6 Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Fruit infuser water bottles are perfect for anyone who drinks too much soda and not enough water. Soda is plaguing our fridges these days with 48 percent of Americans drinking at least a glass of soda per day. These sugary drinks, packed with high fructose corn syrup, can lead to many heart issues and metabolic syndromes. Many people say to drink water instead of soda, but it is harder than it sounds. Drinking water and making sure you are hydrated has many benefits for your body. It promotes weight loss, improves skin health, flushes out toxins and increases energy. Many people do not like drinking plain water because it is plain and boring. With fruit infuser products on the market today, taking a step towards a healthier life style can be easy as using a water bottle. We have gone through many of the flavor infuser water bottles on the market and have chosen the six best water bottle with fruit infuser. Let’s jump right into our list of the best fruit infuser water bottle!

Top 6 Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

6. Dajour

one of the best fruit infused water bottle

Dajour fruit infuser water bottle

With many flavor infuser water bottles on the market, the Dajour makes it on the list because it is one of the bigger bottles out there. With 32 ounces and an e-book of recipes, you could fit more water on the go while still having the delicious hint of fruit flavor. Another good thing about water bottle with fruit infuser is that it comes with a cleaning brush, which most other bottles do not offer. The only thing about bigger flavor infuser water bottles is that the fruit component is sometime not big enough for the bottle so the taste tends to be more watered down. Click here to view this water bottle on Amazon.


5. Brima

Made by Brima, this is their best fruit infuser water bottle

Brimma Fruit Infused Water Bottle

The Brima flavor infuser water bottle is another 32 ounce water bottle with fruit infuser technology. It was hard to decide which one was better since both offered different perks. The Brima bottle does not come with a cleaning brush and it cannot hold as much fruit but it is a quality, good-looking, water bottle. The infuser water bottle features a nonslip grip and a carrying handle. It is also built with a smart leak proof design so dripping sticky fruit water should not be a problem. Overall, it is a solid purchase for a water bottle. Click here to view this water bottle on Amazon.

4. Aqua Blend

Highly regarded water bottle with fruit infuser

Aquablend Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

For simple water bottles with fruit infuser with a good price, the Aqua blend water bottle gets the most for its value. It is small, though, which is a problem if you drink a lot of water through the day. For being cheaper than many of the other water bottles on the market, this flavor infuser water bottle is reliable and does a good job combining the fruit flavor with the water. Along with the price, you get many color options for your flavor infused water bottle. Click here to view this water bottle on Amazon.

3. Infuse Fruit

A great flavor infuser water bottle

InfuseFruit Fruit Infused Water Bottle

The Fruit Infuse water bottle is definitely one of the best large flavor infuser water bottle on the market. It fits 32 ounces of water so you could carry more water on the go and it also has a well fitted sleeve that keeps sweat off the bottle while keeping the water colder inside. On top of the great quality and design, the Infuse Fruit comes with an option of stylish colors. Click here to view this water bottle on Amazon.

2. Zenfuze

One of the best flavor infuser water bottles on the market.

Zenfuze Fruit Infuser Water Bottle


Out of all the flavor infuser water bottles that we have observed, the Zenfuze is one of the cooler water bottles with fruit infuser in it. The Zenfuze has a unique design that allows the fruit infuser component to be either on the top or bottom of the bottle. If you are not in the mood to put fruit in your water, you could also remove the fruit infusing component from the bottle and use it as a regular water bottle. The quality of the bottle seems sturdy and the design is very nice. The only complaint is the fruit infuser does not fit as much fruit as other water bottles with fruit infuser. Click here to view this fruit infuser on Amazon.

1. Infusion Pro (The Best Fruit Infuser Water bottle)

Infusion Pro Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Infusion Pro Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The Infusion Pro is the superior flavor infuser water bottle on the market. With its sleek and quality design, the Infusion Pro stands out among its competitors. The fruit infusion component is located on the bottom of the water bottle so you could get more flavor out of your fruits by having it submerged in the water longer as you drink from the bottle. The Infusion Pro comes with a easy to carry handle and a removable sleeve that keeps the bottle cold and dry from bottle sweat. Built to be leak proof, Infusion Pro comes with a life time guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the bottle, you could return it for your money back. The bottle comes in a one pack with a black bottle or a two pack with a black and green bottle. Click here to view this water bottle on Amazon.

Try This For Home! The Health Home Fruit Infuser Pitcher

This pitchers hold more than fruit infuser waterbottles

Fruit Infuser Pitcher

Fruit infuser water bottles are great for on-the-go but what if you want more delicious, fruity water at home? These fruit infusing pitchers holds up to 3 quarts of water so you will have plenty of fruit infused water to drink at home. If you are a big fan of adding your fruits to water, this pitcher is what you want instead of constantly refilling your water bottle and waiting for your fruits to infuse. With this, you can make a large batch and simply pour as much as you want in a cup. The Healthy Home Fruit Infuser Pitcher also includes an ice rod attachment to keep your drinks cool without watering down your beverage, which is a great plus. Overall, we thought this was a great related product so we decided to add it to the list. Click here to view this pitcher on Amazon.

Fruit infuser water bottles are great since you can carry great tasting water anywhere you go. Staying hydrated benefits you in many ways so it is worth investing in one. There are hundreds of flavor infuser water bottles out there, some good and some bad, but we have chosen six great ones for you. Now you have to choose which water bottle will be the best. From simple cheaper flavor infuser water bottles to bigger fancier bottles, there are several water bottles that you could choose from that are quality. Find the right water bottle,  go get one, and take a step towards living a healthier life style.

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