11 Best 4K Televisions Under 1500 Dollars (2016) List

Whether you need another TV for the defining moment or only another set to one-up your neighbor, it pays to do your examination before you purchase one. Some moderate TVs are far more pleasant than their costly brethren, while others are shoddy in light of the fact that, well, they are.

On the off chance that you need to top you’re spending at $1,500 (a sensible objective, as we would like to think), here are the ones we’d prescribe considering.

List of Top Selling 4K Televisions under $1500 to Buy:

#11 Samsung UN55JS7000 – $997.99

Samsung UN55JS7000 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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Appreciate an outstanding home theater involvement with the Samsung JS7000 55-Inch 4K SUHD Smart TV. The Samsung JS7000 highlights 4K UHD determination (3840 x 2160) and Nano-precious stone innovation for distinctive hues, upgraded contrast, and a brighter, all the more consistent with life picture. The JS7000 Smart TV ingests surrounding light and decreases reflections to minimize glare for an awesome picture from any edge.

With Smart TV and Smart View 2.0, you can without much of a stretch get to and play your most loved substance and sit in front of the TV on your cell phone. A quad-center processor gives you a chance to rapidly switch between applications, gushing substance, and other media. Furthermore, with Connect Share Movie, you can watch recordings, play music, and perspective photographs by means of a USB association.

#10 Sony XBR55X850C 55-Inch – $1298.00

Sony XBR55X850C 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD

Buy at amazonExperience matters. Sony propelled extended shading in 2013, extended brilliance range in 2014, and has been upscaling to 4K for more than 10 years. As different producers begin actualizing these abilities, Sony steps forward enhancing shading precision and clarity of HD and 4K video in the X850C. See the distinction experience makes.

All the hues you long for can now be seen on your Sony TV with TRILUMOS + X1 innovation. Hues wake up on the screen in the most stretched out shading range ever, and element shading rectification guarantees hues are as steady and precise as could be allowed each and every time.

#9 LG Electronics 65UF6450 – $1199.00

Buy at amazonThe LG UF6450 shows an extraordinary picture. The TV conveys steady shading at for all intents and purposes all review edges because of its IPS 4k innovation. All film goers will love this stunning picture seeing as any seat can be the best seat in the house.

One of the mysteries behind LG TVs’ exceptional 4K UHD execution is the uncommonly outlined presentation board. IPS 4K conveys real nature that stay more predictable at wide survey points, with four times the determination of Full HD. With IPS 4K, any seat can be the best in the house.

#8 VIZIO M60-C3 – $1165.98

VIZIO M60-C3 60-Inch 4K Ultra HDBuy at amazon
Presenting the all-new VIZIO M-Series Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV. With more than 8.3 million pixels in each picture, four times the determination of 1080p Full HD, M-Series Ultra HD presentations produce stunning subtle element and clarity. Full-Array LED backdrop illumination and up to 32 Active LED Zones convey prevalent light consistency with a greatly high complexity, and profound, unadulterated dark levels.

Dynamic Pixel Tuning empowers pixel-level shine conformities for expanded picture precision and complexity. Also, with up to Clear Action 720, games and activity fans will welcome the capable picture handling of the M-Series with a blasting 240Hz compelling invigorate rate improved with backdrop illumination checking for more keen point of interest in quick activity scenes.

#7 LG Electronics 55UF7600 – $1097.00

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Set yourself up for a definitive development in genuine excitement. 4 times the determination of Full HD improves all that you watch with exact subtle element. Appreciate the genuine estimation of 4K determination on LG ULTRA HD TV. LG webOS TV is intended to be clearly basic, with the goal that it is simpler to learn and more enjoyable to utilize.

Presently, you should simply unwind as webOS 2.0 makes the TV experience less difficult than before. LG has included energizing new stride up sound choices to its 2015 ULTRA HD TV lineup. The 4K experience is shockingly better with theater-quality sound.

#6 LG Electronics 65UF6800 – $1397.99Buy at amazon

One of the insider facts behind LG TVs’ remarkable 4K UHD execution is the extraordinarily composed presentation board. IPS 4K conveys real nature that stay more steady at wide review points, with four times the determination of Full HD. With IPS 4K, any seat can be the best in the house.

Enjoy the advantages of 4K determination at this time: LG’s 4K Up-scaler upgrades the point of interest of all that you watch to close to 4K quality, giving you the prevalent survey experience you anticipate from a 4K UHD TV. Tru Motion 120Hz innovation mirrors the advantages of our nitty gritty backdrop illumination checking and improved casing rates to decrease obscure and yields crisper subtle elements so you won’t miss a thing.

#5 Samsung UN48JU6700 Curved – $1097.99

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Gloating a bended screen and 4K ultra superior quality determination, the Samsung JU6700 48-Inch UHD Smart TV conveys an immersive, all-encompassing review experience. This Smart TV is furnished with PurColor, UHD Dimming, and a scope of other picture-improving components to give a fresh, lively picture. It additionally highlights adaptable availability choices that let you show video from your perfect cell phone.

#4 VIZIO M65-C1 – $1498.00

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The M65-C1 is a huge, unassuming chunk of a HDTV. The level screen is encompassed by a half-creep matte dark bezel on each side, which itself is confined by a silver-hued band. A little power light, alongside the remote sensor, sits in the lower left corner of the presentation, while a silver-hued Vizio logo sits in the lower right corner. The whole HDTV sits on a couple of V-molded, silver-hued metal legs that hold the presentation up safely, with no wobble.

#4 Samsung UN55JU7100 – $1397.99

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The Samsung JU7100 Series 4K UHD Smart TV permits you to feel the show of more black blacks and brighter hues with striking freshness. With 4K UHD determination you’ll appreciate a photo with 4X the point of interest of Full HD. See the distinction exact shading and complexity can make – and a Smart TV encounter that puts your most loved substance readily available.

Samsung’s Multi-Link Screen conveys a more extensive level of multitasking to your survey experience. Driven by a speedier Quad Core Plus processor, it gives the capacity to see different screens on the double. It parts the screen into live TV and a pre-populated web perusing background to give you a chance to discover more about the system you’re watching, while the On TV board gives you a chance to arrange your next appear. Then again, you can even watch live TV while investigating your most loved applications.

#3 Samsung UN55HU7250 Curved – $1199.99

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Samsung’s curved UHD TVs welcome you into the amusement. The creative bended configuration of the screen conveys your home-review experience to a radical new level. Samsung curved UHD TV screens are fabricated to actually coordinate the curved state of eyes, so you’ll be totally submerged in each scene, each diversion, each show and then some. The bended outline makes an adjusted and formally dressed survey separation, enhanced review points and higher differentiation for an exact immersive affair, so everybody viewing has the best seat in the house.

#2 Samsung UN48JU7500 Curved – $1477.98

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Crest Illuminator increases glow by boosting the LED backdrop illuminations in brilliant ranges of the screen. So when light shows up in dull territories, similar to streetlights enlightening a cityscape, the minute is considerably more enchanting.

Samsung’s progressive Curved TV takes you into the new universe of immersive survey and makes you feel as if you are right amidst the activity. The screen is bended at the right point to give the best review separation to your front room. Additionally, the tenderly bended screen gives you uniform and adjusted survey from all zones of the screen. See the finest picture quality, profundity and point of interest a screen brings to the table.

#1 Samsung UN55HU7250 – $1099.98

Samsung UN55HU7250

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Samsung’s progressive Curved UHD TV takes you into the new universe of immersive survey and makes you feel as if you are right amidst the activity. The UHD screen is bended at the right point to give the ideal review separation to your family room. Additionally, the tenderly bended UHD screen gives you uniform and adjusted review from all regions of the screen. See the finest UHD picture quality, profundity and point of interest an UHD screen brings to the table.

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Ultra HD survey implies you can see each perplexing subtle element on the screen clearer than at any other time. Your Samsung UHD TV offers a determination four times higher than Full HD, with exact consistent with life shading. Appreciate a photo that is improved for much more noteworthy clarity and subtle element than you’ve ever seen some time recently.


Experience matters a lot when it comes to visuals and this is why we have represented this list of best 4K TV under $1500 for your home in 2015.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more for the sake of great experience, get one of these great televisions for your space.