17 Best Gaming Headsets 2016 for PC, Xbox under Every Budget

If you are into pro gaming, then hearing the footsteps of your enemy from far away is an advantage that you really want. Also, you would also want a headset, which would able to cancel out any external noise from disturbing you in the middle of the game.

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The microphone also should be equipped in such a way that it does pickup any external sound.

So, I have prepared a list of the top gaming headsets 2016 available in the market that would amaze you with its features.

Turtle Beach Seven – Price – $180

Turtle Beach Seven for Gaming

The gaming headset from Turtle Beach has an eight speaker system which would able to deliver 5.1 surround sound. The headset is powered by 50mm drivers.The headset has set apart from the other competition in the market by using the Audio Control Unit, which allows the user to configure the surround sound to a perfect balance.

This is will help to create a distortion free sound environment. With such system, it will give the user an edge over hearing sound from all directions.

You can also adjust the chat settings for which the chat volume would increase over the game sound. The ear cups are leather lined which are being cushioned with memory foam for customizing the comfort level.

The headset comes with separate USB channels to control the sound levels individually and the microphone can be removed when not in use.

Astro A-Series – Price – $256

Astro A-Series Gaming Headset

The headset has a notched volume wheel which would help you to adjust the volume level easily. It has been equipped with KleerNet processing which helps in producing CD quality sound with the use of wireless digital signal processing.

The ear cups are designed in a closed back way that would fit beautifully and completely eliminates outside noise. The headsets are seen to produce stereo quality outputs which are best for PC games.

The headset has a transmitter which would hook up to your console or PC.The ear cups are equipped with snug padded while the headband has a thick pad.The connection is done via dual 3.5mm analog type and the cable is 6 feet long.

One of the beautiful feature about this headset is that you can attach the microphone on any side of the headphone or completely remove it if not required.

The volume wheel is situated with the cable which helps to adjust the volumes as and when required.

Sennheiser PC-Series – Price – $89

Sennheiser PC Headsets for Gaming

It can be said that a human ear can hear frequencies in a range of 20 to 20,000 hertz. But the headset from Sennheiser claims that it can dip into the ultrasonic and subsonic frequencies. The frequencies can go up to the level of 28,000 hertz.

For this reason, the additional cannot be heard, but can be felt. It is seen that the headset midranges are great, but the high or medium, especially the bass is very much work. The design is between supra-aural and circumaural.

However, the ear cups are not big enough for big heads. The volume is situated on the right ear cup which may sometimes be annoying.

The microphone can be muted automatically, if it is moved upward.

It used 3.5m connectors which can also be used in tablets and Smartphones, too, and has been provided with 10 foot cable.

Razer Tiamat – Price – $179

Razer Surround Sound PC Gaming Headset

This excellent headset from Razer claims to have a ten driver sound system that is capable of delivering true 7.1 experience.

However, if you think that the 10 driver sound system might be too much for this headset, you may be wrong. The headset is surprisingly able to provide a unique sound experience.

You would require a USB port for controlling the functions of the headset along with a sound card that supports 5.1 or 7.1 audio system. The audio control unit is provided in the cable its which makes it very much easy to control the volume at different times.

The headset has been designed to provide comfort to any head size. The headband is well padded and the ear cups fit smoothly with its extra padding. The microphone can be retracted or moved in any direction.

Turtle Beach Z-Series – Price – $58.99

Turtle Beach Z-Series for Gaming

This headset from Turtle Beach is an impressive PC gaming headset, which would to deliver the same technology of its upper class but at a more economical price. If you want a wired headset with 7.1 surround sound, then this headset is just for you.

The headset provides quality stereo quality along with adjustable treble and bass. For this reason, it is said to be one of the best headset in the mid-range.The sound is crisp, clear and loud and without any kind of distortion.

Besides gaming, the headset works great with music and movies too.

The headset has separate controls for gaming and chat. With low sensitivity mode, you can shut down external noise and also pick up phone calls during a game.

SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1  – Price – $283.66

SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries are very well known for their gaming peripherals. It is seen that the high tones are very much clear while the low tones are deep enough and does not cause much distraction. The stereo quality also works great with the headset.

The microphone is able to pick up the voice very clear due to its uni-directional in nature and does very well in blocking external noises. The ear cups are great, but the volume control feels very much cheap. Also, the microphone is retractable in nature. The ear cup is circumaural in nature and fits very well.

The headset comes with two types of ear cups – leather and cloth pad.

An Xbox adapter is available with that… its best gaming headset for xbox one, but a USB adapter can also be used.

Sennheiser 320 Gaming Headset – Price – $96.11

Sennheiser PC 320 Gaming Headset

If you are into multi-device user who loves to buy best gaming headset for xbox 360 , PS3 as well as PC and also work with Mac, then this headset is for you. This versatile headset may be low on gimmicks, but does not compromise on quality.

The headset does lack many features like other headset in the review. Instead of retracting mic, you can simply put in an upright position for muting it automatically.

The ear cups are very much comfortable in nature and does eliminate any external sound completely.

Although, the cable may feel heavier than normal cables, but setup for different devices is simple and fast.Just plug according to color code into the USB and then plug it into the device.

The frame is sturdy and plastic made and very much flexible in nature.

Razer Kraken – Price – $71.99

Razer Kraken

The first thing that anybody notice about this headset from Razer is it unique and fun. Although, the model come in green color, the black edition is also present with green accents. The headset is also able to provide good quality sound as compared to other headsets in this range.

The design of the headset makes it the highest strength which would able to the ultra-level of comfort.

The headband is nicely padded with memory foam that has been encased within a breathable nylon and mesh. The bass can be quite powerful. The upper range does lag behind, but the mid-range is quite good.

Chat and soundtrack are loud and clear in nature and the mic can be retracted when not in use.

Turtle Beach PX-Series – Price – $57.31

Turtle Beach PX-Series

If you are looking to buy an affordable PC gaming headset, then this headset is here. It has a great combination of producing beautiful stereo sound along with convenience and comfort. Although, the headset does not have a lot of features, but the support sound is great.

The sound quality is stereo and does not support surround sound.

The low, mid and high range work equally well and works equally well with music, movies or talking on Skype.

The headset is lightweight and able to sit on your head comfortably.

A separate chat control is available and wires can also be used along with in-line amplifiers.

Tritton Ax – Price – $35.00

Tritton Ax Headphone

Although this headset is designed to work with Wii, Xbox and PlayStation, but still this headset does quite a job with PC too. The headset work with a USB connection and very much convenient to use it with a PC. It has a 12.5 foot cable which is more than enough.

The mic is removable and flexible. The ear cups are quite big and fit comfortably without any kind of problem.

The audio control is in-line and has separate control for chat and game feature. It has well mid and high level tones and produces decent bass, which may not be a complaint of many gamers.

SteelSeries Siberia – Price – $56.71

SteelSeries Siberia

This headset from SteelSeries can be a valid alternative to top gaming headsets which have a headband suspension system. The low tones are distinct while the highs are very much clear. The headset incorporates the latest Dolby Digital Stereo technology, which is able to deliver beautiful sound quality.

This gives the gamer an edge in the gaming world and has a frequency response range from 15 to 28,000 hertz. The mic is retractable in nature. The audio control is situated in the in-line and integrated into the headset cord.

The ear cups are closed up and block any type of external noise.

The USB adapter helps to convert the analog sound into 7.1 surround sound.

Razer Megalodon – Price – $275.20

Razer Megalodon

If you are looking for a comfortable, performing and convenience headset, then this headset from Razer is quite a product. The headset uses the Razer Maelstrom Audio Engine which helps to play any kind of stereo or produce virtual surround sound.

The headset supports the frequency range from 20 to 20,000 hertz. The ear cups are open backs which would allow the air to flow in.

The headset has only a USB connection. It is seen that the sound card is part of the audio control unit situated on the tangle free cord. The headset allows a smooth control over the sound volume for the headphone as well as for the microphone too.

Creative Sound Blaster $103.29 + $9.32 shipping

Creative Sound Blaster

Creative Technology is known for their advancement in audio equipment and sound cards. This headset has been designed to work well with their Fatal1ty sound card. This is a viable option if you are not looking into too many of the features.

You can connect to PC via USB or with dual 3.5mm connectors. This headset is able to convert normal stereo sound into surround sound which can be effectively used in gaming.

You can adjust the sound quality according to your preference with the equalizer and presets. You can use VoiceFx to disguise your voice into various types of vocal effects. The headset comes with a large 50mm driver. The high and mid tones are great and very much clear and crisp. It has also provided a detachable mic.

Plantronics GameCom– Price – $57.77

Plantronics GameCom

The headset from Plantronics uses USB connection and able to provide 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound. However, the sound quality varies. Sometimes, the sounds are played precise and clear and other times the bass and treble may be overpowering. However, the software able to handle the quality very well and with the help of equalizer it can be done more accurately.

The surround sound helps to provide more depth to the sounds rather than positioning the sound in 360 degrees. The headband and ear cushions are quite comfortable and cushioning in nature. The built-in spin joints helps to put the headset in flat position.

The ear pods are quite big and able to clear any kind of outside disturbance.

Mad Catz FREQ – Price – $184

Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 7 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PC

The Mad Catz Freq 7 has been released after one year of their previous model FREQ 5 which is definitely a step up. The new model adds the virtual 7.1 surround sound that has become a standard for the gaming headsets. The headset is powered by USB and produced high quality sound. The controls are situated on the headset instead on the in-line.

With a little practice, the button can be quickly learned through their placement in different positions. You can switch between chat and stereo with a press of a button. The mic is detachable and extremely flexible.

However, the headband is not very much flexible and the ear cups are quite small.

Skull Candy PLYR

Skull Candy PLYR

This headset from Skull Candy can be seen as a great improvement of their previous model PLYR 2 which has included the virtual surround sound into their new headsets.

The lows are very much richer and deeper while the highs are found to be clearer than its previous model which have supported only stereo quality. Along with that, the headset is much more affordable than other gaming headsets available in the market.

Also, the headset comes with the option to go wireless. However, the only cons that can be sound in this headset are the control which is located on the side of the headphone.

Much practice is required to control the power, chat and game sound. The headset is quite comfortable in use and does not produce any kind of distraction. The ear cup is rotating.

Logitech G-Series – Price – $82

Logitech G-Series

The headset from Logitech is a hardcore gaming headset, which has some unusual features. The headset comes with a 7.1 surround sound feature that has been powered by Dolby technology.

The headset is able to deliver some depths to the sound, but still need more work towards that. Logitech is known for building peripherals for PC only and that this headset come with USB cord only. There is no option for analog 3.5mm connectors, which can be used as a simple music headphone in Smartphones, according to me, this one is best gaming headset under 100 dollars. What you think?

It also limits to use it with console also.

The headset allows you to switch between virtual 7.1 surround mode and stereo mode easily. You can choose between the two to fit your needs. The headset has a response range of 100 to 10,000hertz which seems to be very low. The headset is able to block out the external noise with its omnidirectional ability.


With such a comprehensive list, I am pretty much sure about the vast gaming headset industry and different products available in the market.

So, if I have been able to help in making the right choice, I would like to hear from you.

Also, if you have any type of query, feel free to post in the comment section below.