10 Best Digital Piano for You to buy in 2016

Are you looking to get a new digital piano, but don’t know what to look out for. Well, for starters, you should look out features such as the sound quality, feel of the keyboards, record option, whether using hammer action standard or not, extra features.

So, I have prepared a list of the Top Selling Digital Pianos out there for Beginners & Professionals:


Casio Privia PX-850

Casio Privia PX-850 Digital PianoThe bundle contains the Casio Privia PX850 88-Key Digital Piano, Headphones, two ¼ inch cables, bench along with an instructional book. This model can be said as the flagship of the new Privia line. It can be said that the model comes with the advanced AiR sound set which would be able to provide a supplementary level of realism including the sympathetic resonance and grand piano lid simulation.

The digital piano comes with a dual 20w speaker system along with a cabinet which opens in providing a rich concert sound. The model has 18 instrument tones among which 5 are for pianos along with 256 polyphony note.

The main feature of this digital piano is hammer response, damper resonance and sympathetic resonance.

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

The Kawai Piano Company is a Japanese company that has been known for producing acoustic and digital pianos for a long time and is well respected throughout the world.

Their high quality build instruments are used by professional pianists, piano teachers, recording studios who owns them and recommends it to their friends and colleagues. It is seen that Kawai has brought out a serious competitor in the digital piano market, which can provide you the real deal. The model comes in a dark brown rosewood cabinet with matching pedals.

The real unique feature about this digital piano is its hammer weighted key action which would give the realism effect.

The piano has 192 notes of polyphony memory and the Concert Magic software inbuilt in it where you the piano would play the select music upon pressing any key. This is helpful if you are looking to learn piano all by yourself.

Casio Privia PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Casio Privia PX-130 Piano

This digital piano from Casio has integrated Linear Morphing System, which is an integrated of 4 different stereo piano samples in order to create a realistic effect. The piano weighs just 25 pounds, which makes it very much portable in nature for many pianists.

The model used the Casio Tri-Sensor scaled Hammer action technology, which would able to give an extraordinary sense of realism. It also uses the Acoustic Resonance DSP which further gives details of the damper effect.

The piano is equipped with 128 polyphony notes and has 16 different tones which can be controlled via the control panel. You can also program the key for shortcuts.


Yamaha P Series P35B

Yamaha P Series P35B Digital Piano

This new digital piano from Yamaha has included 32 polyphony notes along with 4 types of reverb effect. With the use of Advance Wave Memory sampling technology, the piano is able to provide the sound of an acoustic piano. It uses pairs of wave form i.e. L and R and its inbuilt 2 speakers were able to create some special notes with the help of its ten sound qualities which cannot be found in other digital pianos available in the market.

The piano has been provided with a 6w-2 amplifier and an audio output of TRS headphone as well. The keyboard is Weight Graded Hammer Standard which is able to create piano tones.

It has a MIDI output, which can be connected to older keyboard or to a computer or iPod. However, it comes with only one pedal for sustaining footswitch.

Casio PX850 BK


Casio PX850 BK Piano

It is seen that the main advantage of this digital piano from Casio is its useful features. The piano is available in white, black and brown. The piano is seen to be very much light weighted for which it can be taken to anywhere. The sound quality is great and the keys do not give the plastic feeling. It is also seen that the three pedals helped in shifting the volume and octaves while playing.

Another great feature is the USB MIDI software which helps you to play music from your iPad or computer without downloading any kind of software. The playback is very helpful for practice sessions and a lot of preset are available to help you learn playing the piano. The piano has a keyboard cover, matching stand along with an additional storage stand.

Yamaha YDP142B Arius Series Traditional Console Piano


Yamaha YDP142B Arius Series Traditional Console Piano

This mid-range static digital piano from Yamaha is considered to be within furniture style range that would give you home interior of a classic piano look. This piano can be said as a perfect tool for the seasoned musicians as well as for beginners too. Depending upon your sensitivity level, you can program the key sensitivity.

It has a smooth pedal, which can either be continuous pedal or half damper, giving the smoothness and details of a grand piano set. The piano is equipped with damper resonance technology, which would produce sympathetic sound and enrich the tone.

The piano comes with its own sound recorder. The keyboard uses the Graded Hammer Standard which would give the realistic effect.

Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano


Williams Overture 88 Key Digital Piano

The Williams Overture can be seen as a console style digital piano, which contains 88 keys and has a sliding key cover along with a full vanity panel. The digital piano from Williams features an 88 note hammer action keyboard that comes with its own selectable touch response and sustain along with its soft pedals. Other features include 64 note polyphony, 128 General MIDI playback voices and 15 main voices.

The keyboard has 3 modes along with effects, a built-in metronome and 2 track recording. It is seen that the piano has been crafted and designed very carefully for its full enjoyment. The piano has a dark wood grain finish which would match any home interior.

Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano


Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano

This great digital piano from Yamaha uses PureCF which is being sampled from Yahama’s own praised CFIII concert grand. It is something which no other digital piano would able to provide at such a low price range. The digital piano has integrated drum patterns which would able to help you to practice along with drum or solo play where the drummer would be present at the correct time.

This compact digital piano has an outstanding tone and touch which makes it very much easy for the beginners to carry around. Just like an acoustic piano, this digital piano keys with lower notes has a heavier touch while the higher ones are much more sensitive and precise.

You can use its USB to Host to directly connect it to your computer for various types of applications.

Williams Allegro 88-Key Piano



Williams Allegro 88-Key Piano

One of the main things that can be said about this digital piano is that it provides the basics of the basics. The piano is available in black color, which makes it very much desirable. However, no fancy stand is included with this digital piano. It is seen that the sustain pedal do becomes faulty early. The speakers are very much small, but provides enough sound to make the work done.

The keys are weighted and not graded as many digital pianos have. This gives a realistic feel to it. The digital piano does come with good hammer action on its key bed. , But just like pedal, the key soon loses its effectiveness.

Casio PX150 BK 88-Key Touch

Casio PX150 BK Touch

This new digital piano from Casio represents an important step towards the evolution of Privia line. It can be said that the piano is a mixture of new keyboard action along with a new powerful sound engine that would able to deliver nuance, details and expression that can be compared to any grand piano experience.

It is seen that this new model uses 3 times more memory than its previous generations which would give a more natural piano tone. The sound engine is remarkable which gives powerful and unmatched realism details.

It has 88 note Tri sensor scaled hammer action keyboard which is able to simulate Ivory and ebony textured keys. It also includes other instrument tones such as organs, strings, bass and electric pianos.


So, did you like my article? If so, I am happy to say that I have fulfilled my purpose of giving an idea of some of the best digital pianos out there.

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