Top 14 Android Racing Games That Feed Your Need for Speed

When it comes to car racing games, there are millions of options available on the gaming front in the Google Play Store. All of these games offer you something that is fun and also challenges that inner player in you.

It’s another matter that not all games are interesting enough to keep you hooked. The real gems are the ones that keep you intrigued and almost addicted. All you want to do is keep playing the game over and over again, and keep trying to better your scores.

Here we give you a list of the best car racing games for Android which does exactly that.

The popularity of these games is based on their HD display, the overall quality of the game, their tech powerhouse 8-core processors that make them compatible with devices like the Note 5 or Nexus 6P.

All in all, these are some of the most popular racing games that are guaranteed to fulfill your need for speed.

#14. CSR racing – Free

On the bottom of the list features clean-cut games that may seem like a drag to some; but for those who love the thrill of speed, this is sure to keep them happy. Out here, the players don’t have to worry about steering. They just have to ensure that gears are changed on time. You will get a lot of indicators along the way that let you know when you should make the shift. And if your timing is right, with an upgraded ride, you will be able to zoom over the finish line before anyone else and keep combatting your last best scores.

Some of the pros on this game include a premium currency availability to buy high-end cars, like real life. You can also use up this money for buying other car parts like the body, engine or even the gearbox. It is all about twitching your reflexes and get hooked on to the world of racing –

Be it on your tab or even the phone.

#13. Angry Birds Go – Free

This is one of the coolest racing games out there. It probably has something to do about the nostalgia surrounding the Angry Bird series, thus making even the most ridiculous things look cool.

In a twist to the regular pig slinging madness, Rovio has released a 3D kart racing game with the popular birds and pig characters making a comeback. This is a racing game that takes you down the hill on the soapbox and makes you feel that you are actually competing with piggies.

All characters tend to get a special power here, like there previous counterparts. What makes the game more fun is that it is a refreshing break from their older versions – with the familiarity of the popular characters. The great graphics add to the overall fun element. Overall, a must try.

#12. Need For Speed Franchise – Free

The Need For Speed Franchise is a part of the popular series of the games Need for Speed: No Limits, and it has surely emerged as one of the most spectacular racing games on all Android platforms.

You can play this on any power tablet or even your phone as the No Limits version takes you through a journey of some of the most amazing cars around. You will be driving some of the hottest cars, cruising through some of the most dangerous streets and escape from manic cops.

The only problem is that there might be a waiting period for buying this game!

Game Cost– Free for basic version and the Freemium prices apply as you cross different stages.

#11. Extreme Car Driving Simulator – Free

This was a car racing game that released way back in late 2014. And yet, it has just the right blend of technology and excitement to make it to this list. Extreme Car Driving Simulator is still one of the good Android racing games compared to standards today.

One of the key features here would be the ability to view multiple angles of different supercars. Some other traits that are a winner here include-

  • A cool and realistic heads-up-display where you are able to see the MPH and much more
  • You can also get hold of the mini-game version along with other competitive series
  • And the best part is that you get to race some of the most luxurious and expensive cars in the world – and damage them too.
  • Another pro is that the game is completely free!

#10. Turbo Racing League – Free

The Turbo Racing League is another fun car racing game that has been based on the movie Turbo by Dreamworks Studios. The movie featured a character with the name of Tito, who was a snail and wanted to be a racer, a take on the Aesop’s Fables character which is slow and steady and yet manages to win the race.

Well in this case, the slow and steady just gets faster. As you are racing this little snail, you are able to swipe it around the entire track, which has been based on a slingshot. What we love about the game are these –

  • A power booster track that makes you gain pace
  • Also, you need to pick up tomatoes from the track that help you get an upgrade.

#9. Traffic Racer – Free

This one cons you into thinking its easy and just when you fall for that trap, its gets the better of you. You have seen this one before but as you try to make your mark on these track things are going to take a turn for the good.

Be ready to practice a lot because Traffic Racer is a lot of fun and you have spend hours practicing it. The thrill increases as you are passing through different highways and beating the traffic, overcoming hurdles and barriers and also competing with others to reach your designation safely.

Here are a few things we like about this game.

  • 5 different game modes along with a choice of 27 cars
  • You can pick different kinds of terrains to experiment with your driving skills.
  • No reality check here but you do get to be the fastest driver in this world if your hit the gear right.

#8. Re-Volt 2 – Free

There’s something about owning a remote controlled car that has stayed on with most people since they were kids. Remote control cars offer a different level of excitement and surely bring out the child in you and that is exactly what Re-Volt does.

You have the option to get back to that nostalgia of remote control cars with this top android racing car game.

Over here, you get to pick from a variety of cars that are controlled via your phone, which appears like a remote. Here a few things we like about this game –

  • The option to pick from a range of cars that includes formula race cars, trucks, sports cars and even a monster car.
  • You go through different levels of challenges on the racing track
  • Upgrades are available to ensure that the overall racing experience is enthralling
  • There is a multiplayer network option available here if you have a Wi-Fi network. So this is like bringing your car over to a friend’s house and then competing!

#7. SBK 14 – Free

This is another popular game that works on both the Android and iOS platforms. One of the great things about this game is that it is lightning fast and also comes with crotch rocket. And it also happens to be the official game for the popular Superbike World Championship.

So it is like being a part of the racing game in a realistic way. You have the benefit of choosing different players here that range top-tier riders including Tom Sykes, Imre Toth and of course Fabien Foret.

Here you race through some of the most beautiful tracks in the world. Here’s some added features of the game-

  • You get a graphics along with 9 control modes to enjoy the SBK 14. For those who like to be on the groove, the sticks also provide you with tilt controls and are more of a virtual version of the remote. So in reality, you are actually swaying and moving the same way you would be doing if you had the real game in your hands or were on the bike.
  • Also, you have the option of taking part in different kinds of championships here. If short on time, the try out a quick race or even something on the laps!
  • If you are opting for the premium version of the game, then you are in for a treat because there are a lot more tracks to race on as compared to the free mode.

#6. Asphalt 8: Airborne – Free

One of the most popular kinds of games that you can think of in the best racing games on this platform has to be the Asphalt 8: Airborne from Gameloft. Till now, you will see about 8 versions of this flagship game being released on the Android platform alone. You tend to get away with all of that realism from the stimulator along with high speeds.

There are octane boosters that fly across the streets adding to the eerie effects. The graphics here are spot-on as you get to see shades of light and darkness in the shadows along with reflections too.

Players are trying to get as much air as they can when they are trying to take shortcuts or make an attempt to jump over the hurdles. For something that is made exclusively for the Android platform, the graphics are definitely a killer. Some of the highlights here include-

  • With Asphalt 8, you get the feel of realistic crashes that take place as you are racing on the tracks. You will experience extensive damage to the vehicle too, which makes you glad that this is going on in a virtual world.
  • You have the option of both arcade and multiplayer modes. There is also a career mode, where the focus is on building your rapport as a driver. Here you are able to earn additional points along with cars for the garage. Building your rapport or reputation here is a plus for many because it helps you get a bonus.
  • The game is ideal for the mobile platform and operates spectacularly on both android phones and tablets too.

#5. Driver Speedboat Paradise – Free

This is one of the more recent games that has captured the fancy of gamers who are addicted to speed. It remains to be one of the most popular aquatic games for the past couple of years. You get the freedom of enjoying both boats and cars.

Created by one of the veterans in the industry – Ubisoft, this game is on the same lines as that of the Riptide GP2, which also makes this list. But on careful evaluation, there is no doubt that the Driver Speedboat Paradise is the clear winner here.

The game features better graphics along with having a storyline too. This makes the gameplay more fun and also provides the users with a twist in the tale as you strategize the game. The theme of the game is that you are a reckless driver for whom speed is thrill and you are now wading into the deeper waters.

The game takes you through some of the most exotic locations as you fight the mafia. Some of the plus points of this game include-

  • You fight the Mafia, along with other drivers across a variety of beautiful locations. Here the game-plan is to set up the enemies by collaborating with the cops and unlocking various customized tools to make your awesome speed boat.
  • There are about 6 different modes available for the Driver Speedboat Paradise, which includes the including drag racing.
  • You also have multiplayer options that add to the thrill of competing against your friends.
  • It is a highly compatible game for different Android phone and tablet platforms.
  • You have to collect at least 20 boats along with completing missions and taking parts in races.
  • There are apps to be purchased as you keep pushing to the next level.

#4.   Beach Buggy Blitz – Free

If you are on the lookout for a game that is fun, easy to play and also provides you with the thrill of racing on water, then this one comes right after the Driver Speedboat Paradise.

Here the players have a chance to cruise on the water and enjoy the tropical beaches as they high different checkpoints before their time runs out. The thing is that it is very much like the regular car racing games but here you have a mix of enjoying the rides on the beach too. As you are speeding ahead, you have to collect coins too so that your buggy keeps getting upgrades.

However, you have to exercise caution that you are not damaging huts, animals and the greenery along the way. So it is like a speed ride on the beach, while ensuring that nothing else is damaged or you will just get strewn across the course.

All of these impacts are going to only slow you down.

  • On the whole, the graphics here are quite interesting and provide a smooth finish. You get some realistic views of the water and the special effects of the lights that take the thrill of the game to the next level.
  • It is a kid-friendly game that even adults enjoy. So with the Beach Buggy Blitz you are bringing out the little racer in you again.
  • The developers of the Driver: Speedboat Paradise is the same as the Riptide GP2 game mentioned earlier.
  • Unlike the advantage of the boat thrill that comes with Riptide, you don’t get the benefit of cruising here. But you can surely fly around the beaches and enjoy some offbeat cruises.
  • You can swerve and smash through the gorgeous and destructible world that is filled with grass shacks, huge crabs, monsters coming out of the lave and Yeti on the beach too.
  • You get a chance to explore hidden caves and temple ruins as you are racing through the erupting mountain peaks in the quest for discovery.
  • Something that keeps you really busy for hours without getting bored.

#3. Riptide GP2 – $1.99

Even though it has been available on the Android mobile and tablet platforms for quite some time, this game never really comes to the verge of making you feel bored.

It is a game again that adds to mayhem and chaos and though it requires a bit of strategy, it is something that even kids enjoy along with adults.

There is a lot on offer here, even though you may feel that some of these devices tend to get a bit old, they are never really rusty and keep surprising you.

For a nominal cost of $1.99, this is one of the best games that you can access on the Android platform. With more than 35,000 reviews of full stars, there is nothing much to be said about the popularity of this game. Some of the additional feature of this game are-

  • You are able to speed on the waters with what attempts to be the look of the classic arcade game, but only here, you are applying and enjoying the same on a mobile platform.
  • You have to keep speeding to check on the different levels. As you cross one phase, you are unlocked into the world of more levels. Here you get access to more watercrafts and points along with other features. This is a game that plays well on the older Android devices too because it has been around for a while.

#2. Fast ad Furious Legacy – Free

This game is another popular one in the series of the Android racing games and it takes its cues from the movie. Basically the game is a realistic one where you can enjoy drag-racing and is totally based on the last Fast 7 movie. The game is surely fun but there is a lot of app purchases required as you move up the ladder. As a player, you will be joining Tej, Roman, Letty and others to re-discover hidden missions and take the super-charged game to a whole new level. Over here, you will be leading the crew against your enemy teams.

  • The journey takes you through a variety of locations across the globe from Rio to Tokyo to LA.
  • The thrill of avoiding the cops, ensuring custom rides, etc. get your adrenaline pumping for sure.
  • There is an option to pick from 50 cards that provide you with high-quality graphics along with option of drag race and action-packed thrills.

#1. Real Racing 3 – Free

Real Racing 3 is a game that is a notch ahead of the arcade and the casual games. It is a combination where you have to implement awesome technicalities and implement realistic solutions in the world of racing. This is one of the best stimulators available around and though some feel that it has started to mature, it only just grows on you as you keep playing.

One of the third releases for this series of Real Racing games, this is an iconic one that has been around for a while. It is an award-winning series that has totally been a game-changer in the world of mobile racing games, especially for the Android platform.

It is all about enjoying the series of licensed and also official tracks for the 22-car grid. You get a choice of more than 100 cars, which includes the cream of the crowd ranging from Ferrari, Porsche to Audi and Bugatti.

Top features of this game includes-

  • Plus Real-Time Multiplayer option to compete with friends. Benefit of a Social Leaderboards, Time Trials, Ghost Challenges, etc.
  • You also get an out of the box Time Shifted Multiplayer or (TSM) technology, which is patented by this game and you will not find the same in any other racing game. Being a free game, there is really not much fuss about it and you can simply download the same from the Google App Store.


The best part of this comprehensive list of the top 14 Android car-racing games is that most of them are completely free, apart from the occasional in-app purchases. There is more or less something for everyone. However, what’s best for one could be boring for the other.

Angry Bird fans, stick to the genre while those rooting for Fast and Furious and Real Racing 3 love the thrill.

We would love to know in the comments below what you liked in this list, and which one of the above is your favourite Android racing game!