3 Best Heated Blankets For Staying Cozy

Looking for the best heated blanket? If you’re looking for the best heated blanket on the internet then you have come to the right place. We point you towards a brand that comes in all different styles, colors, thickness, and more. The Sunbeam brand of blankets has slowly developed into one of the best brands when it comes to comfortable and warm blankets that last. Just go ahead and check out some Amazon reviews for yourself and you’ll find out quickly how favorable people rate these. Without further adieu, let’s jump right into our list of the best heated blankets!

Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw, Garnet, TSF8US-R310-31A00

made by sunbeam, the best heated blanket

Starting off with the Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw, there is a lot to like. For starters, the Heated Throw has great value and solid reviews. You can always get a glimpse of the reliability of a product by checking out reviews of people who actually have the product. On Amazon you’ll find an overall rating of 4.1 stars. Furthermore, the price is solid at $35.93. What is also nice about this blanket is that it comes in over ten different colors and styles. Like pretty much all of the Sunbeam blankets, it comes with a controller that has three different heat settings and an automatic turn off switch after 3 hours of no use. To get further into specifics the blanket is a fleece type fabric and has a GSM of 180 per side. What GSM means is grams per square metre. Basically, this just gives an indication of the blankets thickness. Taken into account, the total GSM of this blanket is 360, which is actually the lowest among all the blankets listed on Sunbeam. Still, thickness is not everything. This product is still hands down one of the best heated blankets. Click here to view this blanket on Amazon


Sunbeam Reversible Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw, Honey, TRT8WR-R230-25A00

An incredibly comfortable heated blanket, possibly the best

Next up is the Sunbeam Reversible Sherpa which is similar to the previous blanket. Just like the heated throw, it has a 4.1 star Amazon rating, but the prices differ significantly. The price for the Reversible Sherpa is $57.02 and that is only for the honey color. If you want to get Garnet and Olive colors you will be paying $99.99. The reason this blanket is so much more expensive mainly comes from the fabric which is a Sherpa and a Royal Mink. This gives the blanket much more thickness. In comparison to the Heated Throw’s GSM of 360, the GSM for this is 450 so the thickness is much greater. It is also said to be more soft as it is a “premium soft” compared to the Heated Throw which is an “extra soft”. They are both similar in that they are machine washable and polyester. This also comes with the controller. Click here to view this blanket on Amazon


Sunbeam Microplush Throw Camelot Cuddler Electric Heated Warming Blanket, Walnut Brown (The Best Heated Blanket)

the best heated blanket money can buy

The third and final Sunbeam blanket is the Microplush Throw which garners the best Amazon ratings out of the three. Amazon scores it at 4.3 stars. Not bad at all. The price is also more favorable than the Reversible Sherpa and also comes in with more styles and colors than both of the blankets. There are over 20 different blankets to choose from in this category so you’re sure to get the design that you want. The only areas this blanket seems to lose out in is the soft scale and the GSM rating. It is given the “ultra soft” stamp which is not quite as soft as the “premium soft”. It’s GSM rating is 400 as well so it has a medium thickness. It seems that Amazon users prefer the middle ground and that is exactly what you will get with this blanket. It has a medium thickness, an average price, it is one of the softer but not the softest blankets, and it has a bunch of different designs. I guess this combination has made it one of the most favorable Sunbeam blankets. For these reasons, we definitely recommend this blanket as one of the best heated blankets out there. Click here to view this blanket on Amazon

In general, we recommend every single one of these blankets. Any Sunbeam blanket appears to be quality. Once again, it is important to note Amazon reviews because these are taken from hundreds to thousands of people who have actually experienced the blanket for themselves. The Amazon users have spoken and it appears Sunbeam is a winner and provides some of the best heated blankets around. Based on the diversity of all the different blankets, you should be able to find the right combination for yourself.

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