10 Best 1.5 Ton Window & Split AC 2016 to Survive This Sizzling Summer

The wrath of summers is upon us in full swing and without a decent air conditioning unit in your home or office, the weather conditions can be compared to a steel furnace these days. The season is not planning on showing any mercy and that is why you need to be well equipped with appropriate weapons to defend yourself against the onslaught of this ‘fiend fyre’ level heat.

In this article we’re going to discuss about some of this state of the art weaponry that you can have in your arsenal for beating the heat this summer.

You can choose from the conventional Window ACs to Split ACs and get them installed in your bedrooms and living room for aiding you in this war against summer.

In this article, I am going to suggest you some of the really good options available in both these types of segments.

But first, let us try to understand the difference between both of them:

Window AC

This is the most common type of air conditioning unit which is used in majority of the homes. A window AC is one, whose all the components, like compressor, condenser, cooling coil, evaporator, expansion valve etc., are enclosed in a single unit. They are called window ACs as they are installed in the window sill of the room. The cooling unit is facing the inside of the room whereas the compressor and other components are left hanging outside the window.

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5 Good window ACs that you can get for your home or office this summer


  1. Hitachi Kaze Plus – Price: 28,000/-

Hitachi Kaze Plus

The Hitachi Kaze Plus is a 1.5 ton giant with a rating of 2 star in energy savings. It features a Rotary compressor and has a power consumption of 1785 W.

This warrior against blazing heat, packs some super cool features like Auto Power Saver mode, Auto Restart, Dry mode, Filter Clean Indicator, Auto Climate Technology and many more.

This can be a really cool companion for you in the summers.


  1. LG L-Bliss Plus LWA5BP2F – Price: 25,000/-

LG L-Bliss Plus LWA5BP2F

This 1.5 ton AC also comes with a 2 Star energy rating and is one of my personal favourites. Just switch it on and set its settings as per the weather conditions and this can be a perfect companion for you in all types of harsh weathers.

This AC features a Rotary compressor, 4 way air flow direction, anti bacterial technology and has a power consumption of 1830 W.

Other features include E-saver mode, electronic operation control, dehumidification, sleep mode, dual protection filters and many more


  1. Blue Star 3W18LB – Price: 27,100/-

Blue Star 3W18LB

Simple and effective. These two words perfectly describe this cold warrior from Blue Star. It is 1.5 tons, has a 3 star rating in energy efficiency, features a Rotary compressor, has a power consumption of 1730 W and a moisture removal rate of 2.3 Litres per hour. Pretty sweet. Huh!

Other features of this beauty by Blue Star includes Auto mode, Sleep mode, Anti freeze thermostat, Hydrophillic Blue Fins Evaporator, Dry mode, Power coated outer body and many other functions.


  1. Voltas Classic Y Series 183 CY – Price: 25,000/-

Voltas Classic Y Series 183 CYAny air conditioner with Voltas written on it is a good deal. This particular 3 star model, like its name, is a classic. This AC features a High EER Rotary compressor, has a power consumption of 1666 W and cooling operating current of 7.4.

This air conditioning unit is equipped with some other powerful features like dehumidification, anti bacterial filters, auto swing, auto restart, timer mode, moisture removal, digital panel display and a lot more.

This AC can solve all your summer problems without even beating a sweat.


  1. Voltas 185DX – Price: 40,000/-

Voltas 185DX window ac

Voltas 185 DX is a 4 star rated energy efficient warrior which slaughters the summers while keeping the energy costs to a bare minimum. The unit is of 1.5 ton and is equipped with a High EER Rotary compressor.

The power consumption is of 1670 W and cooling operating current is 7.5. The features include fresh air ventilation, turbo mode, R-22 refrigerant, auto defrost, negative ion filters, large LED display and a lot more.This AC is also makes as much as noise as a ninja on stealth mode.

For your study or bedroom, this is the perfect option that you got.

Split AC

A split air conditioner is comprised of two units. The outdoor units consists of compressor, condenser and expansion valve, and is fitted outside the house. Generally on the roof or the balcony.

The indoor unit consists of cooling fan, evaporation and cooling coil. This unit is mounted on the walls of the rooms inside the house.

Further, present day split units have aesthetic appeal and do not take up as much space as a window unit. A split air conditioner can be used to cool one or two rooms.


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The best Split AC 2015 models that you can get for your home are:

  1. Hitachi Kampa Split – Price: 32,600/-

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Kampa RAU318HUDD Split Air ConditionerThis 1.5 ton beauty has been given 3 stars in the energy efficiency and equips a Rotary compressor.

Some of the key features of this split warrior Viking include Dry mode, Auto power saver mode, defrosting sensor, lower pull down time, silent cooling, Koukin filter with an indicator displaying the requirement of cleaning it, low derating, auto fan speeds which are also manually adjustable.

This is a truly high on features air conditioning unit which won’t allow a drop of sweat to trickle down your face even in the hottest of weather conditions.


  1. Daikin Inverter – Price: 40,500/-

Daikin Inverter

One of the best Split ACs of all time. This 1.5 ton Split AC delivers exactly what ACs are made for, brilliant cooling with low energy consumption.

It features a Hermetically Sealed Swing Type compressor along with many cool functions like anti bacterial filters, 4 way swing direction, 5 speed settings, auto restart, sleep mode, auto fan mode, conada air flow mode and many more.

This is the most beautifully designed air conditioning unit you can get your hands on to.


  1. LG LSA5EW5V – Price: 43,000/-

LG LSA5EW5V air conditioner

The 5 Star rated LG model is low on cost and super high on cooling. This AC will cut down your energy costs like a hot knife cutting butter and its cooling will transport you to the Himalyas.

This AC has a power consumption of 1530 W and is equipped with features like monsoon comfort, low noise, jet cool, selectable 4 way swing, Auto clean, defrosting mechanism, Dual protection filters and many many more.

This AC is your perfect weapon against all the tactics of summer season.


  1. Voltas 185 EX – Price: 41,000/-

Voltas 185 EX ac

This 5 starrer 1.5 ton Hercules by Voltas is the godfather of all air conditioning units. With this in your house, you will want to forget how the sun looks like for the entire duration of the summer season.

Taking smart and economical cooling to new heights, this beauty has all that a man can need from an AC. With features like silver ion filters, self diagnosis and defrost, sleep mode, cross flow air vents, anti dust and anti bacterial filters, this is one of the best air conditioning units in the market.


  1. LG BS-Q186C7M1 Inverter – Price: 59,000/-

LG BS-Q186C7M1 InverterAnother champion by LG in the list, which is better than the previous champion (hard to believe) in every way. The cooling and energy efficiency is much better than the last one and if the previous LG warrior’s cooling could be compared to Himalyas, then this box is nothing less than Antarctica. The AC works on inverter technology and cuts down the energy costs considerably.

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The features include jet cool, Cyclotron Plasma Filtration, Triple filters, quiet mode, energy saver mode, virus & allergy protection, DE-humidification, chaos logic, fuzzy logic, front panel display and many many more.

With this particular unit, say goodbye to heat and any other kind of discomfort. This warrior will also keep you safe from the bacteria and viruses of the environment and facilitate a healthy and comfortable life.


So with these many options of Air Conditioners to choose from, there is hardly any reason left to fear the summers. Get any of these above mentioned beauties for your home and office and forget all about summers. It’ll be like winters for you with these ACs installed in your premises. So beat the heat, enjoy an iced smoothie and stop worrying about summers.

Let us know what you think about these AC options in comments and feel free to add any more suggestions which you feel we missed out.