impact your immersion and enjoyment in your games. The following are three headsets that can seriously step up your experience, and we’ll try to narrow down which is the best gaming PC headset under 100.

Logitech G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Technology

the best gaming PC headset under 100

Logitech knows a thing or two about video game accessories, and their G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset is designed to incorporate a lot of that experience. This headset is lightweight and built for comfort with soft cloth ear cups that can be easily replaced and a 90-degree swivel so that it can easily conform to the unique shape of your head for a more personal fit.

It includes a folding boom microphone with noise cancellation features so that ambient background noise is reduced and your voice is projected clearly and free of distortion. The earphones provide exceptional Dolby 7.1 surround sound in a fully immersive 360-degree sound field that creates a unique sound depth. And it comes with on-cable sound controls so that you can adjust the volume or mute the microphone without having to take the headset off or stop playing your games.

This headset is compatible with the PlayStation 4 gaming system and any Windows PC. Click here to view this headset on Amazon


HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset – Black (KHX-H3CL/WR)

One of the best pc gaming headsets money can buy

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset was designed in Sweden and has been acknowledged by many elite gaming organizations around the world for its quality. A lightweight and comfort frame, this headset has noise isolating ear cups that come with two sets to personalize your comfort: one set of leatherette memory foam and a set of velour. It provides superior audio quality backed by 53mm HiFi compatible drivers.

The microphone for this headset is completely detachable and adjustable, and the entire system features a tangle-free braided cable and in-line microphone controls to manage volume and muting.

The HyperX is compatible with multiple systems: PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, the PlayStation 4 gaming console and even airplane adapters. Click here to view this headset on Amazon


Turtle Beach – Ear Force Stealth 450 Fully Wireless (The Best Gaming  PC Headset Under 100)

For gaming headsets under 100, this is the best of them all

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 headset is an amazing headset that will redefine your gaming experience. Featuring crystal clear DTS 7.1 surround sound will bombard you with sound from multiple angles as if you were being surrounded by multiple speakers. The Superhuman Hearing (exclusive to Turtle Beach) setting will amplify even the tiniest of sounds, like the sound of approaching enemy’s footsteps, giving you a real edge in competitive play. This system includes multiple surround sound modes and equalizer presets to fully customize your audio style at the push of a button.

This headset has a removable, adjustable microphone with variable mic monitoring that will help you to avoid excessively shouting at your team by letting you hear yourself in the headset. It’s also completely wireless so that you can avoid the tangle of cords, and enjoy up to 15-hours of gameplay before needing to recharge. Click here to view this headset on Amazon


The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset has some basic functionality and the idea of being able to swap between ear cups is great, but I know from personal experience that velour and leather absorb and trap sweat which can make maintenance difficult (especially if they start to smell). The cross-platform compatibility is another great feature to this headset, but most headsets that have a USB plug will work with pretty much any system. Logitech’s G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset is another powerful headset boasts Dolby 7.1 surround sound and a 360-degree sound field, which will hit you with audio from all angles. But the Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 450 is a truly masterful piece of equipment. 7.1 surround sound with multiple audio angles, a variety of presets to increase and personalize function, and it’s completely wireless with up to 15 hours of use. This is a comfortable system that will definitely give you the edge over your competition, or let you enjoy quality audio for music or movies without waking up your roommates.

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