11 Best Tripods For DSLR Camera Tripod Reviews

The Best DSLR Tripod

Whether you are a novice or expert photographer, chances are you have taken more than a few pictures that have come out less than perfect. Maybe you have tried to train your camera lens on a single point for too long and your pictures have come out blurry because your arms got shaky. Or maybe you failed to properly level your shot and your pictures have come out lopsided. These are relatively common issues that can spell ruin for even the most amazing of photographs, and they are easily prevented by using the best DSLR tripod available to help keep your camera lens angled a single point. If you found your way to this page then you have already begun to consult camera tripod reviews online, which is a great first step. Now you just have to find the option that will fit your individual needs.

Finding the best tripod for DSLR cameras do not need to put any stress on your wallet, and they definitely do not need to have a hundred or more separate features. In order to find the right tripod for you, consider the following:

Construction: How much can your tripod hold before it collapses on itself? Your camera is heavy enough, but accessories like a flash or lens are going to put strain on your tripod; even the pressure of your hands operating the camera needs to be considered. The best tripod for DSLR is going to have a fairly rugged build and be able to handle a large load.

Tripod Head: Do you want to have to screw your tripod onto the bottom of your camera before every shoot, or does it have a quick-release system to help you separate the camera from its stand when you need to? And what type of head do you need to get the most out of your camera? A pan-tilt head will allow for easy horizontal and vertical movements, but a ball-head can offer even more angles to choose from.

Size: How bulky is your tripod going to be? Are you going to want to take it out with you if it adds ten or twenty pounds to your gear? How tall is it going to extend to, or collapse to?

Camera Tripod Reviews:

ZOMEi Z818C Carbon Fiber Camera Tripods  (The Best Tripod For DSLR Cameras)

A great DSLR Camera tripod made by Zomei

The Zomei Z818C is a little pricey, but finding the best tripod for DSLR cameras is not a cheap endeavour. It is manufactured out of extremely durable carbon fibre tubing that relies on multiple layers of construction. This is demonstrated in its ability to manage and stabilize up to 39.6lbs of equipment without issue. Shooting in a cramped space? Take advantage of the systems 3-angle positions and twist-lock legs to adjust the tripod to accommodate you wherever you need to shoot. Or remove the center column and a tripod leg and connect them to create a functional monopod.

The Zomei features a ball-head handle with a 38mm ball and a non-slip quick release plate built-in, but it also features a panning scale at the base. This unique feature will allow you to set up the angle of your shot, then pan the camera horizontally to the right or left up to 360-degrees.

This tripod can extend up to 65” and collapse down to 22”, but by folding the legs back you can reduce the tripods size to only 18”. And with a weight of only 3lbs this unit is one of the most portable tripods available. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit
One of the best DSLR tripods

The Alta Pro features durable 3-section legs crafted from aluminum that can manage up to 15lbs and can be extended or collapsed with a series of easy to use flip leg locks. The legs can also be adjusted to 25-, 50-, and 80-degree angles to accommodate the needs of the photographer. The foot of each leg features a rubber grip that can drawn back to reveal a metal spike that is perfect for outdoor shoots.

A ball-head mount allows for an additional 360-degree range of motion with your camera, or the included quick release plate can help you to remove your camera from the tripod entirely, on the fly.

This tripod is only 28” when collapsed, and can extend up to 68”, and it only weighs in at approximately 5lbs. Click here to view on Amazon.

Sirui T2005X TX Series Tripod for Camera
A great all around tripod to consider when looking at camera tripod reviews

The Sirui T2005X can support up to 26lbs (more than enough for most traditional cameras) and relies on a twist-lock system and features four locking points on each leg. The legs can also be set in one of three angle positions with an automatic locking mechanism for added stability on uneven terrain, and retractable metal spikes set in the feet can help with outdoor shoots in dirt or grassy areas.

Unfortunately this model of tripod does not come with a head, which can put a little more hurt on your wallet, but to make up for that it does come with a case, padded strap, tools, and an extra short center column.

This an extremely portable tripod, weighing in at only 3lbs and folding down to only about 14” and its legs can fold up to 180-degrees, making it even easier to compact down and save space. With its removable center column, this tripod can reach a maximum height of 60”. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX Series Tripod for Camera
Simply the best tripod for DSLR

The Dolica GX600B200 is a sturdy tripod crafted out of anodized aluminum alloy and plastic polymer composite, capable of managing up to 15lbs of load without the risk of buckling or bending the frame. This tripod proves that camera tripod reviews claiming you need to invest a lot of money may be wrong. The legs can be adjusted to one of three angle positions and the height of the tripod is set with a durable flip-lock system. For a little added stability this tripod features a counter weight hook on the bottom of the reversible center column.

This tripod has a ball-head mount that will accommodate most DSLR cameras, and it also features both a quick release system and a 360-degree horizontal panoramic angle.

The GX600B200 works very well for shooting pictures on the go. It weighs a very slight 3.5lbs on its own, and can be extended up to 60” with its center column, or collapsed to about 23”. It even has NBR foam grips on the uppermost portion of the legs to help provide a more stable grip.  Click here to view this product on Amazon.

Rangers 55″ 2.8lbs Super Light-weight Aluminum Tripod
The best tripod for camera

Available in three different accent colors, this affordable camera tripod by Rangers features a maximum load of about 11lbs, and its three high-density aluminum alloy legs can be adjusted with a series of durable flip-locks. This tripod has rubber-tipped feet, and an integrated counter weight hook on the bottom of its adjustable center column. This unit also comes with a removable leg that functions as a monopod; all you need to do is attach the ball-adapter to it.

A 360-degree swiveled ball-head will allow you to angle your cameras lens wherever you may need it, and two built-in level indicators will help to make sure everything is perfectly aligned.

This tripod is extremely lightweight at only 2.88lbs and can reach 55.5” in height when fully extended, or 19.2 when fully collapsed. And if that weren’t enough to help you fit into your backpack or carrying case – which comes included – the legs on this unit can be folded and inverted to reduce its size to only 13.7”. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

AFAITH Q-666C Portable Carbon Tripod
This tripod is easily the best dslr tripod on the market

The AFAITH Q-666C avoids having to rely on aluminum and instead turns to a laminated, high-density carbon fiber for its tripod, which offers remarkable shock absorption and heat resistance. This probably won’t mean much to you unless you plan to shoot in the desert, but it doesn’t hurt to have options. This tripod can support up to 33lbs and features 5-section legs with a twist-lock system and the angle of each leg can be independently adjusted. This tripod can also convert to a monopod.

A universal ball-head with 360-degree swivel will allow you to set up the angles for your shots quickly, while the secured clip adds an extra level of security to prevent your camera from accidentally falling off its perch once it’s.

This tripod proves itself to be extremely versatile while also being easy to transport by weighing only 3lbs. It can reach a maximum height of 61” when fully extended, but collapses to a compact 13.7”. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

iKross 61-inch Professional Light Weight DSLR Tripod
the tripod is one of the best dslr tripod

This tripod by iKross is easily one of the most affordable tripods in this list and relies on sturdy aluminum legs with durable ABS plastic for the head and flip-lock mechanisms. This unit has only 3-sections instead of the typical 4-sections, and also lacks the adjustable angles for the legs that seem to come standard with higher end tripods. With a 6.5lbs maximum load rating, this tripod is going to work with most DSLR cameras on the market, but you may have to avoid using some of your heavier attachments like flashes or extended lenses.

The iKross relies on a pan-head with a traditional ¼” thread and standard 3-way design that allows for tilting and swiveling movements. It also comes with additional adapters: one to fit most smart phones (up to 5.5”) and one to make your tripod compatible with a GoPro Camera Housing Case. This is great for amateur photographers, or upcoming Youtube stars that need to keep their video picture from shaking.

This tripod can extend to 61” tall and can be folded down to only 22”. It weighs only 2.8lbs, which makes it perfect for transporting with the included carrying case. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit

When it comes to camera tripod reviews this is one of the best tripods

This item is a little on the pricier side of things but still not as pricey as some large name brand tripods. The Vanguard Alta Pro redefines what you can accomplish with a DSLR tripod. Capable of managing loads of up to 18lbs, this tripod relies on rubber feet with retractable spikes and 4-section carbon fiber legs that can be adjusted to different lengths quickly, with a mere quarter twist of the locking mechanisms. Each leg can be independently adjusted to 25-, 50-, or 80-degrees to accommodate any terrain, and as if that weren’t enough you can also utilize the unique moveable center column with the Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) System and the Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock (ISSL) System.

A fluid SBH-100 ball-head will allow you to rotate your camera 360 and features sophisticated locking knobs that operate smoothly and a quick release plate to remove your camera quickly when needed.

As if all those features weren’t enough, the Vanguard Alta Pro only weighs about 5lbs, yet it can extend up to 67” (one of the tallest available) and can fold down to 25” for easy carrying. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

Albott 63″ Travel Tripod for Camera
This tripod for camera is made by Albott

Most camera tripod reviews make it seem like you need to spend an arm and a leg for a functional tripod, but Albott has put together a sturdy, functional tripod that is easily affordable. This tripod is built out of a lightweight aluminum and features 3-section legs that can be adjusted with an easy to use twist lock system. The angle of the legs cannot be adjusted due to the locking mid-level spreader, which will be a drawback for some photographers, but the spreader does help to ensure that the legs stay firmly in position. There is also a recessed hook in the center column to hang weight from for added stability.

This tripod relies on a pan-head to maneuver your camera with 90-degree lateral tilt, 360-degree horizontal panning, and 180-degree tilt range. Movements are guided with a traditional pan-head arm that extends back behind the device, and a quick-release mounting plate makes transitions from tripod to freehand more fluid.

This Albott tripod can extend up to an impressive 63”, but can be collapsed to only 24”. And weighing in at only 2.9lbs it is an easy tripod to carry around when you need to, especially with the included carrying case. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

Oben AC-1441 4-Section Portable Aluminum Tripod
This is the best tripod for DSLR cameras

Oben’s AC-1441 features an anodized aluminum body that is easily able to support up to 11lbs of gear on a set of 3-section legs that secure with rapid flip locks and can be angled to 24-, 55-, and 80-degrees with quick tabs at the top of each leg joint. This tripod also features a built-in, spring-loaded counter weight hook to help add to its overall stability.

In order to make sure you have everything set as level as you need it, this unit has four bubble levels built-in. And the included BA-111 ball-head could not be easier to maneuver with its single-action knob and ball-lock mechanisms. It even has 360-degree panning and a quick release plate.

This tripod weighs about 5lbs and can be folded down to a measly 21.3”, but fully extended it can reach a maximum height of 61”. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

MeFOTO Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod/Monopod Kit
When looking at camera tripod reviews this tripod stands out

One of the pricier options in this list, this aluminum tripod by MeFOTO offers a trio of 5-section legs, capable of supporting up to 17.6lbs, that can be adjusted with a brilliant twist lock system that also boasts rubberized locking grips and an anti-rotation system so that you can adjust your tripods height quickly and with fewer fumbles. Legs can be independently set to two different angles and a recessed center column hook will allow you to add weight for added stability. It can even convert to a monopod.

The MeFOTO Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod comes with a Q Series ball-head with an integrated bubble level and a separate pan lock to allow you to rotate your camera horizontally up to 360-degrees without interfering with the position of your camera.

Weighing only 3.6lbs and folding down to 15.4”, this unit can be easily transported wherever you need to take it. Completely set up and extended it can reach 61.6” in height, which is considerable. Click here to view this tripod on Amazon.

With all the options available, it can be difficult to choose just one as the best DSLR tripod. Given the selections listed above, the ZOMEi Z818C Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod leads the pack. It isn’t insanely expensive, and with its ability to stabilize almost 40lbs it offers a much more durable platform than the competition. It even has different leg angles, a twist-lock system, and the center column can be used as a monopod. It can extend higher than many other tripods by a few inches, and still manages to weigh only 3lbs.

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