3 Best Bike GPS For More Than Just Directions

It isn’t uncommon for you to have a global positioning system (GPS) in your vehicle; they make it easier for you to get to your destination and harder for you to get lost along the way. But have you ever considered offering those same benefits to your bicycle? A cycling GPS isn’t just going to help you get around; they offer a variety of other features like measuring distance, speed, and even your heart rate if you are wearing a monitor. So whether you are looking to increase your performance or to just find your way, make sure you pick up the best cycling GPS to help get you where you are going. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best bike GPS!

Garmin Edge 200 GPS Enabled Bike Computer (Certified Refurbished)

The best bike gps on the market.

Designed with an easy-to-read display and a lightweight body, the GPS-enabled Edge 200 by Garmin will work to enrich your cycling experience from the moment you attach its mount to your handlebars. It is incredibly easy to use and uses HotFix satellite prediction to rapidly and accurately calculate your position. The Edge 200’s Auto Pause feature will only keep time when you are moving and the unit can track your time, distance travelled, speed, and calories burned. You can even set alerts so that you know when you have achieved specific goals, and the device will store the last 130 hours of ride data for you to review or you can upload your ride data through Garmin Connect to view your path on a map, have it analyzed, or even share with other cyclists. And if you need that little extra push, the Edge 200 has the ‘Courses’ feature will let you challenge your previous ride times against a virtual cyclist. Click here to view this GPS on Amazon


Bryton Rider 100 GPS Cycling Computer

Simply the best bike GPS

The Bryton Rider 100 GPS Cycling Computer has a 1.6-inch display with large easy-to-read characters ensuring that you can always review your stats no matter how hard you are riding. It features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to rapidly connect to satellites and determine your position, a 25-hour battery life, and it’s even IPX7 waterproofed to perform no matter how bad the weather gets. The screen can be read regardless of the time of day with an anti-glare display for daytime and a clear backlight for nighttime. The screen can even be programmed with 7 data screens, each displaying up to 5 data options, and everything can be uploaded to Strava, Training Peaks and Fit Track for reviewing. This GPS has Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors. Click here to view this GPS on Amazon


Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer (The Best Bike GPS)

One of the best cycling GPS on the market.

Another cycling GPS by Garmin, the Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer doesn’t pull any punches. This durable 2.6-inch GPS is waterproof, it has a customizable touchscreen that provides a variety of monitoring options on a large color display that will allow you to track and display your speed, distance travelled, cycling time, elevation, and location. You can also track and display your heart rate and cadence provided you have an appropriate ANT+ sensor paired to your device. And if you are connected to Garmin Connect the Edge allows for live-tracking, instant uploads, ride sharing capabilities, social network sharing, it even has weather updates. This unit also has great navigation options for bike friendly routing with optional street or topographical maps, along with Garmin Custom Maps and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery. This GPS definitely earns its spot as the best cycling GPS! Click here to view this GPS on Amazon.

The Bryton Rider 100 GPS Cycling Computer is loaded with features and I do like that the screen can be customized and viewed anytime of day with backlighting and anti-glare, but it is still just a 1.6-inch display, which is pretty small. The Garmin Edge 200 GPS Enabled Bike Computer has a larger screen and a large number of features that keep you informed and motivated to push yourself further, but the Garmin Edge 810 GPS Bike Computer is the best cycling GPS in this list to keep you on track. A large 2.6-inch screen, customizable color display, a broad range of recording services and navigation options ensure that you will always know just how hard you are working to get to your destination, and how to get there.

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