10 Best 2 Ton Split ACs In India For 2016 Summer Season

Summers are upon us in full swing and it is not even the month of June yet. So it can be assumed that the weather is going to be literally ‘hot as hell’ in the following days. Surviving in this weather without a state of the art Air Conditioner sounds like a sick joke. Gone are those days when ACs were considered to be a luxury, nowadays they are a basic necessity due to the wrath of the sun, which keeps on increasing every year.

A best 2 ton split AC in India is not just the one which makes the room cool as soon as it is turned on, but it should also be efficient enough to keep the electricity bills in check and must not burn a hole in your pockets.

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In this article, we give you the best 2 ton split ACs in India for 2015 which you can install in your home to beat the heat effectively and efficiently:


  1. Whirlpool 3D Cool Classic II – Price: 45,300/-

Whirlpool 3D Cool Classic II

A great air conditioner for all your cooling and comfort needs. Whirlpool has earned a great reputation in the AC industry and this thing of beauty is another classic example of their excellence and brilliance.

This AC features a Rotary compressor and has a power consumption of 2105 W. It is equipped with features like self diagnosis, self clean, power saver etc.


  1. LG L- Nova Plus LSA6NP2F/2A1 – Price: 38,000/-

LG L- Nova Plus

This beauty by LG fits perfectly on the wall of your living room or bedroom and guarantees optimum comfort. It features a Rotary R 22 compressor and consumes 2100 W of power.

It features some really cool (pun intended) functions like chaos mode, 2 directional air swing, sweet dreamz mode, monsoon comfort, Himalya comfort and many more.


  1. Hitachi Star Kaze Plus – Price: 39,600/-

Hitachi Star Kaze Plus

This sleek devil holds the power to bring Himalayas into your living room. This split air conditioner has a 4 way air flow direction and a Rotary compressor. It has a capacity of 6680 W and features functions like energy saver mode, auto restart etc.


  1. Samsung Max – Price: 41,700/-

Samsung Max

Low on power consumption and high on cooling. These 8 words can appropriately describe Samsung Max. This 2 Ton Air conditioner packs some of the most amazing features and is light on cost. It features a Trpoicalized compressor and has a power consumption of 2030 W. It also removals moisture at the rate of 2.4L/Hr.

Other features include optimal air flow blades, 4 step fan speed, dehumidification, auto clean, anti bacterial coating, 24 hour timer, LED display and many more.


  1. Videocon VS6C3.WM1-MCA  – Price: 38,500/-

Videocon 2.0 TR 3 Star VS6C2.WM1-MCA Split Air Conditioner has 2 ton Cooling Capacity. This ac provides 4 way air direction and has 2 Star Energy Rating. You get various comfortable features like – Turbo Cool Mode, Sleep Mode, Anti-Bacteria, Auto Air Swing, 4/3 Speed Setting, Electronic Operation Control and Multi Stage Filter.

  1. Samsung Boracay New – Price: 49,500/-

Samsung Boracay New

Another Samsung high hitter in the list, which is designed for maximum energy efficiency. This 3 star beauty has a power consumption of 1950 W and a Tropicalized compressor.

It has a 4 way air flow direction along with features like dehumidification, smart saver, anti bacterial coating, allergen filter, turbo cooling, digital temperature display and a tirade of many other features. This is one of the most energy efficient and feature rich air conditioner that you can get for your home.


  1. Panasonic Star Sapphire (Price: 49,500/- )

Panasonic Star Sapphire

Beat the heat this summer with the Panasonic CS/CU-KC24PKY 2.0 T 4 Star Sapphire Split Air Conditioner. The Air Conditioner is packed to the hilt with awesome exciting features ensuring maximum comfort with brilliant energy efficiency. The Air Conditioner is able to cool a large room swiftly even at a temperature of 52 degree Celsius.

It has a 4 Star Rating, ensuring best-in-class energy efficiency with low power consumption. This powerful AC is equipped with a micro channel condenser and super tropical compressor.

  1. Voltas 245 DY (Price: 45,600/-)

Voltas 245 DY

The Voltas 245 DY has a 5 star energy rating; do we need to say more? This spectacular piece of technological innovation is truly your all weather AC that doesn’t make an ounce of sound even when working at its full capacity. It is equipped with a high EER scroll compressor and has a power consumption of 1774 W.

It has almost all the features which a 5 star AC must have and offers unparalleled comfort in context of cooling and dehumidification. Whatever the temperature might be outside, you’ll forget about it completely as soon as you turn this Voltas giant on.

  1. Blue Star 5HW24MA1 (Price: 1,57,000/-)

Blue Star 5HW24MA1

Another 5 starrer giant, which doesn’t just beat the heat, but slaughters it. Equipped with a Rotary compressor, this AC has a power consumption of only 1820 W. This is economical, silent and king of cooling.

Blue Star has provided a genius of cooling which also features functions like memory backup, dry mode, anti freeze thermostat, wide angle airflow, economy mode, carbon filters, self diagnosis and what not.

  1. Samsung Tower Air Conditioner (Price: 1,57,000/-)

Samsung Tower Air Conditioner

Last but not the least; Samsung 2.3 T Ton AF28FVSDADF Tower Air Conditioner is something which will enhance your cooling and comfort experience like no other. This floor standing AC has a Rotary compressor and a power consumption of 2600 W. This beast is equipped with more cooling features than your refrigerator and with this in your living room; you’ll never have to worry about summers ever again.

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Some of the features are, Anti-corrosion fin, multi-channel condenser, S-plasma ion, Auto Clean, Air Flow Control Step, Natural Breeze, Dlight Cool, good sleep, Smart Saver, Dehumidification, Quiet mode etc.


So with these many options of Air Conditioners to choose from, there is hardly any reason left to fear the summers. So go ahead, buy one of these and have a nice cold smoothie while watching TV in your living room.

Let us know what you think about these AC options in comments and feel free to add any more suggestions which you feel we missed out?