4 Android KitKat OS Tips and Tricks you could use to make the best out

Android KitKat is perhaps one of the most common operating systems that can be found on most smartphones now days. Not only is it one of the newer updates of Google’s Android system, but it is also loaded with new and unique features that make it a great OS update for all devices.

android kitkat

In this article, I will be telling you about some tips and tricks for KitKat using which will make you fall in love with this new OS update for your Android smartphones.

Enable lock screen widgets in KitKat

One exciting feature of Android KitKat is the ability to put widgets on the lock screen. To enable this feature, you need to go to your device settings, click on security, and thin tick the ‘Enable Widgets box’ option.

After you have done this, just swiping left or right on your lock screen and clicking on the ‘Plus’ icon will make it possible for you to add widgets to your lock screen.

From checking your Facebook updates, to finding out about the weather, you can now do all of this without even unlocking your phone.

Use Google’s new file manager

With KitKat, Google decided to launch its own new file manager to makes things easier for your day to day storage activities. Google’s new file manager, which is available after the KitKat update, comes with support from Google Drive and other third party cloud storage making it much more universal to store files.

Another great feature of this new file manager is the ability to use it for both internal as well as external storage, including micro SD cards and USB hosted storage.

Activate Face Unlock in Android KitKat

When it comes to your Android smartphones, you can unlock them in numerous ways. You can use a pin, a password or even a pattern lock to unlock your phone. But perhaps the most exciting way of unlocking your phone in Android KitKat is through the Face Unlock feature.

By scanning the features of your face via the front camera, your phone can tell whether or not it is you who is trying to unlock your phone. You can activate this feature in simple way.

All you need to do is to go to Settings, click on Security, click on Screen lock, and then choosing the ‘Face Unlock’ option.

Talk to Google from any screen

With Android KitKat, you can talk to Google from any screen.

To be able to talk to your device and have it recognize what you are saying is a pretty big thing, and with the KitKat update, this has now become a reality.

Android KitKat brought with the ability Google Now voice activation from just about any screen. To activate this, go to Google settings and select the ‘Search & Now’ option.

Then click on the ‘Voice Selection’ option and select ‘OK Google’.

Here, just enable the ‘From Any Screen’ option and now you will be talk to Google from any screen. The future is truly here!


[Featured Image Source: Jon Fingas]