6 Best Camera Tripods For The Perfect Shot

Using a digital or video camera with just your hands works great for taking action sh where you need to keep moving or in situations where the added flexibility is necessary. But nobody can honestly claim that they have the steadiest of hands, especially after holding a fairly bulky camera for prolonged periods, and sometimes you need some stability in order to take high-quality pictures with sharp edges. To achieve that level of accuracy and clarity you are going to need to incorporate a high-quality tripod into your photography equipment, one that will adjust to accommodate your height and allow you to maneuver your camera easily, whether it is to change the angle of a shot or to help you pan in order to follow your subject. This article will take a look at six models of tripod currently available on the market, in order to help you invest in the best camera tripod to meet your needs. Without further adiee, let’s jump right into our list of the best camera tripod!

#6 Ravelli APLT4 61-inch Light Weight Aluminum Tripod With Bag

A great camera tripod, may even be the best

The Ravelli APLT4 is a budget pan-head style tripod that does not skimp out on features. Constructed out of a lightweight aluminum and dense plastic body, this tripod can extend its height between 24” and 61.5” with an extending center pole, allowing it to meet your height requirements or to remain compact enough for transportation and storage. The mounting plate for your camera can be easily positioned between shooting landscape or portrait modes, and the neck can be adjusted easily with a handle to pan and tilt up to 90-degrees. The plate is also designed for quick release, making it easier to set up your camera or remove it on the fly to go back to holding it in your hands. This camera tripod has two bubble levels, one in the leg (vertical) and one in the camera plate (horizontal), to help you make accurate adjustments, and comes with its own carrying case. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon


#5 Manfrotto MKCOMPACTLT-BK Compact Tripod (Black)

One of the best camera tripods on the market

This tripod allows you to manipulate the direction and orientation of your camera by securing it to a metal ball hinge and using a knob to lock the ball once you’ve determined the position you want. The Manfrotto MKCOMPACTLT-BK Compact Tripod is available in four distinct colors and is constructed out of a lightweight aluminum and techno polymer. It has three legs that are comprised of four sections with three locking clamps allowing it to reach a maximum height of 51.57”, and an extendable center column that will add another foot of height. This tripod has a universal ¼” mounting screw with a quick wheel that will help you to secure your camera in seconds, and can support a variety of digital devices up to 3lbs, including iPhones (with KLYP+), compact cameras, and bridges. Unfortunately, it does mean that most heavier professional and semi-professional equipment won’t work the greatest with this particular tripod. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon


#4 Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head

This tripod with ball head is the best camera tripod

Another ball-head type tripod that allows for extremely flexible operation with only one control, the Proline B100 62-inch aluminum tripod is capable of supporting up to 13-lbs and 3-position leg angle locks and three quick release flip locks that allow for a variety of customizations in order to meet your individual needs. This unit features a quick release plate to attach and detach your camera on the fly for hands-free use, or you can just collapse the tripod legs and use the NBR foam grips to carry the whole tripod with you. The legs have rubber feet and adjustable spike feet to help provide traction on a variety of surfaces and a counter weight hook on the bottom of the center pole that allows for additional stabilization. A bubble level and compass integrated into the neck of the tripod helps you to level and orient your shots, and an included carrying case helps to keep your tripod safe during storage or travel. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon


#3 Adjustable Pro 60″ Tripod Monopod w/ Ball Head

Yellow and black this is simply the best camera tripod

This lightweight aluminum alloy tripod can extend up to 60-inches and has five-section, twist-lock adjustable legs that are extremely easy to configure and a removable center extension pole that can be used as a monopod. The upper portion of each leg has foam padding, and the base plate of each leg locks to ensure that your set-up stays in place until you are ready to make adjustments and the bottom of each leg features non-slip rubber feet to reduce shifting or movement during shots. The base mounting plate does have a quick-release plate and is fixed to a ball-head with a single locking lever that allows for a variety of angles, and a horizontal control knob allows the mounted camera to rotate a full 360-degrees. This is a great tripod with a variety of options for lighter, semi-professional cameras and comes with its own carrying case for added convenience. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon


#2 Neewer Portable 62″/158cm Aluminium Alloy Camera Tripod

Made by Neewer this is the best camera tripod

Made of a high-quality, lightweight aluminum, this portable tripod by Neewer strives to meet all of your picture-taking needs, whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, by incorporating a number of innovative features. This tripod will accommodate a load of 17lbs and has a 360-degree rotatable ball-head designed with two locking mechanisms to help you make fluid adjustments quickly and easily, a quick-release plate, and a bubble level. The legs of this tripod are adjustable using three turn-style locking mechanisms and feature non-slip feet and foam padding. The center column is also adjustable and has a hook on the bottom to connect weighted goods for improving the units overall stability. This tripod comes with its own carrying case for easy transportation. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon

#1 Zomei Z818 66.3″/168.5cm Flexible Lightweight Aluminium (The Best Camera Tripod)

Made by Zomei, this tripod is the best for cameras


This camera tripod is advertised as a 2-in-1 tripod, but it does so much more. The Zomei Z818 tripod is manufactured out of aviation aluminum and magnesium alloy, ensuring that it is waterproof and sand-proof (after tightening).  A stainless steel ball-head allows you to adjust the angle of your camera or to rotate it a full 360-degrees with a locking mechanism, and a quick-release plate with a non-slip mat and 1/4-inch universal camera mounting screw. It can extend from 1.5-feet (fully collapsed) to almost 6-feet by utilizing three twist-to-lock mechanisms on the legs and a center extension, or one of the legs can be removed for use as an adjustable monopod. The legs also feature adjustable locks to position them in one of three angles, foam covered upper portions and non-slip rubber feet. This tripod is available in five distinct color options and comes with a carrying case for added protection during travel or storage. This tripod definitely earns its spot as the best camera tripod! Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

Any of these camera tripods will add a little bit more stability to your shots, but which can truly be called the best camera tripod? The Raveilli APLT4 611-inch Light Weight Aluminum Tripod is the only tripod on this list that doesn’t feature a ball-head design mounting plate; instead, it relies on a pan-tilt head that allows for smooth horizontal movements with the assistance of a handle. This allows for great panning but causes some issues with the level of adjustments available. The other options in this list are fairly similar: they all feature ball-heads, have legs adjustable at three points (though locking mechanisms vary), are constructed out of aluminum alloy, and most come with carrying cases to ensure that your equipment stays protected whether you are throwing it into your trunk or the back of your closet. The tripod that truly stands out from the rest is the Zomei Z818, which can be used as a tripod or monopod, offers up to 6-feet of adjustment, is constructed out of durable materials (aviation aluminum, magnesium alloy, and stainless steel), and comes in a variety of color options. This tripod will meet all of your needs, perform admirably for many years, and looks good while doing it.

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