Top 10 Email Apps for Android to Try in 2016

Have a new Android device? Tired of the same old stock Android email client? Think that you could do so much more on your PC?

Well here’s a list of the best email apps available on the Android platform that are sure to revolutionise the way you use your device. Usually Android devices are used primarily for correspondence with others and mails are one of the best ways of getting in touch with others for any reason – be it personal or professional. With each of these apps, you can get so much more done on your device that you’ll reduce your dependency on your PC to a great extent.

Having a good email app can be a lifesaver, particularly when it comes to arranging and organising multiple accounts or even reading those long mails from clients.

The following list is your roadmap to getting the most out of your phone or tablet and ensuring that you can respond to each mail when needed simply and effectively.

Aqua Mail (Free)

Aqua Mail AndroidAqua Mail is a simple and easy to use app which makes is amazing for day to day checking and replying of mails. It has a fantastic simplicity to its design and comes with a great set of features which make browsing through your mails an easy task.

It can help collapse folders in one mail account so that going through multiple accounts is a breeze and also has support for swipe gestures as well as action buttons that make forwarding, replying as well as deleting mails an easy task.

It also supports formatted text (something even iOS mail cannot do) and allows you to bold, italicise and underline text as well as to select different fonts. Aqua Mail at present supports Yahoo, Gmail, FastMail, iCloud, Hotmail and many more and is perfect for those looking for a simple yet thorough email experience.

Blue Mail (Free)

Blue Mail

Blue Mail is easily among the best designed email apps available today. With a smooth interface and support for all major clients such as Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Outlook, Zoho as well as any other IMAP email account, Blue Mail is versatile and effective at the same time. Not just a mail app, it comes with an inbuilt alarm clock and a TO DO list and when mails are received, all that is needed is a swipe to either delete or to mark as “Done”.

It can also snooze messages, which ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important making this a great app for professional as well as personal use.

CloudMagic (Free)

The magic of CloudMagic lies with its ability to integrate various mailboxes into one and its design is such that it can create a unified inbox for all mail accounts which includes Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, AOL as well as virtually any other IMAP account. It comes with a simple and flat design as well as a setup process that won’t have you tearing your hair out particularly when setting up an office account.

It is also linked to a number of other apps such as Zendesk, OneNote, Evernote, Trello and which help immensely when it comes to performing actions relating to email right from the app itself.

Gmail (Free)

GmailThis is the official app from Google and is a must for all Gmail users. Being a Google app, this comes with tons of features and an interface that is intuitive and easy to use. It has a great notification system, a powerful search and the UI is such that is blends well with Gmail on the web.

It also comes with the ability to insert files from Google drive directly into mails from your phone saving a lot of time and trouble. Managing labels too is made easier with this app and with multiple account support and fluid user experience, this app is certainly a winner.

K-9 Mail (Free)

For those part of the entire open source software development movement, K-9 Mail is the email client to go for. Among the most stable in terms of open source mail clients it offers great features and customisation options to users. While the design isn’t much to write home about, the features include flagging, signatures, multi folder syncing, PGP, saving attachments and mails to your memory card and many, more such great features.

Therefore if you are looking to get the most out of your email app then K-9 should be the one to go for as it offers great productivity and basic design.

Mailbox (Free)

Already a legend on the iOS platform, Mailbox has only very recently been added to the Android Play Store. It was among the first to look at the idea of swiping mails in apps and has a beautiful interface that uses gestures and swipes for navigation. As expected from a client such as this it allows receiving, sending and archiving messages in addition to browsing folders and creating lists.

The most important feature though is that before downloading any data on to your Android device, it checks them on cloud for any malware or viruses and has an advanced algorithm that can automatically categorise incoming mails as per your past actions. Simple and fluid, it also provides protection to users, which make it so great to use.

Mail Wise (Free)

Simple and clutter free, that is what Mail Wise goes for and ensures that those who like things organised fall in love with this app. It has a great interface which is intuitive and simple. It comes with an inbox that is unified and also works through the effective use of swipe gestures. Its best ability though is that it shows mails in a threaded view that is somewhat similar to test messages.

It makes those long mails easier to read by removing all unnecessary and repetitive information such as signatures and letter formalities and organises the main sections of mails into an easy to read message. This is a great feature you’ll love, particularly if you are in the habit of having long conversations on mail. It supports all major clients including Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and others.

Blue Mail (Free)

Blue Mail is gorgeously designed and comes with a great interface that can help users get to the mythical “Inbox Zero”. It comes with tons of features including reminders, to do lists and smart filters which help enhancing productivity. Once finished, it can be removed from the inbox by marking it as done and you can also tap on the later button which will make the app remind you about it when you are free. Blue Mail can be linked to all major email accounts such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Outlook or iCloud.

myMail (Free)

Another app that has been aesthetically designed and is fantastic to use is the myMail app. It has a great red and black colour scheme, gorgeous glyphs and a simple interface. It puts designing on the pedestal in terms of app development and there are photos of the email contacts which can help you pick out who has sent you a mail just be having a look. Picture attachments with the mail too appear as a thumbnail making it easier to see and ensuring that you don’t have to tap an image in order to access it.

Supported on most POP3 and IMAP email accounts such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Outlook and others, this is a great app for those looking for a fun and aesthetic email experience on their android device.

SolMail (Free)

Another great email app, SolMail can make the whole user experience of mailing cheerful and fun while at the same time maintaining fantastic productivity of the app. It has tons of great features including unified inbox, handy widgets as well as category view.

SolMail also has a beautiful interface that allows you to brows mails with the help of swipes and flicks and also comes with fun stickers to enhance your mail experience. It is also compatible across multiple platforms making it a great email app for daily use.


So what do you need from your email app? Do you use it for business or just to keep up to date with the latest information? Whatever be your need the above apps can cater to all your requirements and each comes with a whole host of features that make it great to use.

So decide which one works best for you and download NOW in order to change your entire email accessing experience on your Android device. The best thing is that all these apps are free. So don’t hesitate before clicking the download button on Play Store.

Know any other great email app? Let us know in comments section below.